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It all started a couple of months back. I was feeling stressed out about work when he wandered into my office and before I knew it, I was on my knees screaming his name into my balled-up panties while he pounded me fast and hard. Best stress relief I’ve ever had. I also loved getting back to work, wondering if anyone who needed to speak with me could guess my dirty little secret. Could they see my clothes were ruffled and my hair was a mess? Could they hear the smile on my face? Could they picture the cum pooling in my soaked panties? Needless to say, it became a regular thing.

I chewed my bottom lip in anticipation, my eyes constantly flicking over to the clock on my screen. Just five more minutes I keep telling myself. I should be paying attention to the call I was on for a project, but my mind is elsewhere, my body has an itch and I know just what I need to scratch it. I see him out of the corner of my eye, peeking in on me, he’s been pacing back and forth outside my office. If it weren’t for this damn conference call I’d have taken an early lunch, getting just what my body was craving.

“Julie, you look like you have something you want to add?” I suddenly hear, snapping me out of my daydream.

“No it all sounds good on my end,” I quickly lie, trying my best to regain composure, not wanting to delay my lunch break a second.

“Well, then I guess we’ll wrap up for today,” I hear my colleague say in her droning voice. Although with what it meant I was now free to do now, her voice sounded like sweetest music accompanied by a chorus of angels.

I mutter and nod my way through a bunch of promises and commitments that I hoped wouldn’t bite me too hard on the ass, before ending the call. I quickly slip out of my office and into the back room where he’s already waiting for me. Before I can even get my clothes off, he’s already all over me rubbing my legs while I fiddle with my shirt buttons.

He ends up knocking me back against a desk, his head going right between my legs and under the short skirt I had on. Being the naughty girl I was, I had already slipped my panties off in my office. I wanted to feel his cum dripping down my legs as I made the short walk back to my office.

“Mmmmm fuck Alex, you know how to get a girl going,” I groan while pulling off my shirt and bra in one fluid motion.

God, I couldn’t quite get over how amazing Alex was with his tongue, he knew just how to drive me wild. With one hand I hold Alex’s head while leaning and stroking between his legs. With each long pass of his wonderful tongue, I felt my body quake and quiver. I knew if I left him, he’d happily keep going and going too, making me squirm and squeal his name. Although as tempting as that was, I only had half an hour and I wanted more.

I gently push Alex’s head away from me, taking a moment to catch my breath before lowering myself down on the floor, hiking up my skirt, and presenting myself to Alex. Alex didn’t hesitate quickly mounting me, his red hot prick probing around my hot wet folds, teasing me, before he quickly slips between them. I let out a loud gasp of pleasure as I’m suddenly filled with Alex’s big thick cock. I don’t even have a second to adjust before Alex starts pounding me.

My fingers dig into the floor, holding on as Alex begins to jackhammer away at me my eyes rolling back in pleasure as his huge length leaves me feeling filled. I can feel myself already getting close as I feel Alex growing thicker inside of me. I knew soon he would be filling me with his hot cum and then the fun could really begin. It was just as well Alex couldn’t get me pregnant, because he always left me filled to the brim with his cum.

I could feel the sweet swelling inside of me as I lie forward trying my best to keep Alex as deep inside of me, reaching back and holding onto one leg incase he slipped free. Although I needn’t have worried, soon his thick knot was locked deep inside of me and I was soon tied with Alex as he began flooding my pussy with his hot doggy spunk. God, I loved working from home, almost as much as Alex loved having me at home all the time.

I had read stories about workplace affairs, or partners that would sneak away and get hot and heavy in their break times. Didn’t ever think I’d be able to do the same, especially given my choice of lover was very much of the canine persuasion. Yet here I was, fresh scratches on my legs, cumming hard on a wonderful doggy cock, while Alex bathed my womb with his red hot seed. I was in heaven.

Now I had the remainder of my lunch break to hold onto Alex while he continues to pump me full. Although the idea of taking the rest of the day off so I could cuddle with Alex properly was seeming more tempting with each sweet throb of his big thick member. I might even be able to get another round in if Alex was up for it.

I glance back and saw Alex smiling and panting away above me. “Alright sweetie, I think I can take the afternoon off,” I purr sweetly beneath his weight.

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  1. 6 days ago

    you had me when i read it all started

  2. k9cocklover 2 weeks ago

    So relevant during these times where a large number of people are working from home 😁 lovely work, as always @genericc66

  3. flashdog 2 weeks ago

    Very enjoyable

  4. LadyX 2 weeks ago

    Lovely piece of writing once again. Fantastic and cant wait to read more in the future 💋💋💋

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