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I’m 18 years old. British Brunette with glasses and a few freckles can be said a-bit geeky but never failed to impress.

I have always been into the idea of letting a dog lick my pussy when I had a tiny Yorkshire terrier called Sasha who was quite old but I would always let her rest her head in between my thies while I masturbated and she would watch And be interested but she was to old and I don’t think the whole thing would excite her. I did catch her licking herself a few times and I’d let her till he made herself orgasm and I’d lay next to her and masturbate. She sadly passed away and we got a new dog a puppy that was 2 called Gizmo.

I never thought Gizmo would be into anything like that, but he did hump everyone except me.  He would always go into the washing basket to get my dirty underwear out, licking the crotch area. Then one night I was in my room on my own and I had earphones in. I was playing with myself and didn’t hear my door open – I felt him jump on my bed and come in between my legs to see what I was doing with myself.

I thought it was gonna be like with Sasha, but oh no! I shut my eyes and put my head back and then all of a sudden I felt warm air on my pussy and quick breathing. I looked, and Gizmo was laying with his face right in front of my pussy, not taking his eyes off. This absolutely drove me crazy! So I decided to pat myself, to tell him to come closer. He quickly jumped up, and start lapping at my slit – I couldn’t help but to let out a massive moan as he did. I’ve never felt anything better in my life – but just as I felt my orgasm coming somebody woke up and went to the toilet. Gizmo ran outside to see and it felt like he had teased me 🙁 I was left so wet, and so horny, and had just had my orgasm ruined.  It got me so horny thinking bout how much power he had over me.

A few nights later he came into my bedroom, and the top of his penis was poking out. Instantly, my eyes stared at it as I got hotter inside. I just wanted to touch it – so I did. He lay on his back, and I played with him… then he licked me, but again left me dripping and without a climax. It definitely felt like he was doing this on purpose.

Last night he came in again -I was playing, and I let him lick my fingers with my juices. He got the taste, and dived at my pussy, lapping until his face was dripping with my juices. Finally I get my climax with him, and I’m a complete mess! I’ve never felt so much pleasure In my life.

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  1. maddog38 2 months ago

    Amazing , very sexy story thanks for sharing with us 🥰

  2. CanIwatch 7 months ago

    that was such a hot read….I could def visualise it all happening . hanks for posting..

  3. l4z2020 7 months ago

    How good! Gizmo finally savored every drop of your juice and finished the job without interruption.

  4. Thewolfbrother 7 months ago

    A really nice read, thabks for sharing1

  5. Thewolfbrother 7 months ago

    That got me all hot under the collar. Great read!

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