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    Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, like or comment on my blog.
    I honestly expected to get a lot of hate for it, since some people definitely won’t have liked what I said.
    But I’m happy to say that I was wrong.
    Thank you all!


    Among other people in a certain country, which for many reasons it will be prudent to refrain from mentioning, and to which I will assign no fictitious name, on a day and date which I need not trouble

    • What an interesting reading and an useful guide. Love it.💋

      100% fill in profile because I do check profile and wall before I reply back to people and just age information is so boring.

    • Fantastic blog! I heartily agree with the advice… I’ve been extremely fortunate in the people I’ve met here. It does happen, you may find your unicorn. Just remember shes an elusive creature and a treasure – treat her as such ❤🦄
      xxx Bella Bitch

    • Here is the problem for guys as I see it. Foremost u have to look urself in the mirror and be truthful about the person u are. Most guys can’t do it. Most come to the site with the belief that because they own a dog then the women here will automatically drop to all fours. First is the girls looking for an experience or a potential relationship? Either way it’s coming down to the guy, are u pushy, arrogant and just down right creepy. If ur this guy then ur not going to find either girl. This works the same as any vanilla dating. Bottom line is a guy gotta know who he is b4 he can find either type of girl.

    • Your 2 questions are correct but there is one thing that unites them: you need your dog.
      When you meet a woman and you want introduce her into our “wonderful world”, it is important to see her reaction with your dog, in my opinion it requires a lot of times, years, but one step can be leave your dog sniff her but you have to be careful.
      Second option is more simple, you don’t have to introduce her but you need a dog for convince her to give you a chance, and of course you have to be yourself.

    • Good advice for lady dog lovers or ladies who love dogs as part of their life. I love dogs, ladies and ladies with dogs!

    • you missed out a few things, but excellent read though.

      when you’re trying to find some one online, remember its virtual and trust is going to take even longer to build.

      Don’t get frustrated soon and don’t ever ask for nudes, you may come up with fakes but its a fact that you can’t really tell if the girl you’re chatting with is not a girl in reality.

      talk, talk and talk a lot, women love to talk, they like love, compassion, dedication, sometimes they may test you to see your sincerity don’t jump up and down if she is making you go crazy , we have been doing this for ages even before the internet era

      if she is here, chances are she likes animals sexually so its not that you have to introduce them, they already are interested

      you have to find her to love her for who she is, not because she will be a good bitch for your dog

    • This is a Very to the point and accurate blog @Garnamel.
      WE all want to trust people in life and whether you can express your true intent and type of life/ pet life you want to share with a female is 100% on yourself. The way you express yourself here and when you meet is critical. You have to be honest, if you want something to actually happen. Everyone is different and you are not going to find a perfect match, not 100% in life. Whether you’re new here or experienced, your honesty builds the Trust thats needed to have a long relationship. Don’t cheat or Lie ! Don’t be a fake or a pic collector that Cum’s and goes from the community.
      I’m upfront , casual, and truthful. I am not into drama or fetishes. I’m not saying make yourself vulnerable to fakes, gold diggers, users or non pet lovers. Try to have a plan and follow through with it. The rewards can be a fantastic life with a knotty girl. I believe most of us want to Live the lifestyle without drama and when possible try to connect with other nice pet people along the way. You can share with a friend that could grow into a lasting relationship. Most importantly, you both need to be on the same page! TALK about everything that both of you want in the relationship, sometimes it means being a little flexible. There needs to be a balance / give and take from both. People do change some over time. If there is a common goal you have a chance to make a relationship work out. The goal is for you and her to be happy and enjoy this life together.

    • Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for writing this.

      You took advantage of option 3: Write something that puts your thoughts and feelings out there. She may read it, see you are different and come to you!

      Good luck on your search.

    • I’ve been lurking here for quite awhile, and still have not met Anyone , let alone my prince! This is an awkward situation, and as a female I’m curious how to connect as well .

    • Thank you for this post. Its not easy, but ‘she’ is worth it…

    • Luck!! I would have to agree with that.

      My current relationship started a few years ago after knowing her for several more. Luckily for us we knew each other before dating and we were very communicative about the things that interested us. With a solid relationship established we finally got a dog and about 2 months ago she was knotted for the first time. It only continues to get better.

      Good luck to you all.

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    Truly beautiful

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