• @honeypot1. Congratulations on becoming a site librarian. With all of the hard work that you have done for the AoZ site being accepted into the Gaia Crew is well deserving. Way to go Babe 😘😘


    Was it coincidence or something she had planned? You be the judge.

    To begin with I had never experienced K9 love. I was always intrigued by the stories I read and the videos I watched online. I never


    I remember vividly how it all began. For me it was when I visited a friend. We were hanging out at her house, just talking, and her dog, an intact male, kept trying to sniff my crotch. It was cute at

  • Quote for the day:
    If a woman could stand with a dogs cock in her hand and treat it like a piece of meat. It would be such a delightful treat and so sweet as the cum dribbled down towards her feet. 😜😜

  • Wouldn’t it be cool to have a personalized license plate cover made into a picture frame with a photo of an AoZ pet placed inside
  • @horsefun4u. It was a pleasure verifying you. I know that we had talked about it several times. It is great that you have taken that first step in showing your commitment to the AOZ site. I am looking forward to finding you a K9 owner which you are so eagerly waiting to meet.

  • @bwg9587. It is nice to hear that things are progressing with your 2 1/2 year old german shepherd. Things were difficult at first and it is great that he is showing interest. I hope that the tips that were given were helpful and things progress smoothly.

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  • beastyman069 posted an update 2 months ago

    @honeypot1. 🎊Congratulation 🎊on becoming one of the site moderators. I know that it was something that you were not expecting and was a surprise to get. You are well liked and respected by many of the site members. You will make a great moderator. Now I guess that I must be on my best behavior now that you have the power. LoL.…[Read more]

  • @slaveprecious. Thank you for the wonderful comment that you posted in your profile. I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to helping introduce you to other K9 owners in the future. I hope that you enjoy your European tour in the spring.

  • I would like to thank all of the AOZ members that have read Beast’s Revenge which is posted in the blog section of my profile. Thanks for the comments. For those that have not read it and are interested read the story “Honey’s Sweet Revenge “ first. It is in the blog section of Honeypot1 profile. My story is a followup to her story.

    If you lik…[Read more]

  • @firefey. Thank you for the mention Firefey. I do remember the first time that we had spoken on the AOZ site. You had a hard time navigating the site. We were able to set up your profile and make it easier for you to navigate the site. You had told me how interested that you were in experiencing K9. After our discussion about getting verified you…[Read more]

  • @cuzican42. Congratulations on your female verification. You are truly an inspiration for other female members wishing to get verified. I am glad to hear that I was instrumental in encouraging you to get verified. It is nice to hear that the verification process with K9cockLover was quick and painless. It is members like her that make this site…[Read more]

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  • I had a wonderful time with one of the site AOZ female members in Las Vegas over the weekend. You know who you are. Maybe the up and coming story is a little more truth than it is fiction. Sorry to hear that you left to fly home on Sunday a little sore. Looking forward to our next encounter. 😃😘

  • @kathym thank you for staying in touch with me. It is good to hear that things are progressing smoothly with the K9 owner that I had referred you to. I am happy that things are are working out for you. Stay in touch.

  • @kathym. I would like to welcome you to the site. There are definitely some great members and owners. It has been my pleasure in locating you a K9 owner in the New Jersey area for you. Good luck on any future endeavors.

  • @horsefun4u. Thank you for the mention. I had a great time helping you set up your profile and helping you navigate the site. Our previous conversation was about you getting verified. I am glad to see that you have taken the step to notify Adam or one of the other members in order to get you verified. The next step is for me to find you a K9 owner.

  • @longnthicknhard Thank you for the mention. it has been great helping you locate K9 owners in Canada. I know that you are looking forward to your K9 encounter and I am glad to assist you and other members.

  • @4friends4u. Lynn I am happy to hear that you are corresponding with the K9 owner that I have referred you to. It is nice to hear that he has replied back to your messages to him. I am sure that as a couple that you will enjoy the K9 experience.

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