Dog Sex Neutered Males

I’d say I’ve had lots of experience.  I’ve also had the opportunity of playing with neutered males.  Neutered dogs often behave the same way as intact males although they cannot mount you.  They do, however, love licking a cock.

You know how all male dogs gravitate to the crotch of anyone, male and female.  Since they are already there, you just need to give them the opportunity to enjoy their natural abilities and desires.

My first recommendation is having one that is a medium to large one.  They have been the most fun for me.  Their height makes it easier to play around.  They like the taste of cum and I’ve never met one that didn’t.

I always begin with a bit of foreplay for them.  This usually consists of going to your special spot so that when you get there he knows it is to receive his reward for licking you – a load of cum for him that he’ll eagerly devour.

When you get to your spot just take your penis out for him to lick the head.  Hopefully you are prepared by producing for him some tasty pre-cum.  Remove your clothes so he can get a good smell of your crotch and he’ll have his cold nose and hot tongue all over you.  (Intact males will do this too but the aim with them is in mounting you.)  This is again foreplay as he eagerly anticipates what he’ll get a little later.  The first time may be a little awkward but that will soon vanish with a session or two.

Use his saliva as a lubricant.  There is no need for anything else.  You’ll produce your little dribbles of pre-cum for him and that’ll keep his interest in you.  I’ve also wrapped his tongue and my cock in my hand to get extra saliva.  When you shoot your load you should get some tail  waggingly hard licking.  His tongue is rough and the sensitive head of your penis after you cum may end up feeling like sandpaper is rubbing against it.

Be nice to him and make sure you squeeze every drop out for him.  He won’t want to stop licking for a while hoping for more juice to come out for him.

You can stop and start any number of times to extend  your session.  Walk around a little. Let him follow and come around in front of you to throw in a couple of good licks.  Jerk a little for him so he’ll have a bit more your juice to lick up.  As much as I would like him to lick my balls a bit that has never been his focus; he’s only interested in what shoots out the end.

If you’re fortunate to have a group together for mutual gratification, one dog will take care of all of you.  A new and exciting experience for those who wish to try it.

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  1. gaypetlover 10 months ago

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  2. mumaren2560 11 months ago


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