New Directions in Petlove

February 12, 2018

  Ok Gang, by now you should know that we are all for the ambitious projects. Let’s try this one on for size 🙂 As you hopefully know, we have been trailblazing the pet path for over 15 years now. Keep in mind, when I say ‘we‘, I don’t mean me. I mean we. From day 1, if you folks […]

Why Animal Sex is Worth Fighting For

February 10, 2018

It’s a strange world we inhabit. Being 99% ‘out’ petlover (my family, friends, colleagues etc. all know what I do) – being mildly presentable and vaguely coherent, folks tend to treat me quite normally. I speak with many of you on a regular basis, among you and our interests, I AM fairly normal. From time to time though, I forget […]

Petlove Emergency Protocol

February 3, 2018

Hi Petfriends, thanks to everyone mailing back to us with words of support and encouragement. I appreciate it, we appreciate it, a little goes a long way. Ok so, hopefully by now you are all aware of the Net Neutrality thing. This is potentially the biggest threat to internet freedoms that we have ever faced. Once the corporate government machine […]

ArtOfZoo Update January 2018

January 27, 2018

Hi Gang, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. 2018, on we go. Welcome to all our new Members, and thanks to everyone uploading, and commenting, and blogging – it’s always great to see your new stuff 🙂 We’ve been very busy setting things up, making plans, troubleshooting. I’m busy working on the new Patrons Club, […]

Warning: Net Neutrality

January 27, 2018

Right now is the first time in human history that we are one people, connected, communicating, sharing ideas. Some of you are lucky enough to have been born in the internet era.  I was about 20 when it started taking off. Before the net, things were very different. Some of you older folks will remember those times. If you wanted […]

The Girls Say: starring Selena and Tabitha

January 23, 2018

“Selena feels the switch as Sam enjoys her vagina for the first time” Producer: ZDT Models: Selena, Tabitha with Sam Running Time: 25 Minutes Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods) Purchases remaining before release: 5* (*Click here to read about the Download Buffer) ZDT spoils us with another lovely Latin Lady experiencing that doggy initiation. In this episode, […]

Ride The Tiger: starring TigerLily

January 22, 2018

“TigerLily takes her petlove to a new level” Producer: ILZ Models: TigerLily with Animal Running Time: 35 Minutes Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods) Purchases remaining before release: 6* (*Click here to read about the Download Buffer)   Greetings Petfans, presenting the second installment in the training of TigerLily. TigerLily is such a sweet and kind-hearted soul. A […]

A Merry Animal Sex Christmas!

December 25, 2017

  Well folks, it is Christmas again! I hope you are all in a suitably Yuletide spirit. Just a Christmas quickie this year. Not being religious, not being particularly family orientated, and being a workaholic, I am somewhat of a Scrooge unfortunately (case in point, blogging on Christmas Day). For the most part special days and holidays go unnoticed. However, […]

ArtOfZoo Update December 2017

December 11, 2017

Hi All 🙂 well we finally got the server upgrade out of the way. And just in time too, the previous server was struggling.  You know, this is the 3rd server we have had since starting the new site. I guess you folks are just plain getting busy with your petfun 😉 The site is already running a bit faster, […]

Smooth Ride: starring Kana

December 11, 2017

“Kana’s sweet blossom makes Animal cum like a dream” Producer: ILZ Models: Kana with Animal Running Time: 45 Minutes Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods) Movie Released and Available Now!* (* Please allow time for editing and processing)   Continuing with our Asian theme – introducing the lovely Kana. When ILZ presented Kana for doggy consideration, I was […]

Playtime: starring Mariana

December 11, 2017

“Young Latina Mariana experiences her first dog mating” Producer: ZDT Models: Mariana with Sam Running Time: 18 Minutes Price: 100 Euros (discounts for various payment methods) Movie Released and Available Now!* (* Please allow time for editing and processing)   This movie was originally released in our previous Platinum Club. We have regular requests from Members asking if this movie […]

The Law of the Jungle

December 11, 2017

If you have read or seen The Jungle Book, you will be familiar with the Law of the Jungle (aka the Law of the Wolves)… “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack” “NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky, And the […]

Bitcoin: An Appeal on Behalf of the Animal Sex Industry

December 8, 2017

Folks, I am extremely happy to see that many Members have made the leap to using Bitcoin. Many, but not all. I am hoping to usher some of you sticklers in the right direction. Some of us have hobbies and interests. Part of having a hobby or interest, is learning to use the appropriate tools needed for that interest. If […]

ArtOfZoo Update November 2017

November 19, 2017

Hey Everyone 🙂 sorry it’s taken so long to jump on with some updates, launching a network like this generates a bit of work. I can see how that half a million dollars might come in handy when setting up your social network. We have only a handful of dollars, and a handful of good men to make this happen. […]

What’s Next?

October 10, 2017

Right Gang 🙂 the ‘soft launch’ is about over. We opened the doors – no major problems or issues thankfully. We dealt with the server speed issue. We’ve already verified our first new bunch of Members. We’ve already kicked off our first new batch of assholes. The Movie Club is open for business. Aoz V.2 is now afloat, and we […]

Gaia Angels: Supporting Our Network

October 6, 2017

Hello 🙂 you are reading this page, so there is a good possibility that you are one of the righteous few who fight for what you believe in. Our Gaia Angels. For that, we salute you. So Gang, like our old site Zooskool, I want to keep our community a free resource for petlovers around the world. Not everyone has […]

TigerLily’s First Dance: starring TigerLily

October 6, 2017

“Asian babe TigerLily learns how to pleasure a big dog the right way” Producer: ILZ Models: TigerLily with Animal Running Time: 40 Minutes Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods) Movie Released and Available Now!* (* Please allow time for editing and processing) Well Gang, many of you will remember the GloryQuest / MAD videos, with the Japanese Ladies. […]

Meet Alma: starring Alma

October 6, 2017

“Alma’s hot pussy receives her first doggy sex injection”   Producer: ZDT Models: Alma with Sam Running Time: 31 Minutes Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods) Movie Released and Available Now!* (* Please allow time for editing and processing) Our first movie release on the new site! 🙂 Alma is an attractive mature Lady from Mexico. As we […]

First Steps

October 1, 2017

Hello Ladies and Gents, it’s great to see everyone on the new site. Old faces, new faces. We had opened quite quietly so as to not encourage a mad rush, in case there were any issues with the new system. Well, 300 new registered Members in the first 5 minutes… plus all the already registered Folks turning up too… I […]

What’s New at ArtOfZoo?

September 21, 2017

We have a lot of fun things for you to play with on the new site: MEMBER AREAS Activity Wall Keep friends and Members up to date with your adventures, post comments and text, images, videos and more Member Profiles Complete your profile, let other Members know a bit about you, and let local Members search for your profile Member […]

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