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    Profile has been updated welcome as a verfied Female on our site 😉

  • Was my pleasure to help you, i want that your experience on our site is the best you and all other supporting members can get in this genre and from what i read from your comment you did have a good time enjoying Zumi’s latest adventure 😉

  • Hello guys :), so i have updated the download buffer just today and i usually update the download buffer once or twice a week, thanks all you for your patients 😉

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    Support says, Nice Furry one 🙂

  • “La Femme Nikita tries her first real doggy style…”
    Producer: Dachat
    Models: Nikita with Kuryakin & Tango
    Running Time: 46 Minutes
    Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


    • Love this one, what a hot sexy lady. Starts out very seductive. She is new but learning really fast. Great shots in this one.

    • 这个感觉也太好看了 赞赞

    • art30 replied 1 year ago

      This lady is superb really looking forward to see more from her in the future please 🤪

    • A great two-dog movie!

      After getting herself warmed up, she’s introduced to Tango. Nikita may be new to this, but Tango isn’t; you can see what he wants by his glancing at her crotch, not to mention his wagging tail! It’s not long before he gets to work, with some solid humping action (as usual with AoZ, from several angles). He ties for several minutes and there’s a wonderful view of his tail and balls bouncing in turn – we all know what that means is going on!

      A close-up view of the knot follows and out it pops. Nothing much happens, though, and it takes a while for Nikita to push out his cum – he’s buried it really deep inside! Tango then comes over to lay down on the bed, with Nikita giving him a good sucking-off. The camerawork here is exquisite, showing his throbbing cock and Nikita’s eager sucking in excellent detail, with sperm oozing out from her mouth from time to time.

      We then cut away to meet Kuryakin. Some people are scared of pitbulls, but this one’s keen to make sure he’s not perceived as scary. He jumps up, face-licking, with his tail wagging into a blur. He has a good old sniff and lick and both dog and woman are getting revved-up. The action then cuts to him humping away like wildfire, all four paws in the air and his hips pumping away like anything… he’s clearly making sure his puppy juice is getting in as far as possible! His hind legs are ablur as he goes on and on, with Nikita’s moans showing she’s enjoying herself just as much.

      As per the description, there’s no tie and we move onto the oral portion of the scene. Nikita works his dick well and the pitbull twitches and shudders ecstatically, delivering copious amounts of jizz into a most receptive mouth (that’s not how you make puppies, but I don’t think Kuryakin minds!). We see his butt pulsing as more and more sperm pumps out.

      A great introduction for Nikita and two very happy dogs.

    • Nikita yes, the second WOW !!!

    • OK, now that’s a blow job that’s almost TOO good.

    • Wonderfull girl.
      I love this movie.

    • She is amazing , the intro , her body , the sex and the blowjob to finish off, superb . Missing out of you don’t grab this movie

    • DaChat provides another excellent movie, this time with Nikita. She has a great body, slim and slender with long legs and nice, round, firm breasts and then, of course, there are those lips (as you can see from the pictures). The movie takes a little bit (a good twenty minutes) to introduce the first dog but then the action progresses swiftly with a nice deep tie (without help from DaChat!) and a hot oral scene. In the text it is mentioned that for Kuryakin there is no tie but one clearly sees the knot buried deeply in her. It is over rather quickly followed by another hot oral scene.
      Although Nikita performs flawlessly and is very pretty, I still would consider her one of the weaker heroines in the DaChat universe. She is quite professional and for me it just did not click. My impression was that everything is a bit more for show than for real; whether she plays with herself or ties with a dog, the moans sound very similar. And she did not seem to like to be licked or kissed. Still definitely a great movie and worth buying.

    • Very sexy lady. Nikita is a knockout and I love the scene of her watching other movies and playing with herself—working herself up.

    • Exellent sevice thank. Great movie. Well worth purchasing!!

    • hi misay here i got a Question: why is here in this movie no english subtitle file? would be really nice to see the movie with subtitle

    • The fucking bod she has !!!! Even if her tits are fake, she’s not like the freaks you see in the US porn industry. Luscious lips, very classy. Wonder how Dachat get these girls (OK they mostly do it for the cash but then he must lure them with loads of cash LOL)

    • I ´ Replay 3 month ago but will say …Thx for good movie she is fotomodel in my book, no question about that. And glad you not fake scream like other movies, moaning is ok but not fake screaming it is, it is only ridiculously and not trustworthy…thx Nikita and wait for next (boar yes yes yes) 🙂

    • Wow, this is great
      Will be buying this ASAP

    • Très beau film. Nikita est très belle et aime sucer la bite des chiens.

    • This is a great movie! Actually, 2 movies in one. The first part we see the really gorgeous Nikita play and fool around in public, showing us her hot body doing some kinky things.
      Then when in the hotelroom, after really enjoying herself while watching a dog porn movie, she also starts to play with her own dog.
      Oh boy, so hot, a nice fuck with a big knot, nice dogcum dripping our of Nikita’s pussy and then dog sucking of the higher level. I really recommend this movie!
      Thanks Nikita!!

  • “Beautiful Russian Pet Lady Acadia has us all burning with desire!”
    Producer: Dachat
    Models: Acadia with Gunner
    Running Time: 34 Minutes
    Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

    HOW TO

    • Very pretty hot looking model. She seems to be one of her first movies of this kind and has to think about the concept. She gets turned on very fast with the idea. Great doggystyle scenes.

    • art30 replied 1 year ago

      Please more movies from this Russian beauty queen 😉

    • Fabulous movie, I hope to see more of Acadia! Loved it! Thanks

    • Worth de money; A beautiful blue-eyed long legged lady. Hope more to see of her.
      The comment is really true

      A real turn on

    • 小姐姐 太好看了 受不了呢

    • Jewels replied 1 year ago

      a very beautiful model and a entertaining video with a lovely kissing scene but my only hang up is that she feels like more a solo type model who can captivate you but the partner is more for show. she is really a good exhibitionist type and just wish that her next one with have some dog fun with that idea in mind.

    • Worth money. Love the way she scream and squirm…Wish she could taken knot longer

    • Acadia was so tight, that the knot was almost impossible for her, but she took it like a champ with some painful screaming and squirming. Like they say, no pain no gain! Might felt little bit sore for a few days after it, but worth the shot 😉 She certainly wasn’t expecting him to be that big, so Gunner was able to catch her with a surprise there! This lady also knows how to suck, and boy does she know how to make good boys like Gunner feel good with her mouth! The bonus at the end, her facial expressions when Gunner started to ram in…that lust made her eyes roll back to her head from enjoyment.

      Good movie, pure AOZ quality right here once again!

    • Acadia is one moore of the top models, so beautiful (your models here are outstanding), and she do it, can only said, waiting for the next.

    • I’ve noticed a few comments complaining about the exhibitionism in Dachat’s movies. I love these scenes because all the time they’re being filmed the girls are obviously thinking about what they’ll soon be doing and obviously turned on by the idea. Most incredible foreplay possible. I really enjoy exhibitionist movies as their own separate genre and this particular one is seriously the best that I’ve ever seen. I would buy it just for that scene, even if there weren’t any pet sex involved.

      Acacia, as others have remarked, could easily be a fashion model. Her beauty is at least 900 milli-Helens. (Note: 1 milli-Helen = the amount of beauty required to launch a single ship.)

    • Sooooooo wonderful girl.
      We see that she loves playing with the camera.
      Perfect movie, please continue like this.
      I’d love to see her with pigs or horses…

    • Delightful movie, Acadia is beautiful and her performance was great, lovely sucking 😍😘 .. waiting more of her

    • Mmmmm worth every penny!

    • Amazing movie, well worth it , can’t wait to get my next movie 🙂 keep them coming , great work

    • Dachat delivers again with this amazing movie with a beautiful Russian babe. Looking forward to seeing more of Dachat’s films and more of this girl too

    • Hi how do I download this movie

    • Had the pleasure of watching this gorgeous girl mate with that very lucky dog. She was a natural at it. Looking forward to seeing more of these Russian beauties getting knotted!

    • Another Great movie that I can happily recommend

      Acadia is another lovely model and seeing her mating with Gunner is a sight very much worth seeing.
      Some nice mating scenes and plenty of sucking action as a nice reward for Gunner fucking her so well.

      Seeing a lot of hot new models and Acadia is a welcome addition

    • A great girl with a body like he could not be more beautiful. I’m just irritated by all the bruising on her legs. Can you explain that? If the suspicion arises that some girls are “persuaded” to have sex with dogs by force, by beatings, this is a reason for me not to buy videos at Artofzoo. But then you have the feeling that she enjoys the sex with Gunner very much. Now I am a little bit insecure.

      @Adam: What can you say to that?

      • Hi, yes we keep all our models in a cupboard, feed them on cobwebs and broken dreams, and beat them regularly like gongs.

        Back in the real world mate you’ve been reading a bit too much Linda Lovelace. Maybe Acadia is a skater chick, maybe she does martial arts, maybe she has another client into BDSM, there are plenty of reasons people get bruises. We have an entire network of Ladies here interested in making movies, no pressing requirement to be beating anyone thanks.

        • As for the bruising, as Adam said, there are many causes. I personally have bruises a lot, and I don’t even know where and when I hit myself. Maybe I’m fidgeting when I’m asleep;)

          Alternatively, to hide the bruises a bit, maybe it is worth for the girl to have stockings (I admit that stockings and high heels are what turns me on).

    • thanks you are awesome

    • OMG !
      Probably the more exciting Z movie.
      Beautiful girl
      Action that you don’t get on many movies
      She kisses ( deep kisses I mean) hr partner (25’23)
      I like the moments where the movie is on her face : you really precisely know when the beast gets in (17′ 36 according to me…)
      She dosen’t only “put the dick in her mouth” but really sucks ( take a look at those lovely cheeks about 22’50) and at the ends swallows 28’45.
      Probably the best movie ever.

      Hope to see her back soon

    • she is freakin hot, very nice action

    • Happy 20th birthday for the 🔥company and 🔥Acadia😃.

    • Will we see Acadia again. I hope so, because she is the most beautiful girl who has ever appeared here.

    • What a great girl. Pretty face, lovely slim body and beautiful, long, skinny legs. She could have any guy and she does it with the dog while the guys can only watch (there is something amazing about it). She is shy and willing at the same time. It seems like an exciting experience for her. I love these young Russian blondes. They have such an innocent appearance, yet they are so horny and ready for some really daring attempts. Additionally, she moans soo loudly. How exciting it is. Please moan Acadia, moan louder baby 🙂

      I have a word to the producers: Thank you for adding English subtitles. This is really helpful and shows the wider context of the scenes. Keep doing that. But I also have a request: Could the subtitles include not only the interview part, but also fragments when the girl speaks during the show? It seems like the words Acadia says when the dog fucks her seem very arousing, but I don’t know Russian. To know what she was saying would be very hot.
      Can someone please translate from Russian to English what the Acadia says in the this minutes:

      20:22 (I guess she says the same as before but from a different camera angle)

      It’s been six months since this scene was released. Does that mean we won’t have any more scenes with her? It would be a great loss. Do you have contact with her to offer her next episodes? I would love to see her with other dogs (maybe even two dogs in one scene) and my pinnacle of dreams is the Acadia sex scene with a boar or a horse.

      P.S. Her face is not fully visible through the mask, but she reminds me a bit of the pornstar Sandra Luberc. but Acadia is slimmer 🙂

      Please, give us more scenes with her. Acadia is worth it.

    • Hot girl

  • “Horny DV is totally addicted to Dog Love…”
    Producer: ILZ
    Models: DevoteHuendin with Rottie
    Running Time: 41 Minutes
    Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


    • Dog ball buster here, is what she is.. Knows how to drain them and loves it. Horny straight up for dog cock. No way to get around it. It shows in her work and this movie. She has great hunger.

    • Devote I love your movies keep making more.
      That pussy is amazing just wow. The way she takes the knot yummy and juicy moist a favourite on my list.
      A rottie is the perfect direction. I think the next movie a bigger dog like a dane or a mastiff etc nevertheless 5star movie x

    • Another amazing movie.

      I can’t get enough of DV, the sounds she makes are almost worth getting this film on its own.
      Also, the subtitles help any non-german speakers know just how much DV loves getting fucked by her wonderful four legged partner.

      Great movie

    • This has to be one of the fastest mounts I’ve ever seen – less than 8 seconds from the time we see the rottie to him starting to hump. It’s clear both dog and model have done this before!
      A good, solid pounding follows, this dog needs no encouragement and seems to have been itching to bust his nuts.

      He then stays atop DV and pumps a steady stream of doggy juice into her. It looks like some of it trickles out, too, with a suggestive wetness adding to the scene. He’s not in there for too long and after a happy jerk of his leg he’s out… as is his thick, creamy sperm. No pre-cum here, it’s the real deal. The rest of it then gets pushed out, then the angle changes for a sucking-off session. The rottie enjoys himself here, while DV’s experienced tongue delivers some pleasure for him – flicking the sensitive end of his dick and running down the long shaft. (Rotties have stubbier cocks than other breeds, and we get an excellent view of that here). The session is thorough and the rottie’s glistening cock is sucked dry.

      With the sheets still wet, the rottie licks her snatch, in his mind no doubt sealing the deal on having pups.

      However, he’s not finished yet… clearly he wants to make certain DV has his pups! He gives her a good licking then, with a flick of his tongue, hops aboard for round two. He drills into her with a determined look upon his muzzle, driving his jizz deep inside… he’s one horny stud dog! He cleans DV up and then sets to going again, thoroughly enjoying himself. His hips swing back and forth with each powerful thrust and this time his both hind paws come off the ground, it’s as if he’s running a race… a race to ejaculate as much as possible!

      He quickly ties and, with tongue lolling, happily stays on top of his bitch, filling her up with his juice. After a while he slips out, but he’s still going – his jizz shoots down the side of DV’s thighs. It doesn’t do much good there, so she moves onto sucking him off. That’s better – now his jizz is in her mouth and trickling down her face. We see lots of this, too, as he stays hard for quite a long time…

      He finishes off by cleaning her up, an intense and enjoyable mating session.

      A hot movie!

    • Oh yeah you can clearly see that devote is the real deal when it comes to animal love

    • you can tell DV is loving every second of this movie, as i did too 🙂

    • DV is awesome!!!! a great movie!

    • Awesome movie. DV was great!!!

    • This is an incredible movie. You can tell how much she enjoys it. So hot! Huge fan of DV.

    • 鸡鸡 真的大 饱满

    • A superb woman whom I hope to meet soon !

    • I really enjoyed this video. Especially since DV seemed really into things. Hope to see more of DV and Shadow in the future. 🙂

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  • A stunning Image Beautiful to look at many thanks for posting TitsMaria;)

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