(BITTE BEACHTEN SIE: Dies ist eine Theorie – aber es ist eine logische Theorie. Wenn Mitglieder weitere Informationen zu diesem Phänomen haben, lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen!)

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    • Translated using Google Translate with appropriate security precautions.
      Dog sex as birth control?

      (PLEASE NOTE: This is a theory – but it is a logical theory. If members have more information about this phenomenon, please let us know!)

      1) Dog sperm is faster and stronger than human sperm.

      – A dog’s uterine track is much longer and harder than that of a woman. Therefore, the dog sperm must be more robust.

      2) Dog sperm can live in a woman for 9 days.

      – Even if her cervix is ​​not mature and open to sperm, the shape and pressure of the dog’s cock pushes most of the semen into the woman’s uterus. Because of this, some women claim to feel the “heat” of dog sperm. It is actually the cramp you feel when your uterus is inflated. This alone can cause your period to start the next or second day.

      3) Human sperm only lasts 3 days.

      Human sperm only reaches the cervix when the woman is ready to breed. Otherwise, it will fall out of her vagina in the next day or two.

      4) If she ovulates during these 9 days, the dog’s sperm will penetrate and fertilize her egg.

      – Yes, technically speaking, the dog’s sperm penetrates the cell wall of the egg.

      5) Since the chromosomes do not match, their egg dies shortly afterwards.

      – That’s right, for a short moment she will be pregnant with her offspring.

      – In fact, your egg is still releasing some pregnancy hormones. For this reason, some women even report pregnancy symptoms:

      Sore genitals

      Tender breasts,

      even morning sickness.

      6) Leave them unfertile for the rest of their cycle.

      – Women normally only ovulate one egg per cycle. With the amount of dog sperm there is no risk if a second or third egg is released.

      7) This is it!

      You can google “Can a woman get pregnant from a dog” and then go to the first Web MD article. Tell your friends!

    • Kommt jemand zufällig aus der gegen von Köln/ Bonn/Euskirchen? Oder sind generell deutsche hier? Wenn ja könnt ihr mich sehr gerne adden😊 Würde es klasse finden mich mal endlich mit anderen zu Unterhalten über unsere geheime Phantasie.

    • hmmm macht neugierig

    • I think ILikesToWatch did a rough translation in the comments section 🙂

    • Klingt interessant !
      Sowas wird wohl nicht per Studie verifiziert zu sein ?

    • Das ist sowohl unfassbar geil, als auch durchaus eine logische Fantasie. Diese Vorstellung, wie die Spermien des Hundes in die Eier eindringen…so unfassbar geil.

    • Mich würde interessieren wie es umgekehrt aussieht, von Mann zu Hündin.

    • Nein, klingt schön, ist aber absoluter Quatsch. Hundespermien können die Zellwand der menschlichen Eizelle *nicht* überwinden! Das Ei ist mit “Fertilizin” geschützt, die Spermien benötigen das passende “Antifertilizin”. Es findet *keine* Befruchtung / Durchbrechen der Und das der Mädels passt nur zu unserem. Der Rest mag stimmen, gerade das Aufpumpen, jeder, der ein wenig Ahnung von Hydraulik hat, kann das nachvollziehen. Aber als Empfängnisverhütung auf Deckung durch den Hund zu vertrauen – Leute, bloß nicht! Wenn die Damen danach Blutungen bekommen, dann kann das ganz andere als periodisch wiederkehrende Gründe haben, das Ei ist auch nicht “besetzt”. Zum Beispiel durch den doch sehr brutalen Akt kann es zu intrauterinen Blutungen kommen, z.T. ist auch der Hundepenis selbst verletzt. Spermienkonkurrenz (Killerspermien) und generell ungewohntes Milieu in der Vagina helfen vielleicht als Kontrazeptivum.
      Auch “wunde Genitalien” und meinetwegen “empfindliche Brüste” lassen sich auf den eigentlichen Akt der Penetration / empfundene Lust zurückführen, und Unwohlsein am Morgen? Nach einer durchnagelten Nacht mit einer Dame habe selbst ich als Mann das manchmal…
      Also, schöne Phantasie, aber eben nur das…

      • As far as I can see, fertilizin and antifertilizin are just the proteins that cause the sperm to adhere to the egg. There’s not much data on whether a sperm could trigger an egg without adhering. You can still fire your gun if you let go of the ledge. I’d want to see hard data and testing done on this before assuming. It does happen, ligers, etc, just rarely. Then, things shagging other things is a fairly rare occurrence to begin with. Occasional interspecies breeding between various neighbouring animal groups, producing genetically different offspring that were capable of reproducing, is as plausible an explanation for evolution as Darwin’s idea of things magically changing into other things.

      • Das ist plausibel. Hätte mich auch stark gewundert wenn es anders gewesen wäre.👍

    • geht es nu oder nicht mit den schwnger werden

    • Though I can only speculate without facts backing my claim, I believe that human/canine reproduction is possible to a certain degree. It seems most agree that the sperm can reach an egg for fertilization, but there’s a discrepancy over whether the sperm can penetrate the egg’s wall. Granted, it sounds logical that the egg would have barriers to prevent conception with another specie’s sperm. But think about this. If these chemicals in the egg’s cell wall help prevent sperm from entering the egg as a preventive measure, than why is there also another preventive measure with having a different number of chromosomes? It seems that the preventive chemicals in the egg’s wall is not the only preventive measure because it can fail. Considering that their are millions of sperm cells fighting to penetrate one egg, it would make sense if those preventive chemicals were to become depleted enough for just one sperm to break though since there is another safe guard in place. Once the sperm has penetrated the egg there is conception and pregnancy even though there are more steps involved. Once the sperm is inside the egg it finds it’s nucleus, and both the nucleus of the sperm and that of the egg fuse together. It’s during this phase that the chromosomes try to line up. Since there is a difference in the number of genes, it dies. (death, meaning it wouldn’t exist without life, and meaning that a human and a canine had created life, together in sexual reproduction)

  • “Woman gives birth to puppies in Western Cape after having sex with their family dog.”

    The story was published on DJ Jazzy D’s website in 2017, and has so far racked up more than 3,200 Facebook shares.

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  • (With Google translated from German) 7-8 years ago it happened exactly like this. At that time there was still a beast forum and AoZ was called zooskool.
    I heard that there are women who love sex with animals a long time ago.
    It should take a few more years before I buy my own dog. It was a German shepherd named Arco. I invested a lot of time…[Read more]

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