Zoofilia Brasil: Encontrei Minha Verdadeira Cadela
    Olá a todos da Art Of Zoo e apaixonados por Zoofilia, e todos os amigos no Brasil que estão interessados em zoofilia! Eu acompanho a comunidade a mu

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      Zoofilia Brasil: I Found My Real Bitch

      Hello to everyone at Art Of Zoo and passionate about Zoophilia, and all the friends in Brazil who are interested in Zoophilia! I have followed the community for many years, but always anonymously, many times the desire to create a profile and interact with everyone, even though I already had a good experience with Dogs (yes in capital letters because they are ours) Reis) was too big, it still felt like something was missing.

      Yes I was right! I lacked My Bitch, the woman of my dreams who would enjoy the same desires and pleasures as I did.

      For a long time I was searching the Internet for my Perfect Woman, she should love zoophilia as much as I do, be totally submissive and commanded by the Dogs (and yes she should humble herself before her boyfriend and King canine). But I never found her on any website, on the contrary I came across many “men” posing as women (I know that in fact they were looking for the same as me, I can’t judge them).

      Then one day in a conversation with a hitherto friend and practically my neighbor next door, the subject of Zoophilia came up, I was so euphoric that I don’t even remember exactly what I said, but I ended up sending a picture of a Hentai with Dog, and at that time my friends I shivered, I didn’t know how she would react. And she returned the message to me:

      “-Aaah you were talking about zoophilia, now I understand ksksks I know what it is, I already watched it”

      I was very unresponsive, I didn’t even know what to say now kkkkk ’. But the conversation followed the path of Zoophilia until I confessed to her everything, that yes I love zoophilia, I love Dogs, I already had sex with them. After I wrote this and sent it to her by message I thought “ready the day today I will kill myself” (kkkk credo today I laugh about it but that day I didn’t even know how to do anything but shake).

      Now this time I didn’t even want to read her reply message anymore, I blocked the screen of my cell phone so as not to take spoilers because I knew that anything could come, debauchery, amazement, disgust, or even expose myself to everyone and behold, my cell phone gives the signal of the received message, I never trembled so much, I took a deep breath I took courage and went to read and there it was:

      “-Awwn how cute, adoreii I would also love to have a zoophilia life like that * – *”

      Now really I was 10000x more without a reaction “FUCK THAT MINE IS TAKING OUT WITH MY FACE ONLY IT CAN” and the conversation continued and she said things she would like to do and whore she gave birth she was describing the woman I always dreamed of with the life I I always wanted to have.

      But yes the BIG DAY arrived I did find the Dog of My Life and I promised to love her forever, to treat her like a Queen she is. It has now been 4 months that we are together and she is in the training phase and we are waiting for our beautiful collars that we chose and bought together (photo below), we will share our stories here with all of you.

      The dogs are always in charge here at home and at us, they with all the comforts of home and we turn around on the floor serving them with all obedience.

      “If you are looking for your dog too, I wish you all the luck in the world, as much as I did, maybe she is right there for you. Just don’t give up! Kisses and hugs to all. Giih & Taiih ♥ ”

    • muito obrigado pela sua historia e muito boa e parabens

    • Felicitaciones amigo

    • Parabens cara, voce tem sorte, dificil achar uma brasileira assim

    • uma verdadeira história com final feliz parabéns

    • Olá…sou iniciante no site. Procuro mulher zoofílica no Brasil, Estado RS, para troca de ideias e experiências.

    • Olá sou de mg procuro por casais e mulheres que praticam zoo

    • I woulod like enjoy zoosex farm, where I can?

    • Oi!!

    • Que maravilha, sonho de todo macho de vdd, alguma ou algum praticamte afim de conversar

    • Ola, tudo bem?

    • parabens ,tenho 18 anos e sou de minas gerais proximo a sao paulo, to na mesma que voce no começo,procurando alguma mulher que goste de zoo

    • Muito bacana a historia.. sou de sp, gostaria muito de encontrar pessoas de qualquer lugar que gostam desse mundo pra compartilhar historias e experiências e, qm sabe um dia, algo real!! Parabens ao casal!!
      Se alguem quiser bater um papo, chama ae

    • estou procurando uma mulher que realmente queira se casar e seja praticante de zoof, sou uma pessoa muito bem estabelecida , posso dar de tudo a uma pessoa, além de muito amor e carinho,,, mas quero uma mulher real que realmente seja praticante e queira algo serio,

    • Que legal!
      Um sonho encontrar uma mulher assim.
      Sou um fetichista nato e adoro muitas brincadeiras sexuais.
      Procuro mulher que curta coisas como eu.
      Alguém? rsrs

    • Bardzo ładnie opisane…………………….

    • Olá sou da Praia Grande- São Paulo
      Procuro por mulher no litoral, sou um proprietário e Dominador.

    • queria eu encontrar alguém em BSB assim cara, parabéns pelo final feliz!

    • Ola pessoal sou do Brasil em buscas de novos amigos, fiquem a vontade em me adicionar!

    • sou do rs poa brasil Rio Grande do sul amo zoo homen solteiro praticante cm cão

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