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My name is Jeanne and I am going to tell you what happened to my friend Mary a few years ago.

I am single, childless, and live with my dog ​​Rott, who is a 120 pounds Rottweiler.

Mary is a longtime friend. Our friendship dates back to when we were in high school. Since then she got married and has two children. Our very different family situations have made us estranged from each other a bit. You know what it is: moms only care about their children when they’re young at least. And me, other people’s children, that annoys me!

However, as we lived in the same city, it had happened that we passed each other by chance, in the street or in a store. Once, I told her to drop by for coffee, so we could chat just the girls (I mean without the noise and fury of a whole family).

One morning around ten o’clock, Mary came over and I let her in. She was very sexy, dressed simply in a little short dress. You don’t have to be very sophisticated to arouse desire. You just need to have shapes in the right places and highlight them with a well-cut garment. And then summer allows you to show what you have to hide under a coat in winter.

We kissed each other and I passed her to the living room. Rott pawed impatiently in a closed-off room. He could be heard spinning around the room and occasionally knocking on the closed door, throwing his front paws at it.

When I opened the door to let Mary in, Rott rushed over to welcome her. He unbalanced her and she went backward. I was afraid she was hurt but she turned to stand up and for a brief moment, she found herself on all fours. At this point, the dog brutally mounted her. She tried to tear herself away from the embrace but his weight prevented her from straightening up and the force with which he squeezed her did not allow her to free herself.

I saw that Rott was starting characteristic pelvic movements. He wanted to take her, it seemed more and more obvious. Mary understood this fairly quickly. She struggled, but in vain. The dog’s cock was starting to come out of the sheath and I saw the little red tip hitting the inside of Mary’s thighs. Her dress was pulled up and I could see her panties. It was a simple thong that hid almost nothing of her anatomy.

“Help me please! He’s going to …”

She didn’t dare say “he’s going to fuck me”. She seemed terrified of being raped.

“I can’t. He’s too excited, it would be dangerous for both of us if I intervened.”

I was as scared as she was and didn’t know what to do to help her. But I knew I couldn’t try to push Rott away. I wouldn’t have had the strength to take him off from what he must have considered his female. I knew that once he had grabbed his bitch, it was almost impossible to pull them apart.

Rott was kicking randomly and all of a sudden I saw that he had entered her. His pubis was stuck to her ass. Mary was still trying to get out of it. But each time she moved her pelvis forward, the dog brought her back to him. He possessed her, bestially. I heard the characteristic sound of a cock rummaging at full speed in a wet vagina.

It’s not that Mary was suddenly consenting and getting wet. It was simply that a dog lubricates the female abundantly with its own secretions. He fucked her totally and I was scared to see my friend being raped without being able to intervene.

There is an inevitable distortion between my story and the actual act. What I am telling you in several paragraphs to make you understand what happened actually lasted less than a minute, from the moment Mary fell until the moment the dog ejaculated inside her.

As soon as he unloaded, he wanted to free himself. Mary was still in the doggy-style position, the animal firmly anchored in her, front legs around the waist, rear legs supporting to push, the chest covering the back, the mouth open, panting, tongue out. He used his paw while scratching Mary’s buttock to pull himself back. Lucky for her, the fabric of her dress protected her from scratches.

She too tried to pull herself away from the dog by pulling forward, without success.

“No, don’t try. You are tied up. The dog’s cock is swollen in you and you won’t be able to come off!”

“But help me, do something please!”

“There is nothing to do, Mary. You just have to wait for his penis to decrease in size. After that, he will come out on his own.”

“But is it going to last a long time?”

“It depends. If your vagina is loose enough, it will be quick. But if you are tight around it, it can last a good fifteen minutes! The best is that you relax. The more tense you are, the more you prolong the duration of the knotting. ”

I realized that I was giving her details that only a vet could know. Or someone with experience. She would inevitably have questions later.

The dog had finally turned around. They were back to back. Mary gripped Rott’s cock entirely in her vagina, including the knot. We could only see a thin red ligament sticking out, which the dog regularly stretched out as it tried to leave. But it was clear that Mary was well taken. Not only was Rott big in her, but it seemed to me that for her part, she was firmly holding the huge cock, probably against her wish.

I witnessed this scene doing nothing but watching. You will probably find it out of place, but I was excited to see her like that, her buttocks full of this sex whose phenomenal dimensions I knew so well once well in place. However, I did not dare to make a gesture.

Mary was moaning. No doubt not with pleasure, but rather embarrassment. She was sort of whining about her plight. I didn’t know what to say to alleviate her discomfort, and the dog remained in her for an interminable time.

“I’m not on the pill right now. How awful! He’s going to get me pregnant!”

She was being properly inseminated, that was for sure. I knew Rott was filling her with semen, in incessant little squirts. But I reassured her:

“No, you don’t risk anything. A dog can’t impregnate a woman.”

It was only after half an hour that the dog managed to tear himself away from her. As soon as she was free, Mary got up. She tidied up her outfit, glared at me, and left without a word. She hadn’t even asked me to go wash up. She was still full of the dog’s juice and probably to keep it from flowing down her thighs she had to squeeze her vagina to keep the liquid inside her.

I was excited, I told you. But above all, I was devastated. First, I had probably lost a friend from my teenage years. Then I didn’t know what Mary was going to do, if she was going to complain to someone. I was afraid for my dog, what could be done to him if the rape was reported.

Rott sat on the ground, in a circle. He licked his cock, which remained out of the sheath. Although it had already decreased in size, it was still impressive, especially the diameter of the bulb.

I sat down and waited. Rott finally got up and came over to me. His cock was returning to his shell. There was no guilt about him, unlike what happens when he knows he has done something wrong. He had no idea that he had just raped my friend. He didn’t understand the thought that his mistress might see it as infidelity. A male had mated with a female, a reflex of the perpetuation of the species. There was no vanity or boastfulness either. No remorse, no pride.

I went to get the collar and the leash. Rott figured out that we were going out and like all dogs he got excited, jumping next to me. We took a long walk which allowed him to stretch his legs after a good blow of cock, and me to wash my head while thinking of nothing.

Mary hasn’t contacted me again. I would have thought she would call me to let me know about her. Maybe I should have called her myself, but I didn’t dare. I preferred to respect her silence, not to bring this bad memory to the surface.

Fifteen days passed.

And then someone rang my doorbell. I went to open the door, and  it was her. We were both silent on the doorstep. I didn’t know if I should kiss her. Had she come to complain, to make peace? I stepped aside to let her in.

“Wait, I’ll lock the dog up in the bedroom.” I wanted to reassure her by avoiding any contact with Rott. All I had to do was make her wait in the hallway while I led Rott from the living room to my bedroom.

“No, leave it !”

She had answered tit for tat, with surprising insistence. It was almost a cry from the heart.

We both went to the living room. Rott welcomed her happily. This time, she was on her guard and despite the power of the contact, she did not fall. She didn’t seem scared either. It was as if nothing had happened two weeks ago. The dog was pouncing on her, this time to play, and she lent herself to the game by stroking his head.

“You want some coffee ?”

“Yes, thanks.”

I went to the kitchen and Mary sat on the couch waiting for me. I came back ten minutes later. I didn’t hear a sound. When I entered the living room, I saw that Mary was pushing the dog away. She was sitting in the front of the couch, buttocks right on the edge. The dog must have been in front of her, its mouth between her knees.

“Is he bothering you again?”

“No, no, everything is fine. He’s affectionate, that’s all.”

It was my first allusion to what had happened. Mary didn’t seem to be complaining. Maybe she just wanted to forget. But the way she was sitting bothered me.

“I’m going to go pee. Don’t wait for me to drink your coffee.” I walked away to the bathroom and pretended to go in. I came back discreetly to spy.

The dog came back to Mary. She did not chase him away, on the contrary. Rott sniffed her pussy through her dress. He kicked with his nose and you could hear his breath. He looked for the scent of the female. Mary let him do it. She stroked his head. She had a look down the hall. I just had time to hide.

I resumed my surveillance almost immediately. Mary had loosened her knees and the dog was licking her crotch. Obviously, that was what she wanted. The fabric of the dress had to prevent her from really feeling the contact of the tongue. She pulled up to help the dog. Unbelievable! She had no panties.

Rott lapped with great licks, wetting her entire vulva. I could tell Mary was very excited. Her pussy was almost red and totally wet, although it was not known whether it was her own wet or the dog’s saliva. She spread her legs more and more and moved her pelvis towards the nose. But it was still not enough. She grabbed her thighs from below and tilted her bust on the seat of the sofa, offering her line and her slit to licking.

Rott was starting to get excited. His cock was emerging from its sheath. First of all the little red end. The glans was more and more apparent. Mary realized that she was less and less in control of the situation. The dog wanted to get on the sofa. He placed his front paws on Mary’s lying belly. She straightened up before it was too late, managed to lower the dog, and put her dress back on.

This is the time that I chose to flush and make my comeback. I pointed out to Mary that she hadn’t had her coffee.

“I waited for you.”

She blushed when she told me that. Besides, I could see that she was looking at the dog with concern. It was because he was still aroused, his cock still half out. He was circling around her and probably wanted to continue his action.

I should have been embarrassed for her given what she had been through two weeks before. Seeing the sex that had raped her again shouldn’t be reassuring. But what I had just discovered made me realize that Mary hadn’t come just to drink the coffee. I knew well what had happened in her. She had been raped, of course. She had been taken by surprise, without having a say, without being able to think about it. She must have taken something by a force that she never imagined. The covering had lasted. She had had plenty of time to relax, and she had to do so to be able to free herself from the cock deep inside her. She had unwittingly tasted this incredible pleasure of mating with a dog. I knew that she was now hooked on this desire for life.

But I didn’t know how to get her to get mounted again, to agree to do it in my company, without her closing up or even leaving angry. And then I started.


“Yes, what ?”

She was red with confusion. She sensed that something was going to happen.

“I saw you earlier with the dog. I was watching you from the hallway.”

She lowered her head, like a little girl caught in the wrong.

“Get off the couch. The dog is going to ride you again. He wants it. And you, that’s what you want too, isn’t it?”

She remained silent. Then she lifted her face to look at me. She had tears in her eyes.

“Yes. I don’t understand. Since the last time, I can’t seem to forget. It’s so different, so new!”

“I know what you mean. I know what happened to you. I’ve been through this too. Relax and let it go. This time you’re going to enjoy it even more because you want to.”

I held out my hand to give her the courage to stand up. I took her in my arms and I cuddled her, just as you console a distraught child. Then I invited her to kneel by pressing on her shoulders and then on her head.

“Get on all fours and pull up your dress. The dog is already ready.”

She put her hands on the floor. It was I who uncovered her buttocks.

She waited. She was visibly anxious. Perhaps she was embarrassed to show off in front of me and also to show me that all this was premeditated since she had not put on panties.

Rott came to turn around her. I sat on the sofa to watch them. He still had half-open sex. He alternated licking Mary and lubricating his cock.

She let it go. She was not offering herself yet, but she was no longer refusing herself. She kept her head down. She closed her eyes. But I could hear her moaning slightly. The dog is the king of cunnilingus. The tongue creeps everywhere. On an excited clitoris, it does wonders, I know something about it!

Rott made a first attempt to ride Mary. He stood up on his forelegs and took her by the hips. He looked for the entrance without finding it. He got back on his feet and walked away, licking his glans.

Mary didn’t move. She was still in the position of the female waiting for the mating, knees, and hands on the ground, bust horizontal, breasts hanging, arms outstretched, thighs spread, gaze turned towards the ground.

Rott returned. He covered her again. I got up and walked over to the dog’s rump. I guided his pelvis movements to orient the cock towards the vulva. I held his sides with both hands to center him perfectly. And for the second time, the coupling took place. It was frantic, like the first time. Mary screamed as soon as she felt the member enter her. It wasn’t a cry of surprise or pain, but rather a whimper that betrayed some kind of relief.

The dog stirred at full speed, stuffing her hole thoroughly. I did not see the penis in and out but I saw that he crushed her buttocks while sinking. Mary breathed out with each blow the male gave her as if each penetration emptied her lungs.

Then the dog came to a stop. His gaze changed. He tried to pull away but he was too firmly planted in her. And I was sure this time that it wasn’t terror or shame that was forcing Mary to squeeze her vaginal muscles, but the urge to keep that cock inside so he could keep seeding her.

I got on all fours too and moved to face her. She kept her eyes closed. She was enjoying it, even in this quiet moment. I knew that a cock was beating like a heart in her vagina, with a small squirt of cum with each throb. I knew she felt the jet hit the back of her uterus. All this contributed to the pleasure, physical as well as cerebral. She must have said to herself:

“I am a female in heat who is being fertilized, I stretch my rump to offer it to the male, I want his reproductive juice. I feel his member filling me, I feel his seed filling me.”

I wanted to kiss her. I took her chin in my hand and pressed my lips to hers. She accepted my kiss. I forced her mouth open with my tongue and our saliva mixed together. I got on my back and slipped under her to fondle her breasts. The dress was loose enough that I could pull them out. I raised my head to suck and nibble on the nipples. Mary pressed down on the back of my neck, seeming to ask me to bite her harder.

I continued to crawl lower until I was just below her crotch. I had a breathtaking view of her pussy from which the bulb was beginning to emerge. I stood on my elbows so I could reach her clitoris. I jerked it off, sometimes with my hand, sometimes with my tongue. My position was not comfortable and I often had to change the way I stroked it. But despite these changes of pace, I felt her pleasure was coming. It was rising inexorably. The little downtimes which marked the replacement of the hand by the tongue or the reverse did not make her excitement fall. She seemed to be desperately waiting for the resumption. For my part, I tirelessly continued my work of undermining.

Finally, she came under my tongue. I crushed her button with my lips and she gave a sort of long growl that was going to intensify. She had that characteristic tightening of the thighs trying to close. The dog must have felt the vagina contract on his cock. Sometimes, a jet of sperm deep in the womb adds to the clitoral orgasm.

I stayed below her to watch the untying. I saw the bulb progressing towards the exit. One has the impression that it swells interminably. And suddenly, deliverance. The sex that is expelled as much as it is torn off, the vaginal cavity that empties of the overflow, and the slit that continues to drip.

The dog immediately moved away, his cock still stiff. I pulled away quickly. I told Rott to lay down. I took his cock in my mouth and enjoyed the rest of the sperm he continued to emit at regular intervals. It was enough to stimulate the small orifice with the tip of the tongue, or even to suck the tip to release the nectar.

Mary sat down and watched me do it. I encouraged her to join me. When she was lying next to me, I kissed her. Then I pushed on the back of her neck to force her to bring her mouth closer to the dog’s cock. She started by tickling it with the tip of her tongue.

“Suck it. Put it in your mouth.”

She parted her lips and started a blowjob. Gradually, she grew bolder and tucked in a larger and larger piece, until she ended up swallowing everything up to the bulb. As she sucked on the dog, I stroked her hair.

So we played all day together. We both made love. I knew that now, Mary was my mistress and especially Rott’s, for life. When you’ve tasted and loved sex with a dog, there’s no turning back.

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  1. Dulcinea 1 week ago

    Beste mensen, wat fijn om te lezen en kunnen durven voelen. Genoten van je verhaal !

  2. bigeorge 1 month ago

    Great great great, loved, thanx for sharing. Very arousing.

  3. youngpuppylover 1 month ago

    Beautiful story
    Terrific plot
    Thank you for sharing

  4. mrdpgirth 1 month ago

    WOW! Such a terrific story! I’ve found myself returning to re-read it many times, and I think I like it more each time, not kidding! It is so well told, I can very easily visualize each and every detail and I feel like I am there observing the entire situation. Makes me extremely excited and has caused more than a few nut busters!! Thanks a ton for sharing this!

  5. K9corp 2 months ago

    Very Erotic , pulse quickening and heaving breath , I must take a break from the sexuality .

  6. Kespi 2 months ago

    beautiful tale well should convince any reader with doubts to go on and experience the passion themselves.

  7. herfstbok 2 months ago

    Een lief hard vurig verhaal dat in extase eindigt fantasties.

    • Author
      FredericDard2020 2 months ago

      Thank you so much for your appreciation ! Readers have no idea how much positive comments are motivating !

  8. AlanUK 2 months ago

    A very good and credible story. My favourite part was how Mary returned after what must have seemed a very long 2 weeks for a second helping of knot.

    • Author
      FredericDard2020 2 months ago

      This is what I like: when a woman changes her mind. From reluctance to acceptation.
      Thank you for your appreciation.

  9. Francesco17 3 months ago

    Dobry den Frederic,

    moc dekuji za Vas pribeh. Je to naprosto inspiruici.
    Jsem italsky filmar a chtel bych vedet vic o zoofilii.
    Kdybyste chtel se popovidat, dejte vedet.
    Delam resersi a hledam lidi, ktery by me vysvetlili jejich osobni pribehy.
    Moc dekuji 🙂

    • Author
      FredericDard2020 2 months ago

      I don’t understand : you are Italian but you write to me in Czech ?
      Anyway, thank you for your nice compliment.

  10. Author
    FredericDard2020 3 months ago

    Dear LadyX,
    I am so proud of your comment on my story. My text is far from poetry and phylosophy, but it sure gives a lot of pleasure too, don’t you think so ? Feel free to write to me. I’d be happy to exchange with you on any matter (and possibly find some new inspiration for future stories).


  11. dogslave 3 months ago

    Really well written. Despite, initially, the approach was not very credible. However, from then on, an intense credible and certainly suggestive narrative is constructed; intense and full of eroticism. The involvement between the two women seemed inevitable and I cheered when it happened. Ultimately, the story also has a didactic claim and wants to give a plausible signal to all women who are undecided to take the plunge and embrace the animal lifestyle with the dog. Thanks for writing it. Keep it going.

    • Author
      FredericDard2020 3 months ago

      Thank you so much for your appreciation.

      It is not an easy exercise to concile pornography and realism. It is like the art of the caricature. It should not be the reality (a photography is better suited for that) but it should look like the reality (so that you recognize somebody you are familiar with) and gives you an emotion (humour in the case of the caricature, hard-on or wetness for pornography).

      Anyway, I am in a perpetual search for good, realistic fantasies or experiences between bitches and dogs, just to turn them unto good stories to share.


  12. likestowatchinnc 3 months ago

    Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    • Author
      FredericDard2020 3 months ago

      Thanks for the compliment.

      I just went through your profile and saw you have published stories too. I’ll read them and let you know later.


  13. LadyX 3 months ago

    Oh my my.. I lost for words.


    The setting and all the fine detail you added into the k9 story was like wow for me and than I think it is all over and I get hit with a second amazing part.

    LOVE IT… arrrrrrrrr 🐺💋💋💋💋💋 fantastic writing

    Lady X 💋

    • Author
      FredericDard2020 3 months ago

      Dear LadyX,
      I am so proud of your comment on my story. My text is far from poetry and phylosophy, but it sure gives a lot of pleasure too, don’t you think so ? Feel free to write to me. I’d be happy to exchange with you on any matter (and possibly find some new inspiration for future stories).


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