ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

“Blonde and bred – Honey has a soft sweet Valentines gift for Animal…”

Producer: ILZ
Models: Honey with Animal
Running Time: 31 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Honey’s soft rippling curves are enough to make any guy drool…


The very lovely Honey returns for her next doggy session, which is great because those curves are tailor made for some great dog loving. Honey’s first movie was very popular with our Members, so I hope you are ready for round 2 🙂

From the start, this is quite a passionate movie. Honey is clearly quite pleased about her new Pet Skills – and Animal is clearly very into this Lady. Animal is a horny hound generally, but as you will see, this Lady is pushing all the right buttons for a randy doggy. He is super keen to get on and mate with Honey, and we can’t really blame him. She is quite easy on the eye 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Oh yes – for the doggy who has everything, the perfect Valentines gift…


ILZ is getting the hang of the right shots quite nicely. It’s not always easy as you know, especially with a new inexperienced Model. But Animal is an old professional Lady stud, that helps. And what Honey lacks in experience, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. My goodness, I think she likes it 😉


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Sweet, hot Pet Pussy – what better Valentines could a doggy could wish for?…


Now, keep in mind before we came along, Honey’s vagina had not been near a dog. A criminal waste I know, but this is the world we live in. Now, Honey is on the path to pet pleasure – yes, we change the world, 1 Pet Lady at a time 😉

Watching this movie I notice something interesting. I’ve seen this before for sure – just, with a completely new Pet Girl, you can see it more clearly, perhaps. There are all the various stigma attached with a Lady working in the erotic or adult industry. Never quite understood the logic of that myself – where a nice Lady can earn a pittance each month flipping burgers or stacking shelves – or considerably more doing the right things in the sex biz. I hate seeing good looking Ladies stuck in shit jobs, it’s all quite disturbing.

Anyway – having overcome the daft stigma of using yourself in a more interesting sexual way, rather than a less interesting ‘socially acceptable’ way, a Lady has already shed a lot of baggage and inhibition. Then, enter the dog.


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Hot Honey is proud of her new-found Pet Skills, replete with a fresh load of dog cum in her vagina…


I’ve spoken about this a bit in The Gauntlet. But watching this movie, I think you will agree, that shedding those last final sexual inhibitions and giving oneself to a dog – this is some liberating stuff. Watching Honey there, taking her position and Animal mating her like he is on a tight schedule – there is a definite sense of wild freedom that is really quite appealing. After all – having given yourself to the dog, you might as well go with it and enjoy the ride.

But as expected, when I shot poor ILZ into the uncharted waters of Central Europe – these Ladies sure do have a certain innate skill when it comes to doggy love. The Vikings said they were descended from wolves, so did the Mongol hoards that would have washed all over Eastern to Central Europe going way back. Well, whatever the reason these Ladies have for being excellent at dog sex – I love it 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

“Now love me this way…” – Honeys first ‘stab’ at missionary as she takes Animal between her legs…


Animal is extremely excited that Honey has returned, bringing all her various delights with her. He mounts her a couple times on the bed, and they do look great together. He doesn’t quite knot her though – a part knot on one mount.

But it is Honeys second movie, so IL starts to show some of his training skills and gets Honey rocking a sexy missionary. Honey is new to missionary so does not do a perfect job. It’s still hot to see though, and Animal does get her – the Lady’s doggy repertoire is expanding 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Doggy tongue feels like heaven as Animal works his magic on Honey’s dog-sperm vagina…


Aside from that very cute ass, Honey is a real sweetheart with the pets. You can see in various scenes, she is very affectionate and loving towards Animal. All Pet Pussy is great of course, but it’s even better when a Lady makes love to a dog, rather than just a hard fuck. At points through the movie, you see Honey really gets swept up in the pleasure – these are some life experiences a Lady should never forget.


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Now it’s time for Animal to give Honey everything he’s got….


A word to our Lady readers, about taking the knot. I hear this a lot – ‘but I haven’t taken the knot yet’. There is a learning curve with a new Pet Lady. First – a wild beast stabbing at your vagina – that in itself is a whole new world of experience a Lady needs to get used to first. It takes a while for a Lady to relax and have the necessary skills to take this kind of penetration comfortably. Some Ladies take to it quickly – but every Lady is built differently, and for some, it takes a little longer.

To knot, you need to be relaxed, comfortable and confident. Then, it will just happen. You don’t need to rush or push yourself, just let it happen when you are ready. Please do not take our Models as an indication of how quickly you should be knotting. Some of our most prolific past Models did not knot until their 4 or 5th movie. Models shooting with us, are properly trained by experienced artists, and we maintain a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere throughout our shoots. Knotting just kinda happens, and it will for you too.

It did not take Honey very long at all to start tying, and Animal is happy to sink his big hard knot into the Ladys soft inviting vagina. Now, Honey has taken everything Animal has to offer her – and that knot looks superb locked up inside the blonde lovely.

Great work to ILZ he is coming on great – superb petlove from the delectable Honey. And of course, the irreplaceable Animal – enjoy some fun with the Gang and Happy Valentines 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Made to Love - animal sex with women

Animal gives her his all, and buries a big hard knot into Honeys beautiful Pet Pussy, yummy….



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  1. darkwolf25 3 weeks ago

    well, well well, Honey in my opinion is the cream of the crop. Whoever scouted her and convinced her into mating with k9’s deserves a ton of praise. Not only does she have the best legs and ass on any model seen on this site, she clearly fucking loves it. Not a huge amount of action but the chemistry is electric, the missionary scene is definitively the stand out scene, the way honey moans and grinds herself all over animal made me weak at the knees. *Hopefully a trilogy film was made!* R.I.P Animal

  2. darkwolf25 3 weeks ago

    Just purchased this film as a tribute to the main man Animal! you are over the rainbow road now wee man

    • Author
      adam 3 weeks ago

      Thanks Dark. That Guy rode that rainbow all the way to the pot of gold. The native children in the street who’d never seen a furry beast that big, were convinced he was a real live Monster. What He does with Honey, suggest that perhaps he was just a little bit 😉

      • darkwolf25 3 weeks ago

        No problem pal, sent you a message regarding becoming a spinner! also still waiting on this video 🤷‍♂️

        • Author
          adam 3 weeks ago

          Hey DW – ok found your message and replied 🙂 Support have caught up with movie orders now, if you are still waiting please let me know thanks.

  3. arvais 4 weeks ago

    AoZ has some nice looking models, but Honey is probably my new favorite. She is just gorgeous. Not to mention that ass she has is phenomenal. She takes the dogs dick probably 5 times before she gets a knot, but all of the times are fun to watch and the final knot, though short, is nice. My favorite scene had to be the missionary scene though. You can just see the pleasure across her face as she moaned as he was thrusting into her. Very worth it. I hope to see more of Honey.

  4. texuva 1 month ago

    Honey is Rally hot. Loved that girl…. she have a smoking hot body… I would like to see more of her in the future

  5. angryCat 1 month ago

    Восхитительная девушка и потрясающий пёс ! Даже просто на фото смотрятся великолепно.

  6. arvais 1 month ago

    Not sure which blond I think is hotter, DW or Honey. AoZ has really been doing a great job with all this nice new content and beautiful new models!

  7. myno 1 month ago

    That movie write-up is so engaging I feel like I’ve seen the movie already 😆 personally I love the thong tan lines, it’s the best way to frame a booty imo.

  8. vincenzo54321 2 months ago

    If she is not taken I would like to know her.

  9. vincenzo54321 2 months ago

    What can anyone say but Honey is sweet beyond belief. Watching her with animal made me want to give him a hug.

  10. xuxuyi 2 months ago


  11. xutianyi1994 2 months ago


  12. zxcqwe009 2 months ago


  13. zhongzibanyungong 2 months ago


  14. gustinfx 2 months ago

    2 times I sent mail to be able to buy movies and they did not give me any response. Do not you want to sell for the moment?

    • Author
      adam 2 months ago

      Hi Gustin – very sorry one of our Support Ladies is away for a couple days. We will get back to you as soon as possible, many thanks for your patience 🙂

  15. art30 3 months ago

    A really good movie plus Finally she got knotted ned more movies of honey with a different dog perhaps and som boar 🐖sex would be good to 😉

  16. art30 3 months ago

    It would be so hot to see honey having sex with
    Chester de boar in some sexy classy black lingerie that could become a top selling movie dw really did a great job and I am sure honey would to

  17. jeedee 4 months ago

    Stunning pair, just love Honey. 😉 Way to go.

  18. ektank 4 months ago


  19. boyrich20 4 months ago

    Definitivo… hermoso lo que se ve en esta red.

  20. jrizal 4 months ago

    I love the fact that she is blonde, has a great body, is completely naked except for her shoes and that she seems to really enjoy being ravished by that dog. Honey is my favorite Pet Girl now!

  21. pguo1986 4 months ago

    I have lost count of how many times i’ve watched this.

    Amazing woman and MUST buy.

    We need more of her, maybe in a bikini and bare feet next time?

  22. qq2078635441 4 months ago

    质量很高 女主身材很好 赞赞赞

  23. neclord 4 months ago

    This movie is so hot. I love this woman so much.
    Thank you. Hope to see more of this beauty.

  24. l407053173 4 months ago


  25. liubang007 4 months ago


  26. bacozoo 4 months ago

    Finally! I was able to solve all my lack of knowledge about how to buy AFZ files. I watched my first movie. Nothing less than “Made to love: starring Honey”. I loved every second. Because of this, I will make my review on, to encourage those who still do not attend. Well, the movie has a beautiful picture. Despite the simple scenario, the film offers all the intimacy that an encounter between a lady and a canine lover needs to suggest. I am going to tell you first about the loving lover: simply he is vigorous and has a very large member; he is very affectionate and experienced, leading his lady to every sensation. Now the Lady: oh, beautiful, she looks like “Tinker Bell”, it would even be a beautiful fantasy for the next adventure. She demonstrates that she is loving what sex with her dog. Her body is sexy, her gaze is fully connected with that of her lover. The film is very engaging. I recommend. I’ll buy them all, I can not wait. Thanks Artofzoo team, you guys are awesome.

  27. cj1712 4 months ago


  28. bacozoo 4 months ago

    This is the first movie I’m buying. I’m very eager to watch. When I watch, I will talk about my impressions of what I saw. Of course, this is the first of many that I will buy.

  29. a971322476 5 months ago


  30. boss007 5 months ago

    I want to buy this movie, How?

  31. dfghy 5 months ago


  32. biiib2019 5 months ago


  33. babacool 5 months ago

    Great movie. Please continue Honey!

  34. jiyuting88 5 months ago


  35. qpoi 5 months ago


  36. wm123 5 months ago


  37. hornytoad420 5 months ago

    Well this is my first purchase and it didn’t disappoint! Honey has a booty to die for and animal can’t have enough of it. Love women in heels and honey is a sight to see. Love the scene when Honey spreads her legs up high for animal, that is soooo HOT! I highly recommend but sad to see no blow job scene, I know she does it in her first movie but would of been nice to see her do it here. But other than that, great movie.

    Would love to suggest maybe have the girls do a role play kinda thing? I mean I love the films and I know they are not actresses but would be cool having them dressed up as a hot maid pretending to clean and having the dog come into scene sniffing her, or dressed up like a hot business woman coming home from a hard day work to get a nice lick by her beloved doggy. lol just my thoughts, maybe someday in the future. 🙂

    • jirasek 3 months ago

      Hi, the idea for some new movies – like bussines woman which is comming home from hard day work – wow really good idea for new movie ! I hope that we will have some movies like this !

  38. wocaowocao 5 months ago


  39. lq168 5 months ago


  40. massagepleaseo 5 months ago


  41. jrizal 5 months ago

    Well done. She looks like she really enjoyed making this video. Great camera work and angles too. Would love to see an anal version of this video!

  42. tianmuhulos 5 months ago


  43. godhimself 6 months ago

    Does she swallows dog cum, this time?

  44. 6 months ago

    这个看着挺好看 刺激

  45. tomhase 6 months ago

    I am so glad that i bought this movie.
    Honey is very, very sexy. Her body is amazing, especially her ass. She really enjoys the doggy. It’s a lot of fun watching her. I like really like that she is almost completely naked .
    The film is very well done and the camera work is great.
    The missionary position is incredible, i saw this for the first time.
    I can t wait to see her in action again.

  46. suavegancho 6 months ago

    The movie was sweet. They teased poor Animal by holding back on his leash while Honey flashed that beautiful petpussy at him, he whined and howled in such anticipation.
    Honey took several hard mounts without getting that knot… But the last scene, after
    her attempt at missionary, was the most amazing! The sound quality was great. Honey moaned and squealed finnaly getting that huge knot fully inside her–where it belongs. If only we could have had a whole movie with a long tie like this last one. Honeys learning curve shows how rare a talent tigerliliy is for taking Animals knot on her first movie.
    Honey needs a long tie. And when the knot pops out, next time please let’s see all that dog jizz ooze out, before you let the dog clean her up. Kudoz for the clean-shaven pussy and no panties to distract from the action. Overall, begginning to end the dog tried to lick the linning out her pussy. Lick, lick, lick, and more licking, lots of licking; yet, the last brief knot scene was so incredible it’s worth the price of the whole movie, and her loud whimpers and moans are priceless.
    I look forward to a great Honey movie where honey takes that knot a long amount of time. A movie on par with tigerlily and kana.

    • genko1979 6 months ago

      It’s really an hot movie. She’s perfect and also this movie has one of my preferred details: high heels sandals.
      Scene of the knot in missionary position is one of the hottest! Hope to see her in other movie soon!

  47. qq234509356 6 months ago


  48. honey281121 6 months ago

    great movie, theres something more primal with missionary position. very hot and good movie. look forward to more from honey.

  49. juggygales 6 months ago

    Sexy, Honey is just plain sexy. Lots of foreplay positions and sexiness goodness. Hope we get much more from her and with different partners…

  50. artofzoobiggestfan 6 months ago

    What an excellent movie! Honey is a gorgeous blonde that is fucking a giant schnauzer. Great angles along with a new pet beauty in training. If I had one thing to say it would be I would love to see Honey Knotted long and hard by Animal and a nice clear view of her dog cum dripping flower. Look forward to seeing Honeys future videos!

  51. mimi69 6 months ago

    Fantastic movie!!

  52. albertjack86 6 months ago

    hi folks,

    the movie with honey is awesome..great action..
    I hope to see more movies like that.
    keep it up aoz great work

    Mansy Greatz

  53. laoshu 6 months ago


  54. sexoanimales 6 months ago

    Que rica

  55. dparks2010 6 months ago

    Great movie. Honey is very playful and sexy. The parts where she is ordering Animal are good. Good oral and camera work.

  56. zetafun 6 months ago

    honey <3 is a very hot petloving girl.

    she can move sexy and shows that she really enjoys the mating.

    thumbs up from me and i love her <3

  57. benz411 6 months ago

    Great movie! She makes love several different times! Great angles and great quality, she’s beautiful and that’s a big lover of hers! I’d definitely recommend!

  58. anheven 7 months ago

    Tôi muốn bộ phim này .tôi phải làm như thế nào để có được nó?

  59. frosch 7 months ago

    Next time please show how the dog is entering in the pussy of the Girl and don´t shake the camera so much like in this movie.

  60. astonboy 7 months ago

    Definitely was worth the waiting, Honey is gorgeous, the missionary part was super hot! Can’t wait to see more from her!

  61. kbwudi 7 months ago


  62. qiaoerjjyy 7 months ago


  63. nleung 7 months ago

    Great movie. Worth the money and look forward in seeing her in more movies.

  64. qqaazzwwssxx 7 months ago


  65. xiangni 7 months ago


  66. bajola 7 months ago


  67. bearseatnuts1 7 months ago

    Omg i cannot wait for this to be released, Honey is so stunning!!

  68. 9xzoned00 7 months ago

    Next video have Honey reversed tied.

  69. dnedry 7 months ago

    I am really very happy I bought this movie. I think it gets a lot of things right that I have been missing in other movies – which is mostly due to Honey. It is clear that she is not a pet lady outside of shooting movies but – as mentioned above – she very affectionate towards Animal and seems to loosen up and enjoy Animal’s attention more and more. I hope that she continues along this path.
    Finally, we have a model who is not shy to get naked (and she is definitely easy on the eyes) and who also does not feel the need to wear a wig. I usually find that these things take a bit of enjoyment away for me.
    The technical quality of the movie is top notch as usual. Great job. And there are quite a few scenes that have been compiled into this one movie. This movie really reminds of the Simone movies of the good old times.
    Minor gripes/things to think about: In the beginning when Honey strips her panties she keeps on the bra for a couple of more minutes. I found this a little bit irritating. In some scenes she is on the bed teasing Animal who is on the leash and I thought: “Release him, damn it.” and it does not happen for a while. It seems to me that once Honey is set for being mounted/filmed she has rather little wiggle room because of the camera between her legs for the hero shots. I would be happy with a scene or two where there are no hero shots but she can move around and interact more naturally with Animal.

  70. conradveidt 7 months ago

    The second Movie of Honey ist very good. I would be fine, if the next movie would be with a different dog. A Rottweiler would fit with honey.

    • suavegancho 6 months ago

      I could kind of agree, but I think it’s because we’ve become so spoiled rotten by the last few incredible movies with long ties and pop out knot-gushes. Compared to other producers’ movies this is awesome work. Compared against AOZ previous high standards… Meh, It lacks a bit. After all, she is in trainining. Let’s hope another movie will give us a much better/longer tie.

  71. shx1511057 7 months ago


  72. mccoy 7 months ago

    Does she swallow in this video? I only purchase videoes where you can see the girl actually swallow, but thats rare.

  73. redvelvetk9 7 months ago

    This movie sounds amazing. Making love vs just a hard fuck is so much more erotic and tantalizing. Is Animal able to completely empty himself into her or does he end up pulling out before he can make a full deposit? Either way it looks incredible and she clearly has a gift.

    • Author
      adam 7 months ago

      It’s a good tie so for sure he made a healthy deposit yes 😉

  74. privatreal 7 months ago

    ,,,hot Doggirl!!!!

  75. wdaire 7 months ago


  76. chiquitin13 7 months ago

    Amazing Honey!!! it has sucking scenes?

    • Author
      adam 7 months ago

      Ah, Honey learned sucking in her first movie 🙂 In this movie the Lady is primarily focused on learning how to knot, do missionary etc. She will do sucking next time I’m sure, she is quite good at it 🙂

  77. foxfoxfoxfox4 7 months ago


  78. curiouscd 7 months ago

    Looks like a star is born. A Dogstar that is!

  79. hornytoad420 7 months ago

    WOW! This looks fantastic!

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