• Reading The girl i wish to be, I got curious about this product Eau ‘de Estrus sombe body have use it?
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    • Wanted to try it for a long time. Not easy to find a good supply. If I can find a good supplier, I have thoughts to create a Ladies perfume out of it, especially for Pet Ladies 😉

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    Never seen one of theme here in Panama

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  • Hola amifa, espero que si, hay otras historias en mi blog que te pueden gustar, besos

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  • Very intresting, thanks for sharing Kisses

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    is big¡¡¡

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    He migth smell your escence

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    • Yes Alexandra, my dog Mickey feels when I am fertile week he smells, when it happens I let him mate with me


    Estimados lectores, uniendo cabos dio como resultado otro relato relevante de mi vida que quiero compartir con ustedes, tal como lo que practico se volvió adictivo, descubrí que relatar estas ex ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

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    • Translated using Google Translate with appropriate security precautions.
      Dear readers, joining the dots resulted in another relevant story from my life that I want to share with you, just as what I practice became addictive, I discovered that relating these experiences becomes just as addictive, I did not know that I could write so much, this is related with the other stories so I suggest you read the others to understand better.

      This story relates in my university time, when Chamo was already reaching the end of his life, and mine was at the peak, I had separated from him wanting to live new experiences in my life, I do not remember exactly when was the last Once we were together, some weekends I would go to my parents’ house and take him for a walk in the park, but in reality it can be said that I had abandoned him, the rest of the time I dedicated myself to my social life between university, night of bars, clubs, trips, temporary jobs, my social life was also at its peak, I lived in an apartment shared with three other friends, I preferred this to get out of the control of my parents who lived in the same city of Panama. On the weekends, I also kept myself busy doing sports like volleyball, women’s flag football, cycling, treckking, swimming, camping, or other outdoor activities.

      Regarding my sexuality, I know perfectly well that Chamo was the culprit of my sexual beginning and my consequent active sexual life, without limitations, if I had not met him, surely he would have been a totally different person, raised under the concepts of moral Human, upon meeting him, my whole outlook on life changed and expanded.

      My social life was generally dedicated on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at night when we went out in the city with my friends, the outing together was to protect each other, not from men, but only from the louts, during this time there were several anecdotes and cases of which I will tell the most relevant that remain in my mind.

      An indecent proposal

      We used to visit the Sahara nightclub in Calle Uruguay, famous for its rock music, and live rock groups, it was frequented by foreigners, local people, girls who were going to have fun and girls who went to work at night, prostitutes, I. I liked to play pool, and talk with different people by the bar, on one occasion I had a good conversation with two boys who, were very extroverted, graduated and working engineers, between laughs and comments, the one talked more, the other alone. At one point, the one who would be the alpha with a big smile on her face supported her, she proposed to go with her friend to her apartment, I laughed out loud, and I started to go along with them, both of them? What am I ?, I shared between conversations with them and when I felt harassed I talked with my friends, and then again with the boys, the night continued to progress, it was also a resistance fight, which generally lasted until three in the morning, hence I know ban defining things, at times the alpha bit me with some incisive comments, in the end, by insistence, I said come on I’m already sleepy, but I’m going with you, and they behave like gentlemen, I don’t want strange things, at that time I had the tendency to go the risk route, I talked to my friends and told them that I was going home with them, we were already talking about various things in their car until we got to their apartment, I was super nervous but I didn’t show it, I I went in front of them and felt their gaze towards me, in the living room the alpha sat next to me and his friend in front and we continued talking, until while he spoke he gave me a kiss that silenced me, we began to kiss passionately, his friend he just looked, I think he could see my crotch under the dress, I opened them to ensure his vision, at one point he said come on, I said ok, he asked with him? to which I answered no, he took me to his room, I thought poor guy, I was in charge of closing the room with insurance, there I was taken by this man and fell asleep, I spent the night there, the next day early I took my things and I left, they didn’t even notice it.

      Another Indecent Proposal

      In the same Sahara nightclub, an American who was passing by, spoke to me, his Spanish was fluent, it was very interesting, he was there on business looking for properties, but he began to talk to me about how fascinated he was with the city and how beautiful it was. They are the women, with small clothes and tanned skin, nothing that can be seen in their city, but that is very temperamental, this made me laugh, while talking, he told me that he was going to stay until Sunday, suddenly he asked me how much My services would be to guide him, to take him somewhere to meet him, I laughed out loud, he turned red, both he and I knew he really wanted, I told my friends and all They laughed out loud and looked at him from head to toe, in my mind I said you were wrong as a service provider, in reality the confusion was possible since many prostitutes also frequented nightclubs looking for tourists, but I went along with it, this took it as or n challenge, I told him about some islands in the Caribbean but he needed a good car if he wanted to get there, he had already rented one, type two in the morning we started the trip, we were talking all the way in the middle of the jungle, the terrible road , but at dawn we were in front of the beach, after negotiating a boat that took us to one of the most distant islands as requested, where there was only a small hut where a family lived, as they had nothing more than what they had put on, I took off my clothes staying in my pants and bra so I got into the water, just like he did, my pants already wet allowed me to see everything through it, we began to play in the water, at times he touched his member carelessly he was a thousand, I hit the swords pretending carelessness, I knew he was crazy already, at times he caressed me for a few seconds waiting for my reaction, we ate, slept, walked on the beach, sunbathed, until night came, he was sure she wanted to kiss me, but still didn’t buy Endía what type of girl was or what was our treatment, type ten at night, we walked along the island on a beautiful starry night and the waves of the sea shining, as far as we could, each one carried a blanket, from the Bohío could hardly see its roof, the sound of the waves of the sea, in the end he sat down and I lay down, here in my two pieces I must have looked beautiful, not holding it anymore he gave me a passionate kiss, a Some time later, he went crazy, took out my shorts, took my buttocks, got up in the air and began to eat my little thing, I liked to see that scene from my perspective, so I reached my ecstasy until I finished, I moved my bodies, finally I was possessed under a blanket of stars to make me come a second time, at dawn, already in sunlight, it would be taken again in the same place, after returning to the city and saying goodbye, although the temptation was there and I almost decided to accept the pay, which would have changed my status r forever, I showed him that there was no need to pay me nor were we as temperamental as he thought.

      At your insistence

      He had a colleague from college, a chombo as we call him here, it was very fun, the class party, he always talked as a joke especially with women, he said that if I had a chance I would eat everything, that I could do with him what I wanted. I wanted, and things like that, what was fun was not attractive, it was tall, thick lips, big hands, and a belly of a good beer drinker, black skin, at some point when he was alone with me, he lust me and He spoke obscenities as a joke, not taken seriously, he was not my type at all, but one night when we all went out, after three in the morning he told me that he wanted to take me to my house, I stared at him, there I laughed again, and I thought inside I am going to give this poor man a chance, we got in his old Camry car and we left, he kept talking about inconsistencies on the road that made me laugh, more suddenly I alerted where we were, the Río Abajo neighborhood, we entered through a dark street, full of barracks and n we stopped you on a wooden one, I thought this is a mistake…. But we were already here, and that impulse of mine to follow the risks, to know what comes next…. He turned off the vehicle and opened the door for me, there was a dimly lit passage towards some stairs, more towards the end of the passage a group of men were talking and listening to music, when they saw him they greeted him and began to speak things that he did not understand, me behind my nerves on edge, my only salvation here was him, he started to climb the wooden stairs exaggeratedly slow, I wanted to push him to move, I felt like a baby servant behind his mother, I felt that he had a lamp on over my head that illuminated me all and made me visible for miles, finally we got to the upper floor, we passed two doors where the television light came out, until the third door opened, in the passage hanging clothes drying, voices were heard Elsewhere, laughter, music, it seemed that the people here did not sleep, finally we entered, a relief and rest came to me, more when I started to inspect the place, again the alert, an old and disorganized bed, l clothes line, two broken and curtainless windows, a dresser for falling full of things, and a small bedside table all worn, a great sound system and a television, nothing else, while leaving some things on the bedside table asked me if I wanted something , something? from where? I wondered internally, I stood by the door with my small wallet, and dressed in white lycra pants and a blue blouse, I only managed to say no, my nerves were on edge again, she gradually approached, she looked at me, he caressed my face, caressed my earrings, and kissed me, I felt faint, those thick lips, his big tongue, sucked me all over, I put my hands on his thick arms, he stuck himself a little more, I against the wall, we kissed for for a long time like this, his big hands held me by my hips, I felt his pansa pressing me that instead of being unpleasant, it gave him a somewhat erotic touch, suddenly he stopped for a moment and took off his shirt, to attacking me again, his hot body, in a quick movement, grabbed my buttocks and lifted me up, he began to eat my neck, my skin bristled, he was looking for the essence of my perfume, my hands on his huge shoulders, he could feel his member a thousand, had no escape, wait said, wait, but I do not He was listening, kissing us again, suddenly he put me back on the floor, and with his movements I knew he wanted me to kiss him, I started with his chest, he stroked my hair, I kissed one nipple, then I went to the other, I heard his belt unbuttoning, I went down little by little to her navel, I felt faint from the impression when I saw her beautiful member, which touched my body from time to time, was already crossing to a new border, she took it in her hand and passed it to me. the neck, my face, next to my ear, and he had no respect for me, he released her in front of me, I looked at her straight on for a few seconds and lodged her inside, what a delight, my mouth full, my tongue playing with his really voluminous member, enraptured in my task, he only caressed my head, after a while he had to stop me, and he lifted me up, again eating my mouth, unbuttoned my shirt and my bra, in weight he took me and he put me on his bed, he was already demonized, he stretched my lycra pants and my pants to his maximum capacity without any care leaving me totally naked, I closed the legs as a protection reflex, immediately he took me by the legs he took me to him leaving only my back on the edge of the bed, I held on to what I could, so he began to eat my little thing with fury, I was struck by the attraction that caused my sex to be devoured in this way, now I knew the difference between a mouth and a bemba, I am sure that any neighbor awake at that time could see this man devouring me through the open window, my legs rested on his shoulders, so if more a delicious orgasm began to take my body while it continued to devour me, exhausted after my spasms, I was deposited again in bed, I had it in front of me on top of me, I knew what was coming, and this frightened me, his member touched my still sensitive sex was shaking, little by little it was opening space, slowly, I grabbed his arms, trembling, breathing through his mouth, a little more slowly, he knew how to do it, my sex adapted to him little by little , the he looked at me, I dodged my gaze, then longer pumps, I felt every new centimeter inside, then longer pumps, it is true, they do it in a big way, I was admired of myself, of feeling how it entered deep and left me, that feeling of fullness, my sex was receiving it without problem, my little thing being punished to the maximum, what a feeling of total friction, it was all pleasure, a powerful orgasm was coming, my legs began to tremble all his member entered and left me in long pumps, I trembled like a leaf, what a brutal brutal orgasm, his pumps continued while I trembled with pleasure, until he also reached his ecstasy, he stayed inside me for a long time, what a tremendous fuck I thought, then he went to bed On one side, I fell asleep curled up by him like a daughter in his father’s arms, I woke up with the sunlight, to realize that I was being placed to be possessed again with the same intensity as before, after resting for a while I had to leave and at 10 AM on a Friday, I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I did not even think about asking for it, it was shared, what a novel, I felt the eyes of all the people who lived in that place, it seemed that the word had spread, me walking to his side avoiding the stares, in the end we left the site, we had several more encounters, I even thought about staying with him, however despite my advice, he preferred the bad way, and I stayed away from him.

      Returning to my other life, in this period of time I lost Chamo, his absence affected my mother and my father who was very fond of him and of course me, despite being accompanied and busy for the most part, I felt his empty in my life, my father also looked very sad, his excuse to leave home was no longer, I suggested to get another dog that over time I managed to convince them, was I fooling myself? Wasn’t it for me that I wanted to? I took this as a mission and investigated options, in the end for availability and price, I decided on a Rottweiler, one day I appeared at home they are a puppy, a lot of happiness at home, I left him there until two years or so, until Demons entered my head again, I needed to fill that void, that sadness that I had inside, I told my parents that I was going to take Rocky to the Beach, no questions back, ready in my Camry I went home , and we started the adventure, after being at home for a few minutes we left for Farallón beach, about two hours from Panama the one in the back seat of the car, on the way I looked at him in the rear-view mirror, and my mind thought, you are on crossing a new border, a different dog, is a virgin, he has no idea what to expect, we arrived at the cabins in the late afternoon, he had rented one for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, after settling in, without waiting any longer we went for a walk on the beach, I played with him, he ran and he would stop me, he would push him and he would run, he would reach me and bark at me, he would put his legs up on me, it was very heavy, that feeling of female already filled me, I felt sexy, excited, at one point I got into the water, he barked at me from the outside, the coward did not dare to get into the water, he noticed that people were afraid of him, actually I also felt a certain fear, I knew that this animal could destroy me if I wanted, I was relaxed, calm, happy, in the end We returned to the cabin walking, exhausted, I fed him, I ate something and we went to bed, he on the carpet and I in bed, I decided to start in the morning, the end he also climbed into bed, the waves of the sea it was heard in the distance, that’s how we fell asleep, at three in the morning I was tossing and turning, who could sleep like this, this possessed, I got up and undressed, I went to bed again approaching him, delicious to feel his hair on my skin , and I began to caress him by his belly, he was still lying down, after a while of caressing him I got up and the behind me, I lowered the mattress to the floor, I know that the previous play is important for them to warm up, I learned that with Chamo, so we started, naked I would get on my knees on the mattress hiding my face on it and covered by my hair, I would call him and laugh, he would look for my face with his paws in my hair, suddenly I would get up and try to catch him, to which he would run away and hide again, he would come back stealthily to look for me, for this time I could already feel my little thing warm and lubricated, I suppose that as it works for them, it also works for us females to get excited, then I pushed him a little and he stuck to me, he was big, the thing became more serious, he could Feeling his anxiety already, at one point, he tried to mount me for the first time, what emotion, a smile on my face, I stood up and leaned against the wall, he approached, I was afraid of his approach, his appearance caused fear, I felt helpless against this animal, I held back his breath while sniffing me, it was not difficult for him to find the essence of my woman’s scent, he gave a little taste that made my legs tremble, then another and another in sequence, that rough tongue was already wreaking havoc on me, it went deeper and deeper and I rubbed all my parts, I increasingly lubricated, little by little I slid to the ground, with the accumulated tension I did not take long to reach my orgasm, between my ravages and convulsions, a small smile on my face covered by my hair, I felt like an animal already, a desired female, he didn’t know what was going on he sniffed and looked for me, I crawled up to the mattress pushing him from time to time, his anxiety peaked around me and instinctively he tried to mount me from different sides, a a couple of times by the face, I rotated putting myself in position, offered me, needed to be mounted, stopped for a moment and started licking me in four, I returned to see him, his murderous eyes, suddenly stopped, I returned I know to see again by my shoulder and I felt his riding, what excitement, what anxiety, I immediately supported myself on my elbows, in position after a couple of attempts, to get down and get on, he found my warmth, until he clung to him hard, I lowered my head lost in lust, moved my hip until I found it and entered with all its contained force, his first time, what power, his knot got him like the third thrust, his knot entered you. He came out a few times, everything perfectly lubricated, he ejaculated his pre-semen in gush, until he stayed inside and knotted me, how long he had been deprived of this pleasure, his super hot member and throbbing inside me, his spurts of semen Hot filling me all exploded inside her first ecstasy, that feeling of fullness, heat and the expansion of my sex kept me in a maximum of pleasure, my cheeks red hot, the weight of her voluminous body on me, her hair caressing my butt and back, she was being inseminated, I think that for being her first time with a female, her semen was abundant, I felt my fullness as an elixir, I moved my hips slightly to feel everything, so I entered my phase of ecstasy slowly due to its manipulation until I came still in a phenomenal orgasm with contractions in that position on all fours, he with his paws next to me while inseminating me, stroking him, his buttoning didn’t last long but it was explosive , my interior contained a sea of ​​semen that in each movement of mine I felt moving inside me totally lubricated causing a delicious itching sensation, then he licked me for a long time in gratitude, I continued on all fours looking at him over my shoulder, then I I lay down and thus dawned with the sound of the waves of the sea, in the morning after having breakfast on the balcony of the cabin, I looked for him again until he possessed me, this time I lay on my back on the mattress as I liked with Chamo Rocky was shorter so while she was inseminated I could feel her body and hair closer to my skin, she clung to her body, she was also more portly, she clung to her back, her back in each ravage it caused in me, she looked at my legs melted into his body, his throbbing, I felt his breath and heat in my navel, his hair hot, I decided not to bathe in those two days, I just went into the sea, I was taken again on Saturday afternoon, at dawn and the dawn of Do Mingo already took me without hesitation once in position, she knew my signs, and I no longer took the risk knowing that it was time to return the cabin, but my anxiety was still there, the anxiety of a female in heat, clutching my legs reminding them mounted that He gave me, it was a weekend devoted to pleasure and lust, on his return he felt a peace and tranquility that he had not lived for a long time, he looked at him in the rear-view mirror, poking his head out the window, although he was no longer like Chamo I had available when I wanted, I planned some more of these getaways more, although never like the first, the difference with Chamo is that Rocky is more aggressive in riding, they are more arrogant, I think because of their race, but this also causes several to fail Sometimes on the horse just because of his anxiety, Chamo did it firmly and safely, which allowed him to button easily, he knew how to treat his female.

      Undoubtedly I know that this can be classified as an addictive vice, no matter how much time passes or how happy your life is, once you tried you will not be able to do without it, if you have the temptation within reach you will fall hopelessly again I swore countless times with Chamo not to do it again, but after two weeks I already succumbed to him. Chamo now lived in my thoughts.

      Later I would meet who would be my husband, it was a phase where I lowered the revolutions, life also gave me my two children, however, things of destiny, my parents gave us a son of Rocky, Roco, who accompanies us now.

    • Excelente forma de compartir tu historia, he leido las anteriores y hasta ahora es lo mejor que he leído de varios otros sitios. Muy bien detalladas y muy interesantes. Muchas gracias por compartir.

    • Gracias por relatarnos tus experiencias, y bueno. al final seguimos siendo humanos pero oye, que ingrata fuiste con Chamo! aunque a mi tambien me toco abandonar al mio pero no fue por desicion propia. y si es algo que una vez que lo haces siempre esta ahi…no importa que hagas. Gracias por compartir.

    • Hola amifa, espero que si, hay otras historias en mi blog que te pueden gustar, besos

    • good boy

    • jem820 replied 1 week ago

      My ex-wife loved being fucked by many K9’s, mostly Shepherds and Danes, she like big K9 cocks.
      I loved watching her humped by K9’s a lot and would often jerk off while she was fucked.
      Still have a few pictures of her sucking and being fucked by K9 cocks.
      email if u’d like to see them.

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    ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store
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    Congrats, he seams to be big, hope ypu are mounted again soon, kisses

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    What a wonderful cock, some day….

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  • Alexandra2018 posted a new activity comment 6 months ago


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    What is that?

    ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

    Hola estimados lectores, con esto finalizo mi contribución en base a mi experiencia, creo que no tengo más temas relevante de detallar espero sirva en especial para las chicas que tiene curiosidad en el ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

    ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video StoreArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store
    • Translated using Google Translate with appropriate security measures.
      Hello dear readers, with this I end my contribution based on my experience, I think I have no more relevant topics to detail, I hope it will be especially useful for girls who are curious about the subject, there are two more stories that are related, the first I think that It is the most representative for being detailing just that, any questions do not hesitate to write, I will help in what is within my reach

      Serving him:

      There were not very common days when I woke up with a thirst, it was not a normal thirst, it was a thirst driven by my desires, at those times I just wanted to drink from him of his elixir, this hobby happened especially in the last years of school Since I had the time and space to decide at the time, not when I was in the university and I returned sporadically, there I was direct to attend to my basic wishes.

      Since I left the house, during classes I kept in my mind what I wanted to do and filled an anxiety that kept my heart altered, finally when I rang the bell, I went straight home to quench my thirst, on the bus On the way home I was already totally wet just thinking about what I was going to do, my heart was about to come out of my mouth, this was another type of anxiety, I think that even people could notice my anxiety just by looking at my face.

      When I got home, I left my backpack in my room, called my parents to make sure where they were, I did not eat, it was impossible to eat with that anxiety, nor did I bathe, surely at home I undressed all for him, so with nothing, I opened The back door of the house where Chamo was already waiting for me wagging his tail, already related what was going to happen when he saw me naked and his excitement increased, every time I ducked he immediately wanted to mount me.

      I think that he also relates my scent of a woman and knows that I am ready for him, he caused me grace, admiration and at the same time morbid to know the desire that this female caused for him, he was really desired, I hugged him and I rolled with him in the carpet previously, filling me with anxiety and lust to feel his fur on my bare skin, for his height with him I used 3 cushions to be more comfortable and within reach, with my future dogs that were Rottweilers I would use only two.

      I would lie on the carpet on my back and wriggle under him, I already sensed my intentions and he stayed still, he arranged my cushions and made me comfortable, I was ready and ready to start, what a show, there was his member hidden in his small cover Next to his testicles, I loved watching him examine him for a while before starting, meanwhile, he stroked his chest slowly, his beautiful and shiny yellow hair, my thing is already super lubricated and hot for this moment and wanting to be used, but today the attention is mainly for him, slowly my caresses go down to his cover, my breathing was accelerating, my technique had improved a lot since that day when with all my nervousness I decided to touch it for the first time and he growled at me, now by then considered an expert.

      Slowly I began to masturbate her sheath, after several times of movement, her beautiful red tip began to appear, my heart began to beat faster, I continue with my work and her beautiful shiny member begins to appear in its length still thin, I love it Visualize this show, at this moment I will move to the next phase, I will put two central fingers behind its knot, and with the others I will follow its contour pushing its cover back a little harder while with the fingers behind its knot I push forward , until it is finally completely exposed and I catch it.

      Now I can see it in all its magnitude, its pre-seminal liquid is already sprouting, I will finely close my fist around its knot, performing an artificial buttoning, I feel the throbbing of its knot that still continues to grow in my hand, what a beautiful instrument it has this animal, and I admire myself knowing that all this fits inside me, it is already in all its splendor my heart wants to leave at that moment, without being able to wait any longer, I direct the tip of his member to my lips, his penis is very flexible, the first ejaculations I like to feel them cover my closed lips, its liquid begins to spread down the sides reaching my jaw and down my cheeks to my neck, finally finished my hair I love to feel its displacement of his hot semen For my skin, part of the pleasure of this whim is just getting muddy, his ejaculation continues, my lips will also touch the tip of his member and I can not wait any longer, I open my lips to finally lodge rílo inside.

      This really causes a relief to my tension and a sense of delirium consumes me inside, finally I feel his first ejaculations inside me, what a delight, from now on I will alternately decide if I allow his semen inside me or if I expel them through my shirt from my lips without thinking of releasing his member, I am getting more muddy and I love it, his constant ejaculation with his throbbing fascinates me.

      I do not perform pumping movements as humans do, I know it is not their nature, instead I move my head slowly in circles from one side to the other, this allows me to fit my tongue around his member, feeling his constant throbbing next to his Ejaculation, my tongue clings to his powerful member from different sides, I decide to take another drink.

      His semen is not as thick as human, it is more liquid, similar to the human’s pre-seminal liquid, a little bittersweet and salty, this is also constant and abundant, perfect for a total mud which I love, after a while I ejected a little more at the corner of my lips, my muddy jaw.

      More liquid runs down my cheeks, I can feel a line of his elixir reaching the back of my neck, I am in total ecstasy, at the same time, my legs open and close and my pelvis moves to rub my little thing. She asks to be attended, I feel that I am totally lubricated, at one point I feel that I need a little more of her member inside, and I introduce it until it touches my throat.

      I love it, there are still about 3 cm left to get to touch its knot, this intrusion allows me to relate and better recognize the magnitude of the member and the reasons why it causes so much damage to my sex, my tongue feels it as it can, its ejaculations in This moment I allow them to enter my interior, I partially take it out again, I am drunk in his elixir, my tongue plays like crazy with his member, I think I am a sweet tooth, I move my head from side to side gently, he just hold my sex still under my hand and this causes a relief to his tension, I am totally lubricated.

      I start to masturbate and with all the tension that I have accumulated I come almost immediately into a delicious orgasm, my pelvis moves up and down wanting more, I enjoy this beautiful orgasm without releasing his member, but I stop my manipulation temporarily until I start to react and I begin to enjoy it again, I think that I could die deliciously drowned in this sea of ​​its elixir, my legs together continue to swing from side to side even the sensation and sensitivity of that beautiful orgasm, after a few more minutes, I finally decide to release it .

      For me it has a beautiful instrument despite its deformity, it still throbs and rises slightly, it continues to ejaculate its elixir, I will gently hold it by its front leg so that it does not escape and let me look at it until it gradually reduces and its knot can enter its den and with this rest of its member, incredible to know that from that small sheath, that monstrosity comes out, again it is a set of emotions that overwhelms me, my work as a female has ended once more, I feel that I have I have done my job as a female and have been inseminated once again by this animal.

      I have already talked a lot in my two previous stories about his attentions to my sex, what I can say further is that after buttoning up, he will look for my sex again, to savor me all, this still dilated and sensitive will receive that language with pleasure, the splash generated by his tongue in the sea of ​​his own elixir, and all this mixture makes his manipulation really delicious, his tongue will adapt to my hole reaching as deep as it can, all I overcome fluid from lubrication, I will feel like my walls and lips they adapt to their language when entering and leaving me, as I have mentioned Chamo was a very special dog, it may have been due to his rune condition, I did not have to encourage him to eat me, he had an obsession with my sex, this in change did happen for example with Roky who had to encourage him a little to attend me.

      I know that I was very lucky to meet this animal, I always wonder what my life would have been like without it, what if I am sure is that it would have been more monotonous, or will I mean normal ?, in the same way, I know that he also had a lot lucky to meet me with his female, I think I made him a stud alone, he never tried a female of his kind again since he met me, I took care of it, it is possible that with another girl he would not have had the same fate, whether due to different prejudices or tastes, or so I prefer to think.

      Regarding my decision to include feeling feminine in my personal identity, it has allowed me to lead a more entertaining and picaresque life, since I keep it in mind in my subconscious when interacting with other people, for example when I flirted at school and spoke with the boys, with the teachers, when I played volleyball, then later with my bosses, when exposing in meetings, with the construction workers, when speaking with other women, this identity gave a sexy touch to my day to day and I love that.

      The only social life I had with Chamo was when I took him for a walk to the Omar Park, which was a couple of blocks from my parents’ house, I wore a shorts and a shirt and his necklace, sometimes just after having We had relations with him, and we headed to where the community of dogs was, there he related to others of his species, chigua gua dogs that barked at him and he looked at them indifferently, others of his height who ran around, had a couple of fights too, among other things, for my part I would sit and watch, boys who would strike up conversations with me, single women with four to five dogs who spoke to them as children, men with small dogs who were known to be gay, couples, girls of my age forced to bring pets, we talked especially about our pets, but never about privacy, I always wondered … Who?

    • Otra historia tuya que leo y me gusto mucho, pareciera que tu destino ya estaba escrito y era conocer a chamo.

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