46 years old
- Male
- Straight -
London, England
I have lots of experience
Pet Owner
(I am actively seeking Playmates for meetings)

  • Looking for online fun and friendship

  • Looking for someone special for a relationship
  • I use common sense and expect to get to know someone well online and develop trust before meeting
    I am a Master / Mistress

    About Me

    Hello, I'm Adam. Hear me Rrrrarrr... 😉 British troublemaker, libertine and low down dog. Love child of intense gangbang starring James Bond, Austin Powers, Foxy Brown, Derek Flint, Black Widow, Jagadish Chandra Bose, the Marquis De Sade, Linda Lovelace, Seka, Alice, MC Hammer, Professor Brainstawm, Nikola Tesla, Willy Wonka, Chopper, Muddy Waters, that weird bloke from Saw and more dogs that you can shake a stick at. Werewolf thru and thru. Currently your friendly neighborhood Webmaster at ArtOfZoo. Thanks for reading 🙂

    I Love...

    Strong elegant hands on a Lady. The right perfume. Legs that go all the way up to the vagina. That same vagina dripping with doggy nectar. The right beat. Taking care of business.