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Before you do anything at all, please make sure you have read, and are mindful of our security recommendations. Members who follow our security guidelines generally remain safe – those who ignore them often land themselves in problem situations.


It’s not that difficult to make new pet friends. Granted it’s easier for some than others, but don’t let that stand in your way.

As with any large group of people, it’s usually a matter of supply and demand. If you are an attractive Verified Female Playmate, you are probably one in 1000 Members. Therefore you can expect to get a lot of attention. All Verified Females usually get a lot of attention, so be sure to Get Verified.

The same with Verified Owners. Playmates seeking encounters in or close to your area are likely to contact you first – so again, if you do own a suitable pet, be sure to Get Verified.

If you are listed as Female on our network, but have not taken the time to get verified – you will still receive an amount of interest from the opposite sex. Please keep in mind if you are contacting an unverified Female – there is really no reason to not get verified these days. There is a strong possibility that the female you are contacting is not really female. That’s okay if you just want to make online friends – as long as everyone is happy we have nothing against people pretending to be female.

Just don’t go falling head over heels in love, you might regret it later.


That leaves the single chaps looking for that pet soulmate. Go to any night club you will usually find 10 guys to 1 girl. Everyone should be used to that. Again, supply and demand. If you are a single guy with no dog, no real petlove experience, a Trust Level of zero, no Kudos, and no profile to speak of – you can expect to blur into the other 999 guys all messaging the same things to the same women.

Women receive a lot of messages on our network, and the level of response you get from women will be directly related to how much response your online presence demands. That is, if you don’t stand out at all, don’t expect much response. Don’t take it personally, a woman doesn’t have time to message everyone individually however much of a catch you think you are.

Using the nightclub analogy again – the guys that get the female attention are the DJ. The DJs buddies in the DJ booth. The doormen. The guy in the loud shirt with the winning smile. The guy with the big muscles. The extremely well dressed guy. The good looking guy, the charming guy. The guy who’s a great dancer. The dangerous looking guy in the corner. Hell, even the statistical “asking every girl in the club, every week” guy usually gets lucky eventually. All these guys get lucky because they are doing something that makes them stand out from the other 300 guys standing around in groups of 2-4 nodding their heads and holding beers, blurting the occasional pick-up line at passing women.

Yes, maybe you have an inner beauty that should be appreciated. Unfortunately that won’t work well or easily in a large group of people. Someone will have to get to know you for an extended period before they see that beauty. And they will need a reason to want to take that time to get to know you in the first place. I’m not saying it’s impossible. It’s just easier to learn to dress well, lift a few weights, learn how to talk to a Lady – than it is to get to know someone over several years, only to find out that they aren’t right for you anyway.


Many, MANY Pet Women are desperate to meet someone special who can accept them for who they are. If you were a Pet Woman faced with 1000 guys, what would you be looking for? How would you know if someone were serious in their pet interests, or just someone looking for kicks? (Incidentally, a profile full of cock pics is a pretty clear indicator of the latter).

So, make the effort. Fill in your profile properly. Add some nice photos, NOT a whole bunch of cock pics. Show your best side. Write something to let a Lady know what you are about. That’s a good first step.

Next, get yourself seen on the network. Write some stories, blog posts or articles. Get some Network Kudos and an increased Trust Level. If you were a woman with a choice between 2 guys – 1 who you can read a bit about, understand, and who has clearly put some effort in – vs another guy who has done none of those things – who would be your clear choice? You know it makes sense – do the things you need to do, and BE the clear choice. Your chances of making new friends will be greatly enhanced.

It goes without saying – if you are a Pet Guy looking for a Pet Girl – if it’s at all appropriate, get yourself a dog already. Don’t get one if you can’t or won’t look after it. Keeping in mind, keeping a dog is a big responsibility, and women tend to enjoy responsible men.

Otherwise – keep it polite, keep it charming, and persist. Don’t stalk, don’t harass – just persist in your pursuit of finding a nice Pet Lady and odds on you will find her sooner or later.

Have fun making new pet friends 🙂

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  1. vrazorzd 4 months ago

    Just to offer a little bit of insight- take your time and don’t be in a rush. I was lucky to be able to find a few pet friends, but it look a very long time before we grew to get to know and trust each other. Trust is earned, and it’s harder to do online. Just read the FAQ here and be mindful, understanding, and accept the person for who they are.

  2. tongmoist 5 months ago


  3. masterjr7269 7 months ago

    I just joined today and am trying to figure out the site. How do you, or can you, determine if someone is close to you geographically?

    • Author
      adam 7 months ago

      Connections search has location fields but not everyone is filling them in properly. So we have a new feature for this in the next site update.

  4. petsubbitch 10 months ago

    why its so complicatet here.
    just blabla bla

    • Author
      adam 10 months ago

      Hi 🙂 Yes if you would like to rub one out in more suitable circumstances might we suggest Pornsocket – PornHub have a mentally retarded section maybe that would be more to your taste? 😉 Here you go, in case you are having trouble moving the mouse across the screen >>>

  5. mrrwood 10 months ago

    Glad to be a part of this community. Everyone here seems very helpful and understanding.

  6. oddlegs312 12 months ago

    hi i’m new here and am becoming very interested in this subject and would like to try for first time.

  7. annemieke020 12 months ago

    Hi, I am from Holland. I look for girls to talk about animals and in special boar experience. I am very curious about your experience. I have dog experience for some years now.I am 32.

  8. dalten 12 months ago

    ih from norway. im a man at 44. looking for date, love, relationship, marrige to a women that liek this 🙂 can move and got a god job.

  9. jarhead2328 1 year ago

    Can anyone tell me which hypoallergenic dog is good to train for animal sex.

    • zdhulter 8 months ago

      i would have to say that really depends on the reason for the hypo allergenic dog, and how sever the likely allergies. my personal experience with hypo allergenic dogs and their willingness/eagerness and in general ease of Training and care: I’d have to suggest a Standard Poodle. However thats just from a clinical point of view in which personal preferences are completely thrown out the window.

  10. mitsubishi9tkr 1 year ago

    Like to meet orther friends

  11. clutchcargo 1 year ago

    I am new here, but I too am hoping to meet like minded people.
    I am open to conversations or your stories

  12. bine68 2 years ago

    I`m also ih here 🙂

  13. dgnotlvr 2 years ago

    I’m here, too. Let’s hope other females join, too.

  14. hippiegoddess 2 years ago

    1 in 1000 woah ok I feel alone here hehe come on sisters join join join!?

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