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    Another blog published. TY Blog team!

    How it’s Made: Doggy Jizz

  • How it’s Made: Doggy Jizz
    Today on How it’s Made: Doggy Jizz, What’s all the fuss about?

    Jerking off a dog, how hard can it be?
    Surprisingly, when it comes to the process of trial and error, when

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    Animated gif version of the Story Teller video clip
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    You guys all know Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, right? See pic below. And of course, more importantly, his talking scruffy and fluffy dog?

    One of the episodes (A story short or most people remember it as The Stone Soup episode), has a wonderful quote in it, repeated below:

    ,,I am a teller of stories, a weaver of dreams. I can dance, sing and in…

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  • Valentine’s contest

    This is your chance for a meet and greet with Naughty and / or Nice (or both … ) .

    On Friday February 14th, 2020: Naughty and/or Nice will be available for a dinner and a date and whatever happens afterwards …

    To enter the competition you must be a verified member (to keep the security risks to a minimum).

    Your entry…

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  • Accepted all pending friend requests.

    If you lot misbehave the TennisBall Of Love will be revoked (as will the friendship).

  • Woot!
    A Moderator now!
    The Power!
    What Power!

    My power FLUFFIES through the air into the ground!

    I’ll shut up now 😛

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  • Blog proposal

    How it’s Made: Doggy Jizz

    Today on How it’s Made: Doggy Jizz, What’s all the fuss about?

    Jerking off a dog, how hard can it be?

    Surprisingly, when it comes to the process of trial and error, when trying to figure out what feels good and how to get to it as efficiently as possible, nature tends to be very forgiving. We…

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  • I’m hoping to have a (relatively speaking) normal week this week and thought: I should finish that write up I was planning on how to jerk off a dog properly 😛 as promised in the breaking down barriers blog post earlier.

    This led to the slightly naughty idea of subverting the “How it’s made” intro for it.
    For those unfamiliar with that program…[Read more]

  • We’ve done our civic duty by voting on the Gilded Lilly competition and the D for Vendetta competition.

    Did you vote yet?

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    Woot: The Breaking Down Barriers blog has been made into a blog post officially. Ty Adam!!

    Breaking down barriers

  • A frequently discussed topic in the Lounge is how to get an inexperienced dog to mount and knot, which usually doesn’t work at the first try, unless you’re lucky.

    One of the many reasons for lack of success

  • The major actors in the Syrian theatre of war have agreed on a 5 day cease fire … so Naughty thought this seems like an opportune moment to start something here at The Fluffiest’s. He slinks off to Spice and sniffs under her tail, which raises instinctively due to her being nearly at the apex of her heat cycle. Despite her body’s willingness,…

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  • AoZ Super Secret Sexy Santa

    What would you guys and girls think of doing a Super Secret Sexy Santa.

    Shamelessly stolen from the Imgur community.

    How’d it work:

    You sign up through the forum at the organiser.
    Tell them something about yourself (for the secret santa) and your country and whether you’d like to enter for a NATIONAL, CONTINENTAL…

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  • Around the world in 80 days ….

    The Fluffiest had a harebrained idea again.

    Please bare with me.

    We’ve talked in the Lounge about the Doggy Bang Bus – edition US 2019 (or 2020, when there’s many other buses on tour during the campaign season. Vote The Fluffiest for P in the White House and we’ll make Zoo legal 😀 Yes we CAM! ) (pun intended.…

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  • Wants and needs …

    It’s been a busy weekend and the Fluffies suddenly decided: that’s it. It’s time The Fluffiest showers some TLC on us.

    The decision isn’t one made lightly, as I was just about to have a short (or longer) nap, when Nice siddled over and sniffed my ear. As this is normal, I didn’t think anything of it, but then slowly but s…

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  • I found a new toy

    No, not that kind of toy, ya pervs! 😛


    That one allows you to grab/download a video from streaming video sites. You know the kind that doesn’t allow you to download the video by rightclicking.

    If you pass it through Handbrake…[Read more]

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