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    I wanna a girlfriend for this! 😍


    Kapitel 2

    Wir waren wieder im Wohnzimmer, ich lag brav auf meinem Platz. Immer noch hatte ich das nasse Höschen an und Rex lag unter dem Esstisch. Sichtlich erschöpft und glücklich. Ich lächelte bei ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

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    • Translated using Google Translate with appropriate security measures.
      Chapter 2

      We were back in the living room, I was good on my seat. I was still wearing the wet panties and Rex was under the dining table. Visibly exhausted and happy. I smiled at the thought that I was responsible for his mood.

      It was late and I was a little sad that my two boys didn’t want to do anything with me today.

      My master got up from the bench and passed me. He went to the kitchen in tight shorts and a T-shirt. I saw exactly how his penis was in the shorts, I didn’t want to look, but something caught my eye. Maybe it was the excitement that didn’t let me go. Just the joy I had with Rex. Just don’t let me stop hoping we’ll do something right away.

      On the other hand, I noticed exactly how my master stared at me greedily again and again, so why shouldn’t I do it right away.

      “Take off your panties and bring it to me. There will be dinner when you are with me. ”My master called to me from the kitchen.

      I followed his command and Rex was already on board.

      I slipped my underwear over my legs and put it in my mouth.

      I tasted the wet and myself. It smelled of Rex and again I felt my desire to cook up.

      So I crawled into the kitchen, where my dinner was already waiting for me in a bowl. I really tried, sounds stupid but eating from a bowl is really difficult.

      So we agreed that I can eat normally at the table. Rex was a beggar as you would imagine. His head long on my thighs and slight whimpering came out from under the table. It was totally sweet and feeling his warm breath on my skin was like a gentle caress. I got goose bumps and couldn’t stop smiling when my master looks at me with a big grin.

      “Open your legs!” He said to me. As promised, I followed every command, including those.

      When I opened my thighs, Rex raised his head and lay in the chair. Still whining softly, now I felt his breath between my legs.

      I forgot to eat, every exhalation made me whimper slightly.

      Now I wanted to feel more, I would have loved to offer myself immediately to all four in front of him. But I didn’t know if he wanted me or just the food on the table.

      So I have to do something about the feeling myself, and I put my hand between Rex’s nose and my intimate zone.

      I touched my wet nose and immediately Rex licked my fingers.

      So I started stroking myself and the big tongue followed my every touch.

      It wasn’t long before Rex took the lead, I didn’t have to do anything else and he started exploring me with his tongue.

      I flinched when he touched me where I loved it.

      I closed my eyes and a slightly purring: “Mmmmm” was the only thing I could say.

      When I pushed my pelvis forward so that Rex had more of me to lick, our owner got up.

      “So you two, had enough fun for today. You have eaten and it is time for bed! ”He said.

      “No not yet. Please ?! ”I whimpered at him.

      With a serious look I heard: “I said end for today. We go to bed! Rex come! ”

      Rex read from me and immediately followed him. I felt bad, I was his bitch. So I would have to follow every command. At the same time, I was so wet, thanks to Rex, and was still shaking with excitement.

      I followed the two men up on all fours.

      Arrived in the bedroom there was a large double bed in the middle of the room. Across from the foot end was a huge dark wooden cabinet that left enough space for someone to go between the bed and the cabinet.

      On the side of the door, the chimney shaft left enough space to the corner of the room so that there could be a cozy dog ​​pillow.

      On the other side of the room was a woven dog basket with a colorful pillow in it.

      “Dogs don’t sleep in bed, so choose a place,” said master to us.

      Rex was already gone in the basket, he just knows the daily routine.

      I was happy and sad at the same time. At home my Wauzi always slept in bed with me, but sharing a large pillow with Rex would have been very uncomfortable. After all, my dog ​​already needs most of my bed.

      The night was calm, I wanted to sleep, but the excitement of what would happen kept me awake. The whole room was shrouded in the light of the moon. My eyes were fixed on the bed where my master slept. I didn’t believe what I saw, something moved under the covers. Herrchen’s hand moved and started playing around with him. Did he know I was watching him? He didn’t stop. I watched him enjoy himself and wanted nothing more than to help him. Something got bigger and bigger under the covers!

      I bit my lip and wanted to remedy my lust, but can I? As if he heard me, he stopped. My master sat up, turned to me and let his legs dangle. He brushed the blanket away from me, I saw all his hardness. His cock waved slightly, as if he wanted to lure me to him. I would have preferred to sit down on him immediately, but Herrchen had other plans.

      “Come here and help your master!” He ordered me.

      I didn’t let myself be asked again and crawled towards him.

      The smell of masculinity mixed with sweat, a little intense but still it sparks my desire!

      Every sucking makes him plumper and plumper. The feeling in my mouth was pure pleasure, but I wanted more. Much more! My master was pleased with what I was doing, but he forced himself to hold it back.

      “I need more than that and how I see you too. Rex come here and help your bitch! ”

      Rex jumps up and happily runs around the bed to my butt.

      His cold, wet nose made me twitch for a moment. But when he started licking me I pushed myself lightly towards him.

      “You don’t have to spoil her, your bitch is in heat and willing. It belongs to you, take it from you. Mate with your bitch. Los Hop! ”Master clapped my buttocks.

      Rex understood it and climbed me with ease. One of my favorite feelings is when he searches for my lust with the little tip. The light bumps against my bottom made me instinctively raise my pelvis. I led him to his destination with slight movements, and then I felt his thrusts. Hard, intense, painful, but totally lustful!

      He was immediately deep in me, and grew taller. Rex penetrated all of me and tied me to his cock with his paws.

      I forgot to spoil my owner because the feeling of Rex strength totally overwhelmed me. But his hand pressed me again on his bulging acorn. Rex calmed down and got stuck in me.

      “His knot ties you to your males. You will now be fully injected until you pass over! I see how you missed. I love to see…. ”Groaning, he stopped talking.

      I felt my mouth get flooded. My master pressed me on his exploding cock again and I had to cough. All the sperm burned in my throat and I tried to hold my breath as long as possible.

      But Rex was on my back. The warm fur on me and its thick knot in me made me hover in seventh heaven.

      Rex tried to turn and I jumped to his knot. In order not to lose him and so that he did not pull out, I pressed his firm knot with my index and middle finger.

      Only the beginning of his knot was so huge.

      I wanted to be stuck between my two boys forever. This feeling when both pulsate slightly and the salty taste, plus the warmth of both. My heart jumped for joy. Unfortunately all good things had to end, so my master leaned back with a relieved gasp. His penis went limp and I released him. His sperm was thick and much more than before. I swallowed everything and stroked my lips to clean myself a little.

      “Looks like Rex needs something else. You two will go to sleep a little later. How does it feel when your dog ties you up like this? ”He asked me with a big grin.

      “So GOOD!” I couldn’t get any more out of this excitement.

      It took several minutes and Rex kept trying to get away from me. I flinched a little with every movement and Herrchen ordered him to stop.

      His knot began to shrink and I slowly let it slide out of me. His knot had to go through my fingers too. I wanted to feel how big it was. Even a little smaller, he was still so big, and with a loud “blub” he completely detached himself from me.

      Rex pulled back to clean himself, but I could hardly move. Leaning my head on the bed and breathing deeply, I try to find strength to move again.

      Master stroked my hair and said: “You should sleep, tomorrow will be a great day. We will go for a walk and I have another surprise for you. ”

      I look at him and bite my lip. What did he mean? What a surprise?

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    How does a dog live?

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