Losing virginity to a dog

I was a young girl, home alone on the big farm I grew up on. I realize big to me and big to you may be different, but it is over 300 acres. I had been outside goofing around and got sweaty and dirty so I came in to take a shower before my parents got home and I got I trouble for getting dirty. I was supposed to stay in the house but I’d always rather be outside. I turned the water on and started taking off my dirty things. I pushed my shorts and panties down and bent down to take them off my feet and I felt a cold, wet nose in my pussy.

I was so startled I couldn’t even register or process what was happening before there was a tongue licking me. It felt so incredible but I realized what was happening and jumped in the shower before he could continue. I showered, dried off, and had my clothes in the washer before my parents got home, no problem. Nothing else happened for a couple weeks but I couldn’t quit thinking about that amazing feeling. The next time my parents were gone I decided to go out to the back corner of the farm and take my dog with me to fool around and see what happened. Our dog was Buddy, a mutt that had wandered up at our house randomly. He was at least part lab because that’s what he looked like, but who knows what else?

We had cut down some trees in the corner to keep them from falling on a fence between pastures in bad weather. We hiked up there, it was on top of a wooded hill, and stopped. Since the first time it happened I was naked I decided to take my shorts and panties off but hold them in my hand on the outside chance someone came up. I put them down on the ground to try to protect my ass from the pine needles and stuff as much as possible.

I sat down and spread my legs and he basically had his head in my crotch and his tongue in my pussy before I could think. Again, it felt amazing. The best feeling I’d ever had. He licked me deeply for maybe a couple minutes and he kept pawing at me. I thought that he wanted me to get on all fours so he could lick me some more. I figured he would be used to a dog’s pussy being out in his face so that’s what I should do. I decided to lay over one of the stumps just so I’d have something to rest on. I crawled over and he followed with his nose buried in my pussy the whole time. He licked me some more and I thought I was a genius. It felt amazing, it was safe, and he couldn’t and wouldn’t tell on me.

He quit licking and before I could turn around to figure out what was going on he was on top of me, on top of the stump. I felt something poking me in the leg a couple times and then felt something slimy but thin and hard sliding across my ass towards my pussy. On the fourth thrust he was inside me. As soon as his cock felt the wet tightness of my pussy his pace sped up and he was thrusting harder and harder. I was pinned by the tree stump and crying. His cock was suddenly huge and I was a virgin, and I had only a rudimentary idea of what was happening to me.

He finally quit thrusting and I thought he’d slide out of me but when he tried, he pulled me with him. I was stuck. I was sobbing by this time, sure that I’d be stuck there until a search party came to look for me and found me like that. I laid there and cried, what else could I do? He kept trying to pull his cock out but it didn’t seem to be budging. After what felt like eternity but was probably more like ten minutes, his cock finally popped out with a wet sucking sound and audible pop like a cork out of a bottle. Liquid was running out of me and I didn’t know what I was going to do about that.

I sat there and cried some more while I tried to decide what to do. My dog came over and started licking my sore pussy. I started to push him away but I was a mess and the more he licked, the less I’d have to clean up. Even though my pussy was sore and abused it felt amazing. He kept licking me and I had my first orgasm. I had never felt that much physical pleasure in my life. I was petting him and telling him he was a good boy and then I looked at his cock. It had a HUGE ball on it, between his cock and his body. I thought I had made his balls come out of his body and that was what had been stuck inside me. I started crying again, scrambling to figure out how I could explain to my parents that I’d broken our dog.

He sat down and started licking himself and while I watched his cock and that ball started to shrink and then retreated. I sacrificed my underwear to finish cleaning myself up and we walked home, me with my underwear in my pocket. I realize that may sound like a traumatic experience and you may wonder why I’d go back for more, but that orgasm was the most amazing experience of my life. It was like a drug and I was an addict. I craved more. At first I thought that I had to endure fucking to get to the good part, but eventually I learned how to position myself so that I enjoyed fucking too, finally getting to the point I realized it was the best part. I had many more adventures with Buddy before I went away to college, but those I will save for later.

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  1. jay27 6 months ago

    That was really HOT great work

  2. quill 8 months ago

    Puppyluv, that was a great story. I could imagine how nice it was being in the country, taking your dog with you into the woods and experiencing that first insert with the fantastic licking orgasm afterwards. I look forward to reading the next series about your experiences….very exciting…too bad I don’t have anywhere to put mine right this minute!!

  3. katv 8 months ago

    i am so envious

  4. longdawg 8 months ago

    That was a very erotic story and very well written. Thanks for taking the time to share that wonderful, if not confusing and scary exoerience with us.

  5. ilovedogslover 8 months ago

    this was so fucking hot thank you

    • Author
      puppyluvr 8 months ago

      Thank you for reading my story ilovedogslover.Maybe you had a similar experience as mine.

  6. Stryder69 8 months ago

    Great story. Thank you!

  7. shinelover 9 months ago

    nicely written! Very sexy as well!I can imagine myself as a girl in that position not knowing what to expect but loving his cock to much to care or stop him.Very beautifully done !!!!!

  8. doitrt 9 months ago


  9. sarodego 10 months ago

    What a good narration! Super! I like the write up !keep it up!

    • Author
      puppyluvr 10 months ago

      Thankyou for all for the wonderful comments on my blog,so sweet of you.
      I hope to publish more soon when i get the time to write them.

  10. ssaabb 11 months ago

    Damn, nice story

  11. kilavsuk 11 months ago

    Wonderful story

  12. squeak077 1 year ago

    I know a few with similar stories… a good writting.

  13. ricuva 1 year ago

    Lovely 🙂

  14. soulsreaver 1 year ago

    Great story. Thank you for sharing 😉

  15. dowser86 1 year ago

    Wow more pls

  16. bigdawg89 1 year ago

    Cant wait for to hear about your other adventures

  17. curiouscd 1 year ago

    Incredible story! What a way to start off your sex life!

    • sborrodolce 1 year ago

      fantastica esperienza, chi in italia che lo fà e puo’ aiutarmi a farlo? io maschio, a Torino

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