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    i love this site so much, i have been into animal stories and videos for 6 years now. I think is very fun to watch a girl that shows how good she feels on camera. the first few times i started watching i was nervous but i still get a sensual sensation i couldnt explain, but as i wacth more, the more i realize it was an escape from my daily routines. when i got use to it, i started watching very closely and i notice i would get adrenaline rushing to my body, normally in places i usually dont feel a thing. i realize that i would get a bit excited and it made my life better, not only would is sleep better but i would clear mind , i didnt get any mixed emotions, i understood it and i learned alot of my sexuality and the sexuality of others. its so different that it makes me have more self control now, i felt less anxiety and luckily i no longer get any more, and thats excellent. If anything i notice, this is not an addiction, this is not a simple entertainment forum, when you come here you come to find a part of you that you didnt know you had. if no cirmustance do i support any abuse or any violence or any bad activity that harms. so as far as i know, if you feel detached then you feel the love, the sensuality, the grip of ecstacy, FREEDOM and the understanding of that means to know yourself COMPLETELY AS ONE. What i find interesting is this, and i know for alot of people its hard to explain because most people dont give it a deep good thought, we live in a imperfect world, we are imperfect in many ways, the action in camera has nothing to do with how the external fake enviroment plays a role: Imagine this ” you are A superhero, right, so, you are yourpowerful self, the being we all suppose to be, the being we are not beause of a higher vibration knwoledge of the self, wich is all that we are made of (qualities of strenght ex: love ,compassion, and EMPATHY) WICH IS part of what plays a role of who we are, and what we want to become, the powerful self, the self, complete of sensuality, pleasure and intelligence. Ultimately what we do to our sexuality is this world is a reflection of what we are cappable of, if its possible IT would be the Final Fantasy everyone has ever dreamed of, a perfect life and unlimited energy to experience RAW SEX AND RAW exctasy. SO yes, watching reminds me who iam and also that we are not only animals and cappable of much more. power sex and gold, the ultimate way of life. everything is a piece of our nature 😉

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