• That is a very nice button, seems tailor made for dog pleasure 😉


    Ok Gang, by now you should know that we are all for the ambitious projects. Let’s try this one on for size 🙂

    As you hopefully know, we have been trailblazing the pet path for over 15 years

    • I love this idea! I wish I was nt so broke right now. This would be the ideal investment. A dream world!

      And too bad there isn’t one being set up in the States! There must be some place isolated to work. And with favorable or not too harsh laws. Like maybe West Virginia up in the hills, or in the Kentucky hills…

      There are tons of girls who need to find a safe place here. As well as guys and us tgirls!

      Good luck with this!

      • adam replied 1 week ago

        I can’t remember which bits I edited out without reading it all again – but the full length version was saying that if this one works out it would be good to do one in the states, maybe Las Vegas? I keep hearing it’s legal there. Would probably have to be an existing Eden patron to be trusted enough to run it.

        But don’t worry. We are getting a lot of messages from people who want to be involved but can’t afford to properly invest. So for those folks we will have some other options available.

        • Vegas is known for being a wild place. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” as they say.

          Not sure of the legality, but it would not surprise me. I would prefer it to be on the East coast myself, but that’s so my lazy tail don’t have to go quite as far! Though this sounds like it would be well worth a road trip!

          And not too far from California, and all those California girls!

          You would still have to worry about the laws though. Even if bestiality is not against the law, they could charge you with animal abuse. So, not sure if it would be advisable to be a totally open thing. You would have to check with people in the area who would be familiar with the situation. And maybe find a desolated isolated spot. Which would not be hard to do since it is all desert around there. But also bloody damn hot for that same reason.

          I know it is still legal in West Virginia. And there are some areas up in the hills that pretty isolated.

          Or heck, do it in Washington D.C.! It is pretty much a zoo already these days! ;D

          There is a list of states and their bestiality laws somewhere on the Net. I used to have it bookmarked a computer ago. I will try to find it for you.

    • As a long term strategy facilities across the globe should be available as interest in this lifestyle becomes more popular and accepted.

    • Is not petsex legal in Nevada at the moment at least? An additional revenue stream could very well be offering a service in which various breeds are trained for petsex and offered for sale. Or in the alternative training for the dog as well as the petlady is offered.

      • adam replied 1 week ago

        A breeding kennel would also make quite a nice front for the place. Good thinking.

        That was much the setup of the kennel where we shot The Record. Only difference is, they were kenneling other people’s dogs, and neglected to mention that to us. The owners were not too happy when they found out. The dogs dig not seem to mind though to be honest.

        Maybe someone can chip in with hard knowledge about the legal status of bestiality in Nevada? I lived in Palm Springs when I was a kid 🙂

        • My recollection is that within the last few years a young women was arrested for having petsex in her backyard. Her charge was public indecency or something similar for having sex where others could see her not for having sex with her dog.

          • At the appropriate time, the correct course of action would be for us to contact some lawyers in whatever jurisdiction we are interested in, and pay for the real legal breakdown. One step at a time though 🙂

    • I could not find that list, but I found a wikipedia page on it.

      It is not legal in Vegas according to it. But holy cow! It is legal in D.C.! lol!


  • It’s a strange world we inhabit. Being 99% ‘out’ petlover (my family, friends, colleagues etc. all know what I do) – being mildly presentable and vaguely coherent, folks tend to treat me quite normally. I s

    • very well said, Adam, more people would benefit if they’d just stop complaining about stuff they don’t understand and start trying to learn more and open a dialogue. Like you said, more of us are just harmless and sensible people with extraordinary lifestyles. doesn’t mean we’re wrong, just different from mainstream.

      • Thank you SB 🙂 I will say, although some people are weirded out by it, most all of the Ladies I’ve ever told about my pet interests were quite okay with it. Either interested to try it, or would try it for me, or at least wouldn’t do it but didn’t mind me being into it. Then to be fair I don’t tend to hang around in puritanical circles, and prefer the company of naughty Ladies, that probably helped. Only one girl said ‘ew that’s disgusting’ – she was part South American, her mother very religious so that probably had something to do with it.

        Lovely boobs in that latest pic by the way 🙂

    • I d have to agree with what you wrote Adam…I remember when being “gay” was a huge taboo….now we have parades honoring gay pride. Just because we prefer a different sexuality… doesn’t make us freaks…we are just more open to new exciting pleasures… I’d have to commend you on “coming out” to your immediate circle. I’m far from it… As alot of probably are. Great article Adam 😀❤️

      • Cheeky I had to come clean because doing what we do – most people who get outed usually disappear from the scene, there’s been lots. The only way to stop stalkers etc from ‘outing’ you is to out yourself and take the leverage away. This does not apply to most folks here, as long as you are careful.

    • Very well written opinion, my friend. 🙂

    • Fantastic, I am impressed. You are a brave gentleman leading this movement while hosting professional content and websites for us to voice our sexuality to the world. Understanding and acceptance is truly all we ask for having our unique love interests. Like so many other various lifestyles in this world, those of us not harming each other or others, only want to be respected as we do others in a similar position.

    • Wow, that’s very heartfelt Tho, that comment is longer than some of our articles too 🙂 Yes, sadly it’s not the world we were led to believe in Disney movies and fairytale stories. And yes, my dog has never lied to me, betrayed me, judged me, only loved me. He did steal my spaghetti one time though, he does love that spaghetti. Thanks for having my back my friend that is much appreciated.

  • Freezing, that’s going to be hard to ship.

    As is ‘inside the female’s womb’ CCD 😉 Unlessing we recruit a new team of ‘delivery Ladies’ of course. I can picture that now 🙂

    But yes maybe some kinda semi freezing would be the only option.

  • Hi Petfriends,

    thanks to everyone mailing back to us with words of support and encouragement. I appreciate it, we appreciate it, a little goes a long way.

    Ok so, hopefully by now you are all aware of the

    • How about VPNs? Or even deep web? Will it effect those as well?

      • Again, we really don’t know what will happen, until it happens. A lot of sites can recognize VPN access, so presumably ISPs could too. I would imagine, tools used to circumvent the desired, controlled access would be pretty high on their agenda to deal with.

        I’ve used the credit card network as an example of networks losing their content neutrality. Pro-censorship pundits have stated that entrepreneurs will find a way around these net neutrality ‘minor obstacles’. Well let me tell ya, 10 years of trying to ‘find ways around the minor obstacle of censorship via the credit card network’ have come up empty. When you own and control the pipes, you can do what you like. Of course, they will say whatever is necessary, in advance of these changes, to distract people enough to allow these bills to go through. Once they go through, it’s too late. Much like politicians promising this and that during election – but once elected, all such promises go directly out the window.

    • I was just having this discussion tonight with my significant other. I would like to believe that innovation will drive the change WE need to become even more connected rather than stifle but who knows as you so worriedly put. As we know there will always be ever improving encryption methods and hopefully these methods will work to help avoid any (throttleing) that could be used to restrict our web site. The answer could lie with in TOR or could be as simple as an isp not playing into dishonest practices (wouldn’t that be nice). Bottom line I want to hope that innovation will drive our necessity but because money tends to drive, we might be left in the dust….

      • Yes Likliw, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon. There are whispers that, in the event that major ISPs start blocking, that other ISPs will spring up who don’t. Still, I am a firm believer in ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’.

    • By the way Adam I do have to say I do appreciate your pro active nature to try and bring awareness to a massive problem. It is imperative that folks not only become knowledgeable for pet love reasons but also due to the fact that it will hit home in a much more regular everyday nature in some way or another.

      • Absolutely – so many people rely on an open internet for their living, it’s all a bit fucked really.

    • I know exactly what you are saying. It very serious because it starting point for big money companies to control our lives and our future more. Both sides have been bought already and people here don’t see it. I tell my friends and coworkers that they are starting the fire. I can go on forever but basically I believe our voices are gone. I’m just waiting on Christianity become more of a force way of living rather then by have a choice. It is gravity of the situation we are in. There are some states going to put reglion back in schools. What the hell. Really? O brother the list go on and on. Not to sound too much doom and gloom but it not looking good. Net neutrality just the beginning.. 🙁

    • I hope that makes sense, because it such a complex issue. Net neutrality will determine the future basically not just privacy, how millions of people way they watch tv too. I know TV program sounds crazy but ISP and other mobile phone providers can screw them big time. It is a very serious thing more then people think. Both hands win and loose. It’s a battle really between major companies and controlling ISP. It has a lot good and bad. The gates have be open now we just have to see the next year or so.. I’m disagreeing with you, I with you but for our privacy. Not for the ISP companies side of it. I hope I don’t sound crazy. I just start looking for why, what, what the fuck.. to find more answers.

      • Yes, corporations work by stealth and misdirection. So it’s unlikely we will ever know the full truth.

        But, let’s not spend too much energy on guessing and stressing. At times like this, it is prudent to focus on possible solutions, rather than focusing on the problem.

    • Why can’t they just leave people alone In mind their own busines

    • Hang in there good people.
      I live in BC Canada (male) and looking for female friends. Feel free to contact me thank you 🙂

    • I connect to the internet by vpn which goes through a different nation in which I reside so that should provide some protection. But if that fails are there any plans for using the dark web? It’s extraordinarily slow of course but it’s very resilient to being shutdown.

      Signing up for the newsletter via my protonmail account now.

      • adam replied 1 week ago

        Hi, yes we are looking into various options like VPN etc. One member has a nice way of setting up VPN so it doesn’t look like VPN and runs much faster so that’s good.

        The only problem with VPN, Tor etc, is that a lot of our Members don’t read English, and a lot are not very techy. It’s something like, for every extra click needed you lose 50% of people. So moves like that, would lose so many Members in the community that it would not really be worth going to the effort. It would reach more people if we did a pdf magazine and sent it to people by email. Along with some other things.

        Great 🙂

  • Hi Gang,

    I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. 2018, on we go. Welcome to all our new Members, and thanks to everyone uploading, and commenting, and blogging – it’s always great to see your n

    • Happy to see more and more chinese girl to enjoy petlove. Is it possible to see a movie by chinese girl model in the future?

      • That would be difficult, we would probably have to shoot in China, and that will not be easy. But yes we would be delighted to make a movie with a Chinese Lady, that would be great. 🙂

    • I know the areas in the middle east and India’s treatment of women and sexuality are not good, but I have to say I know I’d love to see those gorgeous ladies on here! 🙂

    • I would just like to say, to all the lovely Matriarchs that mailed me saying thanks for the mention – Ladies, really no need to thank me. You are wonderful and amazing, and we should be thanking all of you for just being you. Please keep pleasuring those doggies and don’t ever change xxx

    • 有很多中国粉丝在这!

    • Thank you adam for your work, so hard so complicated, to make this passion as long .

    • Thank you for the mention and to the whole team running this incredible place for us to come together 💜 it is an honor to be here among all of you amazing people sharing our passion towards animals

      • adam replied 3 weeks ago

        Thank you Lady you are 100% doggy sweetheart 😉

    • 谁能交我怎么才能看视频吗

    • 我们通过电子邮件发送了你。

    • I also want to say Thanks to the whole AOZ Team and of course your
      lovely models. I am a big Fan for so many years and now you present
      what i really likes the Asian theme perfect. So please continue on this high level

    • We don’t have access to a dog at the moment. But I would love to hear another lady getting fucked. No body would want to see my old saggy baggy body getting fucked. So maybe if you are like me you could record your rover slipping old mother hub bid his bone. I for one would love to hear it. As soon as we get Access I will get hubby to tape him fucking me if anyone is interested.

    • Hi. Sorry if I repeat my self but I want to thank all of you great people for making me full more comfortable in my own skin. Me and my two older sisters grew up on a farm and we fucked everything we could with a cock with the exception of our two older brothers. They were just too gross. It is great to know that there are other people out there like us.

    • Just as a side note. My hubby has early stages of prostate cancer and we really enjoy watching and reading beast to get in the mood.

    • 终于找到组织.也是会员了..感谢

    • 亚裔的结很好看.

    • there is interest in arab countries as well

      • Hi, yes of course. But to encourage pet love in those areas, would be to encourage people to risk their lives. It’s not something I want on my conscience.

        • not necesseraly
          I talked to Egyptian women – Saudi arbian – yemen
          they want these and consider this their risk can be sometimes as risky as western women the thing is to things to move they need to be wanted to progress those women will know what they can and can not do

          • Yes I was going to say that previously, that if people anywhere are not happy with the rules of their current living environment, they should leave, even if leaving is difficult. But if they have left that area, there are no longer in that area, not risking their lives, and I am quite happy to encourage them.

            • I understand the thing is reaching them first as I see it. when you spread it it help change things from inside.
              in zoo groups your content is actually liked by arab people and in beastforum for intstance you have a muslim girl said she wants to be the first muslim zoo porn actress (she is very active) and you have candian Pakistani who is very turned own by it
              make it more familiar will help change the things I think if you have some arab muslim girls it will acho to those socities like mia khalifa did

              • Hmm you do have a point. I traveled through Palestine, there were some beautiful women there. But anyway, I don’t BLOCK people in Pakistan etc from seeing our stuff. If they can access it, they are of course welcome. I would just urge folks in those regions to be extremely careful about doing anything that will put them at serious risk. And if they feel their current environment, and the rules and doctrines that create it, do not fit with their thinking – then either they need to change their thinking to match their current rules – or they need to change their location and rules to ones that are more tolerant of their personality.

                I say this, and without wishing to cause offense. There is little point in leaving an environment that is based on certain rules – because that environment makes you unhappy – relocating, then continuing to live by those same rules. Because then, all that happens is people in a strange new culture will naturally gravitate towards others who share those old rules. Before you know it, you’ve brought the old, unhappy environment with you and destroyed the happier one you sought out.

                I’ve lived in all kinds of countries and I can say without doubt, the happiest people are Buddhist. The least sexually repressed too.

            • arab muslim zoo porn actress *

            • ok man
              I respect your thought

  • Right now is the first time in human history that we are one people, connected, communicating, sharing ideas. Some of you are lucky enough to have been born in the internet era.  I was about 20 when it

    • They won`t allow us, to visit this site. Maybe they don`t cut the wire, but they cut the bandwith. The site will need very long to reload. They will do it with everyone and everything, that has an opposit meaning.
      In Germany it has begun some months ago. Some People on Facebook and Youtube are banned, when they send Films or Postings against the Gouvernment, when you reach many People in the Net. The new Law against “Hatespeech” is, what the always say, you do.

      • That is right Bine, unless we can do something about it. The people stopped SOPA from passing. The people can stop this too.

    • What i’m experiencing right now is time out so to speak for certain sites for a period of time. What they are doing is forcing certain providers to slow down speeds, so they slow them down on certain site, not all. Some sites they don’t slow at all. Govt. sites, financial sites, etc. I find it annoying and once they get the idiot out of office things can go back to normal, because the head idiot put another idiot in charge who initiated the changes which I know won’t stick and last to long. That’s what happens when the people don’t know what their doing and elect incompetents to be in charge of vitals issues. It’s going to be a hard lesson to learn and hopefully they will learn and not doing it again. Not expecting that to happen on a large scale. That’s why I prefer animals over a lot of humans their a lot smarter. : ) I think if enough complaints are lodge some providers will fight back.

      • You would have thought, with the billions of people using the internet every minute of the day, that a decision to suddenly stop all that, would have been easily voted out of the park by 0.000001% of those people. But the bill passed. What does that tell us?

        Honestly MM – humans have a long history of just sitting back and letting leaders fuck them in the ass and run roughshod all over their civil liberties. It’s happened throughout history, you could not have oppressive regimes and tyrants, if people stood up for their rights. Like Ghandi said “100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate”. And it’s true, what could 100k dudes do against 350 million people, really? And yet, India remained oppressed, with huge number of people massacred, for a very long time. Take North Korea, where the people are starving and eating grass, while Leaders throw all the money at statues of their glorious leader.

        Closer to home, take petlove. We have been censored for over a decade now. We are not able to get payment facilities for credit cards. It’s YOUR money. In many countries, petstuff is perfectly legal. I can go into a shop in Portugal, and buy petstuff in a shop over the counter, with my credit card. But you are not permitted to use your money, to purchase what you want online, that decision has been made for you. We and other hardcore pet producers like BFI Hans (who took Mastercard to court dozens of times over this), have fought long and hard against this censorship. We have explained all this, to all our Members, clearly, many times. And yet, still today, people ask us if they can pay with credit card, and blame us for not being able to provide those facilities. And should we not be able to continue the fight any more, and stop – what do we think people will do? Will they rally round, petition credit card companies on our behalf? Look at alternative payment methods like bitcoin? A small handful, maybe. The Gaia Gold experiment, suggests not enough. The majority will just sit back and do nothing, because it’s much less hassle. Civil liberties, slowly eroded and far too few people interested to do anything about it. It’s easier to mourn the loss of freedoms, than it is to stand up and fight for them.

        We think we are safe because we come from ‘civilized’ societies? Think again. NSA etc spying on everything. Cameras and microphones everywhere. Police states where officers have pretty much free rein to kill citizens. 1984 happened, and the people did, and do nothing. USA has a huge percentage of citizens below the poverty line. When people get hungry, they react as a mob. In this case, electing a wildcard leader with right wing views, from outside of the usual political arena. Last time the people were hungry, and elected a wildcard leader outside of the usual political circles, with right wing views, in Europe in 1939, we know what happened there. And he didn’t have nukes.

        However, the internet changed the world in so many ways. Taking away peoples internet would be a bit like taking away their electricity at this point. I would very much hope, if it happens, that there will be riots. Killing the internet would kill so many businesses around the world, I really would hope people would do something. But, as mentioned above, it’s likely that they won’t. It’s also possible that they are pushing for riots, so they can start massacring us all too. If all of that seems outlandish – check your history. One thing that has always held true, is that times of enlightenment are followed by dark ages of fear, ignorance and tyranny.

        I was always surprised at the amount of freedom allowed on the internet. Freedom of thought and speech, has never been attractive for any government, ever. So then there must be a good reason to give us those freedoms. There is a possibility, that the aim was to make it interesting long enough to get enough people on it, so our every word, every interest, every movement, everything can be tracked. Not forgetting the cameras and microphones we all carry in our pockets everywhere. These latest developments would suggest this may be the case.

        But yes. Maybe this appeal will go through, and all of this censorship will go out the window. If it doesn’t pass this time, they will keep trying until they get their way. I have read elsewhere, a lot of folks think that, if ISPs start censoring and throttling internet access – that other ISPs will come on the market who don’t. I don’t know if that would be possible, but it would make sense.

        Yes, if Animal were our glorious Leader, he wouldn’t censor our internet. Doggy porn would be mandatory viewing I am sure 🙂

        Apologies for the rant.

    • Adam no apologies necessary, you are so right on your assessment is spot on. They sit back because people/so call leaders tell them to work hard and everything will be fine. However they don’t tell them to improve the most important organ in the body their brain/mind for if they do that they could figure out that these people don’t have their best interest at heart. They know that they allow people to be free thinkers just make them think are. Ideologies are the scourge of mankind. Make them believe in something can neither prove or disapprove and just trust, follow and believe like the Christian bible, torah, koran and not see life as it really is and accept the atrocities that we inflict on each other as the gospel that their a divine reason for it all. I ask a friend of mind the other day which of these so call holy fairy tail does he believe in the christian bible, torah, or the koran. They can’t be all right or correct however they will die for these beliefs/ideologies instead believing in each other for in the end that’s all we’re going to have is each other. We as human should put ourselves ahead of anything else. However each one of these ideologies tend to separate instead of bringing us together. Can you think of another species that kills its own more than humans, do you see lions killings other lions for food ? or eagles killing other eagles or dogs or any other species doing this hell no. Because they do what’s necessary to survive and not because one doesn’t want to live a certain way or they don’t like the differences in one from another or they don’t like the way they look. Evil, it’s man that has indoctrinated man to not think for himself and not question things they know is evil and wrong. I have very little hope for man to enlighten himself. My life is pretty good because I see things and ask why and don’t accept well that’s the will of whatever. That’s f—ing stupid. So I do what’s right and try to help people anyway I can. But you know what Adam it’s frustrating beating your head against the wall trying to get people to see the real light. It’s just us and we can solve our own problems. So I’m ready to move to somewhere I can be peace with nature and enjoy the rest of my life on this planet. So Adam I think I have to apologize to you for ranting. And i think one day i would like to meet you. This world could be so beautiful if we could live in harmony with each other and i mean all species. The sexual relationship between male dogs and humans are very normal and acceptable as homosexuality. In both instances there’s no danger in the act itself if done properly, the emotions and feelings are the same, there’s no chance of procreation and each partner are willing participants. So Adam never give up the fight and i applaud you my man. Have a great day.

    • Hi guys, what about if we starting to use Darknet?

      • Hi Elcatto – good that you are giving this some thought, and it’s a consideration. However keep in mind, although authorities can’t necessarily see what you are doing on the darknet, they usually CAN see that you are using the darknet. As I understand it anyway. Once control of our access falls into the hands of the wrong people, we can expect them to do what they have always done. Censor, until the internet is basically a glorified TV. Just like AOL wanted, way back at the beginning. I can see taking steps to stamp out things like Tor, to be high on their agenda. Besides, so many folks on our network are so tech-unsavvy, that moving onto the darknet would probably lose us 90% of our members out of the gate. I think we need something a bit more old-school.

        Bottom line, if this goes through, the network belongs to them and they can do what they want with it. We have experience of similar censorship. The credit card companies also have their payment network, and they do what they like with that too.

        It doesn’t even need to make sense. You know, BFI Hans, who is really quite the unsung hero of petlove – has had the credit card companies in court a number of times. I’ll bet most ‘zoo’ folks are completely unaware of these kinds of behind the scenes battles. There’s Hans and his lawyer. And there’s Mastercard with their 15 shark lawyers. Hans’ research turned up a case from a few decades ago, where Mastercard was being sued by someone for profiting from IP theft (as a filesharers payment provider). Mastercard won that case by saying they were ‘content neutral’ – i.e. they don’t get involved in what people pay for, they are just a payment provider. Given that legal precedent, you would think it would be an open and shut case, that being content neutral, they have no business censoring animal sex. But nope. Legal and fair, has nothing to do with what is legal and fair, just how much money passes hands behind the scenes. And our lovely internet paradise, just got handed over to greedy corporations intent on turning it into a parking lot.

        I just hope everyone reading this has signed that petition.

    • ILZ found this which is interesting:

      Cicada Deep Dive

  • adam commented on a Photo in the group Group logo of Dog SuckersDog Suckers 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Yum, suckle all that good juice SB. You know the doggy nectar is only magical when it’s inside a Lady 😉
    • 非常好 🙂

    • vixenzoo and Profile picture of bine68bine68 are now friends 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    • vixenzoo and Profile picture of supportsupport are now friends 4 weeks ago

      • Hi @adam, thank you so much for setting up a safe group for women to discuss, learn, question, inform, whatever their need is, you’ve arranged a place that hopefully will help fill those needs. Thank you for understanding women as well as you do. I think we’re going to enjoy this group. <3

    • “Selena feels the switch as Sam enjoys her vagina for the first time”
      Producer: ZDT
      Models: Selena, Tabitha with Sam
      Running Time: 25 Minutes
      Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment

      • Can’t wait for the release…!!!!

      • Can’t wait this looks awesome and the new girl looks sensational….i love her outfit and especially when it’s kept on during the scene,certain outfits accentuate a sexy body splendidly. Love the panties to the side theme too this girls skin tone and body type is spot on for doggy fun. Can’t wait to see how much K9 cum comes out of her, nothing beats the flow shot the more juice the better of course. Would’ve loved to see her straight after that scene in that same outfit without her showering, inspecting her cum filled pussy and cum soaked panties…i’d choose that over a 3 month paid holiday to Paris. many thanks to all behind this release and to the one and only AOZ

        • Thanks Kamper – yes Selena is very cute, and her pet button is really quite peachy 🙂

      • Waow…. Hot

      • This is what kind of dog? Too big ))

      • @asukagirl, thats a golden retriever

        • Sam is a Hovawart, a bit bigger than a retriever.

          Spellcheck suggest that Sam is in fact a Hogwarts. Given the magic he throws around with that wand of his, it’s entirely possible. 🙂

      • More masks on the women’s faces. Those preview stills are not good signs.

        If they really ARE proud of their pet love, then they should NOT hide their identities.

        • Hi, this coming from a Member who apparently does not even want to complete their profile for fear of discovery? Where is your pride then? Models wear masks to protect their identities and prevent the unpleasant fallout that can occur from revealing identities. It is nothing to do with how proud these Ladies are, or are not. We put out videos for pleasure and enjoyment of all. We are not looking to make martyrs just so you get to see the additional 3 inches of face. If you feel martyrdom is the way forward, please feel free to submit movies with your face showing to the whole world, and we will be happy to follow your lead. Otherwise, please extend to others the same courtesy as you extend to yourself, and allow Models to perform for the pleasure of fans, in a way that does not put them at risk. The same to anyone else whining about masks who clearly don’t give 2 flying fucks about the safety of our pet girls.

        • Tbh with you pg2015 i personally believe the girls behind the mask perform better due to having more confidence that their identity is not revealed,wearing a mask has absolutely nothing to do with how genuine they are about enjoying K9 action. You know in the normal world the majority don’t take to these kind of movies lightly so given that most performers live in this world amongst the normal then you’d think that they’d kind of want to hide their identity to some degree.
          I really don’t care what the girls face looks like,as long as she’s genuinely enjoying being choc full of K9 shaft filling her to the brim with his precious fluid 🙂
          Body language,maons and groans are another good way of telling if she’s enjoying it

          • I’ll vote for A too. Adam for president of this Pet Republic.
            Hope the mistery member done a good job.🤔
            Because the girls, ZDT add Sam, of course, never disappoint me.😉

      • Congratulations adan and the whole team for another great job 😊

      • Hi 🙂 We’ve built our reputation on releasing quality media. We don’t need the hard sell, we prefer our customers to be happy. If you are in any doubt, you should not purchase.

      • I love it when there’s a second person present. Just sat there enjoying seeing their friend get fucked hard by another species like it’s casual. Why is there not more people like this in the world? I’d happily sit there and watch/support. SO HOT! x

      • wow… this looks amazing

      • Damn man Wow I am totally floored! I had heard you Sir(Adam) had put a new driving force of passion that at certain moment such as this conversion that turned hostile by the big damn mouth of the bitch boys of the currently repressed and I liken it to that of the people during the great plagues or the potato famine. People have no idea they just prejudge everything there by screwing themselves out of the 1 true way of touching the face of mother nature herself.

      • super

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    • “TigerLily takes her petlove to a new level”
      Producer: ILZ
      Models: TigerLily with Animal
      Running Time: 35 Minutes
      Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)
      Purchases remaining before release:

      • Such a beautiful woman 😘😘

      • I can’t believe that the impossible has been done… And to a sexy little tight Asian girl none the less. A full turn tie in Missionary!!!? I’m literally amazed by what you guys have done! But I have to say I’m even more impressed by this little Asian. I would like to be the first to say… Thank you TigerLily for literally making dreams come true for all of us pet fans here! I seriously can’t wait to see the amount of cum this Giant Schnauzer has pumped inside of your tight little pussy! And what a sexy little pussy it is that that HORNY dog is going to breed😍😇

      • Love it!

        First, a full turned tie knot, now a missionary turned tie.. what would be next? Full anal knot scene? deepthroat knot scene?

        Love this girl.

      • She is so beautiful

      • TigerLily will be the one that delivers a horse movie to surpass Horsecore, I just know it !

      • wow nice Tigerlily sucks Animals cock, another Dream , Wish come true. Its an
        pleasure to see an big red Dog Cock in Tigerlilys mouth. And also to see her in
        missionary with her lover perfect.This one is a must have. Tigerlily you are unique .Thanks from a big Fan.

      • very good!

      • incredible without words tigerLily is too much

      • adam replied 3 weeks ago

        I’ve always been a fan of panties in the shot, either to one side, or pulled down a bit. I’ve encouraged a lot of our models and producers to rock that style 😉

        • That’s good to know Adam keep it up. I hope one of these days a vid gets released with a focus on the cum that runs down the body and wets the fabric of panties and shirts, and the puddle left on the sheets after the dismount. Why there isn’t more focus and attention on this is beyond me 🙁

          • Agreed Kamper, and that is certainly something that we can organize without too much trouble. Leave that one with us 😉

      • She seems to be the top new beast star at the moment. I love her confidence! So glad there’s an actress out there so confident and proud of her intercourse with animals. Amazing woman! x

      • Delicia

      • That look on her face in screenshot 4….

    • adam commented on a Photo in the group Group logo of German ZooGerman Zoo 1 month ago

      I’ll see that nice, and raise you an ‘awesome’ and ‘fabulous’ 😉

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