SE-437 The Lap Dog

- by Carlotta Graham

- Published by: Silver Edition

- Date added: 23rd June 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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"Oooooh, ooooohhhhhh, ooooohhhhhh," she moaned. "Keep licking... licking... it feels so good... make me cum, going to cum... oh, faster, harder."

Eagerly the big dog licked into the aromatic feast below, his senses filled with the rich taste and smell and sight of this nakedly aroused human. Little by little a fierce burning was growing in the animal's own loins, brought to life by the writhing woman who begged and pleaded under him, half-buried in the sensuous silkiness of the white fur rug. Harder and harder the big animal stroked his tongue into the sex-slippery cunt so shamelessly offered up to him, at the same time growing ever more excited himself.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes... that'll do it... that'll make Momma cum. Keep it up. Just another second or two..." The dark-haired beauty was moaning and twisting in completely abandoned lust, feeling a wild pressure building, building far up inside her belly, stroked into life by Hans's lust-firing tongue. Fifteen years of orgasms, ever since she had first entered puberty, her whole lifetime of sexual experience told her she was about to cum, was about to cum like she had never cum before. Powerful spasms began to seize her helpless body and she was letting herself go with it when – suddenly to her horror she felt Hans's head wrenched from her grasp and her quaking cuntal flesh knew a terrible absence.

The shocked young woman raised her head questioningly to see what had robbed her of her orgasm. "W-What's the matter, Hans?" she asked pleadingly. The big animal was backing slowly away from her, a confused look on his face. "Come on," Sylvia begged, "come on back and do it to Momma. Please, baby, just a little more, just a little more and I'll cum..."

And then she saw it – his cock! As the young widow stared wide-eyed at the furry belly of the big German shepherd, she saw his huge penis slowly emerging from its hairy protective sheath, long and scarlet, needle-pointed and menacing. Longer and thicker it grew as the dog's excitement increased, until finally it stood out huge and rigid, a drop of viscous seminal fluid gleaming jewel-like at the very tip, a glistening promise of the animal's potency.

"My God!" Sylvia breathed to herself. She'd seen a lot of cocks in her life, but never anything to match this. It was so damn big! Sylvia found herself wondering if a woman could take a thing like that inside her without being split apart. But the most fascinating thing about the mighty organ bared to her gaze was its obscene scarlet coloring, growing out of the dog's pale-furred belly like the stalk of some lewd plant. And that cock was meant for her: She knew it, Hans had become aroused while licking her pussy and now it looked as if he wanted to use that huge weapon on her!

This was much more than the adventurous brunette had bargained for. Sure, she thought to herself, it was a daring new experiment to let the handsome brute lick her cunt, but now this! No, it was just too totally depraved! But at the same time, Sylvia's aroused pussy was clamoring for more attention, something to push her over the edge into her orgasm. "Hans, baby," she whimpered, her mind in a turmoil. God, what a beautiful cock. "How would it feel driving hard up inside her belly?" she wondered. Wider and wider the young widow's eyes grew as she stared at that mighty obscene shaft dangling and dripping just a few feet away from her, crazy images beginning to flicker through her mind of that hairy body possessing hers, locked to her in totally depraved embrace. Just then the German shepherd whimpered pleadingly, and that did it. Hans wanted her – his need was as great as hers!

With a little moan of surrender the sultry brunette rolled over onto her hands and knees, her full rounded buttocks swaying provocatively before the big animal's hungry gaze.

"Oh, fuck me, baby," Sylvia moaned back over her shoulder. "Fuck me with your big beautiful animal cock." Staring in trembling anticipation, Sylvia watched Hans move hesitantly forward, approaching her lewdly offered ass-cheeks. Once again that cool nose slid between her naked thighs, checking, checking. Would he do it? Did he know what she meant? Suddenly the last coherent thought was torn from the crouching woman's mind as Hans licked out with his tongue, splaying it through the pinkly quivering slit that waited before him, digging deep, deep this time up into Sylvia's wetly flowering vagina, preparing the way for his ultimate penetration.

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    Nice story

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