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Hello to all (small) dogs’ friends,

Doing your life with a canine boyfriend is not always easy, sometimes we wonder if we do not miss some things.

Yet when one finds the great, the unique, the love of an animal, it is a blessed period that fills us with happiness but also with less easy periods.

Get up in the morning and then think of your dog first, share his biscotti and prepare his meal, spend time with in the garden or in the nature and reconnect with the real little things that make life.

See him growing up, getting older, making those experiences, mistakes, sometimes nonsense, but always come back faithful and happy to be present and in good company.

Feel with his truffle to feel between the legs, to ask for caresses, to insist then to end up presenting his scabbard and finally to propose to go in the room.

Finally meet and caress his big coat of hair, undress and a look accomplice ride, feel his duster look for the entrance, comes back and forth and that big knot that binds our complicity of the moment by feeling the pressure of the seed streams.

Withdrawing after long minutes, licking to thank and finish embracing the naked body together on the down to end up kissing this big truffle.

To go out together and to rejoice passers-by in total ignorance of this special relationship of the so innocent act in the life of a human being with his dog.

Beware of the secret man, and the dumb dog.

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  2. sristi 2 weeks ago

    love the way you live

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