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    Very cool

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  • This story was told to me by a very good friend. It happened in 1985, in the city of N, in an area where private houses stood at that time. Now there are new buildings. I’ll start with the story of the main


    Я Жанна. Возраст уже давно превышает возраст совершеннолетия, и можно только добавить, что я живу с родителями.

    Все было, наверное, как у всех. Я хотела секса, и из-за непопулярн

    • Lovely story with wonderful sexy k9 movement with yummy details. Really nice💋💋

      Another lovely AoZ writer and look forward to see more blogs

      Lady x 💋


      What I’m crazy about

      I’m Jeanne. Age has long exceeded the age of majority, and one can only add that I live with my parents.

      It was probably like everyone else’s. I wanted sex, and because of the unpopularity of the guys and low self-esteem decided to look for other ways to please. Masturbation is still not the same. Then I started fantasizing about animals because they fuck well and don’t tell anyone. Everything remained a fantasy, trying to talk to my mother about buying a dog without advertising because of shyness. I was saddened by my isolation.

      It’s been about three years. And so she brought him. A huge golden Labrador. No longer a puppy, but not an old one. How happy I was the day I lay on the bed and thought about how to teach him how to mate with me in the absence of his parents. I remembered all the articles about it, about training of the smells, which should be smeared on their own, etc. The next morning an amazing thing happened. I went to the kitchen for breakfast, the whole family sat there with Shake (so later called the dog). He happened to come up to me and started jumping, clinging to both legs, hugging and moving his dick on the calves. My father laughed, as did my mother. Then they dragged him away, scolded him, and said it was wrong.

      Shake kept jumping on me every day when he saw me. At least once a day he’d jump. My parents scolded him and asked me why I wasn’t scolding myself. I used to say that he was a stupid dog and didn’t understand, but I couldn’t use force because I was pretty thin, weak, and not that character. The fact is that after reading articles on the Internet about huge nodes and ligaments became scary, because of what I constantly postponed for later, scaring myself from trying to surrender.

      A couple of years of such torment have passed. But the tinge remained and grew. Every day there was a grain of courage. The dog jumped no more than once a week, although it is not clear why it did not stop at all. I’ve made up my mind. I thought I’d do it in the ass because I was afraid of losing my virginity. All these two years I periodically trained the second entrance, putting different items, was afraid that during sex I was torn into the cracks. It’s a long and different story. So, I waited for my parents to go out of town for the weekend. Only Shake and I stayed in the apartment. Fully confident in my abilities and only underpants, I approached the dog, having previously developed and smeared the anal, as it should be, he began to jump, to try to knock me down.

      I was wildly led to stand on all fours, to lower my panties so that the entrance to my pussy was not available, and the ass remained. I didn’t take into account one thing that it’s too heavy, and now it’s impossible to get out of it. Then the first pain came from the fact that clutching the waist, the claws scratched me, and more so, scratched my ass. Unbelievable, I wanted to throw it away, but I couldn’t. Then my crotch began to feel the tremors of something sharp, even stabbing. I thought his dick was smaller than expected and started on this impulse to sit down anal. The sooner he comes, the sooner he will come out, I thought. Inside, the penis instantly increased and rested on the wall. It was a hell of a pain, drowning out the pain of scratching.

      My mouth automatically opened, my eyes almost jumped out of my head, and I twitched sharply forward to get him out of me. But the paws held, and the pace of sex was too fast. His drool fell on my back and flowed down to the floor. How I hummed my first time. The mating lasted less than a minute as Shake stopped holding, lying on top, and holding its paws for about 15 seconds. When he came down, I ran to the bathroom, washing everything off and feeling very depressed. The dog’s sperm was running through his legs with a jet, it was worth straining. And he stood and waited on the other side of the door. Which was very scary.

      Two months after that incident, I didn’t even walk around Neck, remembering how he bent me under me, how he beat me. It was dry. My parents did not notice anything in changing the behavior of the dog, as I began to periodically drive it away and the frequency of jumping again was no more than once a week. I thought I’d push away all thoughts until they came up with a new wave with my parents going on vacation.

      I decided that I would take all the mistakes into account and put on a sweater. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, I stuck my fingers in my ass and stretched, wider and wider. Cowards also closed the entrance to the vagina. I liked the stealth of something bad, taboo. But what surprised me most about my memories was the lack of a hitch and knot. As I later learned from the videos I made, the penis is very long, and the knot at the base remains outside, although the headrests are resting against the wall. After all the procedures I went to him again through the excitement. A thrilling sense of taboo was raging in my head.

      He bent, inserted, shouted, finished, took out. But I wanted more. I walked around the room on all fours until he took a break and started staring again. And again. And again. I thought my ass looked like the bottom of a bottle. I didn’t feel any pain after the first two runs. Only sliding, having an object. It was nice to give him pleasure. There were five visits in total (as well as all subsequent times of our sex). Then I get up, and on my feet from the hole flowed a transparent yellowish sperm. As I approached the door, I was followed by a trail of puddles of semen on the floor. At least half a liter he poured into me. That thought made me masturbate like the last time. Then there were the troubles again. As soon as I got out of the shower, the dog started trying to knock me down again, no matter how I swore. It was like crazy.

      I ran away from him around the apartment, eventually managing to lock the rapist in my parents’ room. I felt bitter, how scared it was to be a mad maniac when I didn’t want to. There were thoughts of telling my mother to take him to be castrated because he no longer perceived me as a person. Two more weeks with this monster. On the second day, I let him out of the room with the certainty that everything was forgotten. Of course not. After he fucked me, I became his bitch. Realizing this thought, tears rolled. After a while that day, from the impotence of the situation, I again came up with the entrance, went and gave it to him. He also struggled with five walkers, the same amount of sperm. But this time I pulled it all out of my hand on the floor. After all, it is easier to wipe with a mop in one place.

      Shake learned not to scratch me all the time, I was only bothered by drooling all over my back and neck and bad breath. The most important thing that was noticed – after in the morning – the dog does not jump on me all day. The mood was strange. I realized the dream, I was drawn by a dog, I learned to manage it, if I may say so. But knowing that I was his bitch is very strange because I was after sex all the time. When my parents arrived, there was a timetable. At 5 a.m., I wake up when my parents are asleep, and I lean under the dog for 40 minutes. Every day. All that day he behaved calmly, did not jump, and constantly sat next to me in the living room or the kitchen, not letting anyone in. On the street he does not let men near me.

      I’ve been living this way for about three years. I’ve already met a guy. It’s time to give my dog a girl’s mink. That’s when the castle happened. The penis was very swollen and with all the excruciating attempts to get out of the knot was impossible. Ten minutes in this position seemed like an eternity and the fear that parents would wake up and see it all grew. The experience failed three times. After all, the ass is faster, and it is important when the dog fucks you to keep the secret.

      During menstruation, I did not dare to look at myself in the interests of hygiene. I used to just jerk off to him, reaching out to the hand he was fucking. But what contributed to the writing of this story is the first today. Holding his hand as usual in the ring where he inserted the process, I was disgusted to see him in the face, but still, I have long wanted to do something like this and not retreat now? The penis had grown into my mouth from the beginning, pouring the lubricant. Shaking itself pulled me into my mouth, not letting me move. His dick tasted very salty, very nasty. He slid his tongue back and forth, back and forth. The drool flowed down my chin to the bed, where I was fucked for the first time. Back and forth, what a disgusting feeling. Even when he came, he didn’t stop. Sperm poured out of his mouth with saliva. It tasted disgusting, salty and sour. Even trying to breathe with my nose, I felt this disgusting taste. After the first time he went down – I ran with all the fools, closing the door to the room, so that the dog did not run after me, flew into the bathroom. I started spitting sperm, brushing my teeth, washing myself. Today I felt humiliated again, as I did for the first time, even though I had been his relaxing bitch for three years.

      And right now it turned out that in sex with dogs I tried to write everything as it is.

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