ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

“Alma’s hot pussy receives her first doggy sex injection”

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Alma meets Sam – soon to be her first K9 lover…


Producer: ZDT
Models: Alma with Sam
Running Time: 31 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)

Our first movie release on the new site! 🙂

Alma is an attractive mature Lady from Mexico. As we know, extra years bring extra experience. It’s Alma’s first time with a dog, but the Lady knows how to please a man. Sam enjoys the benefits of Alma’s sexual know-how.

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Sam leads the Lady home, for that special kind of loving…

The video is shot in a playful way, with a slight plot. In this doggy love story, ZDT meets Alma on the street, and persuades her to let his boy Sam enjoy her sexy vagina. The Lady agrees.

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Home at last – let the games begin!

Back at ZDT’s place, Alma strips down and offers her honey pot to the horny hound. As always, Sam does not hesitate to drive his dog cock into the starlets sex. He penetrates her deeply and smoothly – Alma receives her first breeding with passion. It’s not long before the couple are tied, and Sam proceeds to inject Alma’s pussy with his hot fresh dog sperm.

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Sam is quick to help himself to Alma’s hot pussy…

As we have come to expect from ZDT, some great angles and views of the natural doggy action. Seeing Sam’s cock flying in and out of Alma’s hot sex, is a real pleasure. Fans of good looking mature Ladies being taken by dogs, will not be disappointed.

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Sam drives hard and deep into Alma…

Alma finishes Sam off with a hot doggy suck. Her first opportunity to taste doggy cum as it splashes across her tongue.

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Our hero plants a deep knot into the Lady, and proceeds to fill her up with cum…

The dialogue throughout the movie is Spanish language, but we have provided subtitles so that you can follow the love story. A warm and intimate production – I enjoyed it a lot, I’m sure you will too.

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Alma sucks the last of Sam’s cum from his erect cock…


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  1. lovigildo 2 weeks ago

    buena pelicula

  2. lovigildo 2 weeks ago

    Muy buenas peliculas…

  3. zetafun 2 months ago

    a nice movie with a very hot girl. <3

  4. jiesen 3 months ago


  5. doggyknot76 3 months ago

    A mature lady first try and she acts like a pro. I really cannot believe it was her first experience… great mount and a well done blowjob. I this she could have multiple sex with different dogs… I hope she will one day

  6. damanchea 6 months ago

    Real sexy latina With lovely body. She even give us a bit of oral action to enjoy. Thanks zdt another good one!

  7. jam1972 8 months ago

    Hallo Alma wow nice Video from you good job hun

  8. silver69 9 months ago

    The movie is great. I am a fan of Latina’s and mexican ladies, with her short dress and high heels.
    The best and new thing is the exciting dialogues. Altough Alma saw a lot of bestiality movies she thought that dog penis was small x) Finally it seems that Alma will never enjoy a man’s penis anymore.
    The bad thing is that Sam was very dry on this film. No cum dripping pussy 🙁 But overall is a great movie. I recommend it

  9. zhangqianxp 10 months ago

    Now that the server moveNow that the server move is done, can we expect new videos soon? is done, can we expect new videos soon?

    • support 10 months ago

      New movies are on the way Zhangqianxp the server move is not done entirely and don’t forget to read our latest articles from Adam which will give you and idea of where our future course is leading.

      Have a good one and all the best 😉

  10. mengta 11 months ago

    Isso é incrível!!!

  11. laupe 1 year ago

    This movie is a bit diferent. I love it because Alma explains how does she feel when she is knotted.

  12. audiopet 1 year ago

    Alma was reall cool in this. The interview alone was hot. O lord if this what’s heaven is like take me now.. great work..

  13. destenyb59 1 year ago

    A very hot video. Sam is very active and he knots Alma very hard. I also like the sucking scene : Alma is a starter in this film, but we see that it will quickly progress. After “meeting Alma” I want to see her more often with a naughty dog 😀

  14. seberlis 1 year ago

    well, this video has almost all that I wanted to see in a zoo vid:

    A beautiful latin girl
    A littler interview about her
    And an excellent knot vey deep on her by a long time

    absolutely worth every penny

  15. crkaos2634 1 year ago

    Very hot. ZDT has some great content and beautiful models..

  16. ginae 1 year ago

    Lovely lady and pet

  17. brunoapp 1 year ago

    Eu sou fã do Sam

  18. deodonte70 1 year ago

    Congratulations. Welcome back.

  19. miguelartofz 1 year ago

    omg it´s video is beautiful <3

  20. I like to see as the ass of alma wiggles when Sam fucks her.

  21. chiquitin13 1 year ago

    Great Alma! First time and dog sucking!

  22. binhduong6122006 1 year ago

    rất thít, mà sao để xem được ta

  23. melissac512 1 year ago

    wow these videos seems to be real good…

  24. vixenzoo 1 year ago

    ı love you almaa <3

  25. beastboy4444 1 year ago

    Something about an attractive woman having a good time with her pet the is a turn on.

  26. romevy 1 year ago

    Isso é incrível!!!

  27. seberlis 1 year ago

    I hope AOZ gives us a lot of latin ladies more. They’re my favorite 😀

  28. blackfyre 1 year ago

    Очень красивая одёжка на ней, личико тоже очень приятное, даже очень. А ноги..ммм.
    Вот бы отдельный фотосет на неё в высоком разрешении.
    Не выдержал и купил. Интересно когда будет доступен?

  29. nds1980 1 year ago

    Very nice!

  30. Author
    adam 1 year ago

    I can’t help thinking that Alma looks very much like UK 60’s pop Diva Lulu 🙂

  31. boyso223 1 year ago

    will ich kaufen

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