TNS-540 The Kennel Club

- by Gretchen Wilcox

- Published by: The Neighborhood Series

- Date added: 23rd June 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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The German shepherd was now nuzzling under the passion-crazed Clare's buttocks pushing his massive head between her writhing pelvis and the tight leather of the divan. Margie's eyes widened afresh in amazed disbelief as the dog's head lifted, raising the voluptuous brunette's loins. His meaning was perfectly clear... and the girl obediently knelt up, elevating her wide-spread ass-cheeks, bending before the slavering animal in abject surrender. As soon as she was on all fours, the huge dog leaped up on the couch and mounted her, his paws dangling on either side of her waist, the glistening scarlet point of his penis sliding out from its huge hairy sheath.

Margie watched in horrified fascination as the dripping, tapered cone of flesh slipped and danced along the hot wet crevice of her cunt while the animal trembled and jerked, trying to bury his quivering animal-cock deep in her subjugated body.

Clare looked lustfully back over her shoulder, shifting her clenching buttocks from side to side in an attempt to capture the lengthening red shaft: like a bitch in heat, she strove to sheath the long wet organ in her voraciously grasping cunt. The sharp tip missed, slid up to find her momentarily relaxed anus, and strove to enter there. Clare tensed, arching her back to avoid the spearing prod, but the dog returned at once to the attack. Convulsively jerking his loins, he thrust blindly forward, the thin point of his penis sliding unsuccessfully beneath, along the softly hair fringed crevice of her wet cunt, to ram itself against her swollen clitoris. The gleaming scarlet of his jabbing animal-cock contrasted startlingly with the fevered pinkness of Clare's passion-inflamed pussy, splaying the lips wider as his still unhoused shaft rubbed between them. Margie held her breath as the huge dog bucked furiously behind the kneeling girl, trying to skewer her on the still-lengthening taper of its dripping penis. Finally the kneeling brunette, desperate with frustration, reached back to grasp the slippery rod herself, guiding its point into the pinkly glistening slit of her cunt, spreading it wider and wider apart with every thrust of the animal's loins.

Clare's head snapped back and she gave an inarticulate cry as the huge German shepherd buried the cone-shaped length of his immense penis deep in her wetly clasping pink hole. It slithered forward with a sucking rush until it was sunk to the hilt, his furry balls swinging below the soft curls of her lust-drenched pubic hair.

The girl on the couch swung her head from side to side in relief as she moved rhythmically backwards to meet the thrusts of the panting dog. With its forelegs trapping her waist, she began to undulate her body and move her buttocks in lewd circles, abandoning herself to the delicious animal fucking she was receiving from behind. Her milk-white breasts were dancing beneath her writhing torso, bouncing in time to the skewering cock of the dog as it slid far up into her from behind a hot relentless poker of glistening flesh burying itself deep in her belly.

Her face, contorted in rapture from the erotic screwing the dog was giving her, was turned toward her two friends, both of them wildly finger-fucking themselves in time to the convulsive jerks of the German shepherd's loins as their taut-peaked breasts quivered on their heaving chests. Outside in the shrubbery, Margie's breath was coming in tight little gasps and the burning sensation bubbling deep in her belly grew in maddening intensity each moment she watched the feral ravishment of the abandoned girl in the house. She bit harder on her lower lip to keep back a groan of frustration.

Clare had gone completely out of her mind now. She was shouting lewd encouragement to the dumb beast through clenched teeth. She was begging him to fuck her harder and faster until he spewed his cum far up into her cunt. In her lust-crazed state of exaltation, she wanted to be filled up with animal sperm and that was all that mattered: she was no longer human herself but simply a quivering mass of passion deranged flesh that ached to be subjugated. She was reveling in the humiliation of being screwed by this panting beast in front of an audience and she ground her buttocks fiercely back against his hairily jerking body like any other animal. Margie stared in abject fascination as the tiny rivulets of moisture coursing down the girl's ass cheeks glistened in the sunlight streaming through the windows as it ran slowly down the backs of her thighs.

  1. iqra88 1 month ago

    I feel so erotic

  2. gatochip 2 months ago

    muy bueno gracias

  3. Phyllis 2 months ago

    This is one of the books I found when I was a little girl in my mother’s ‘stash’. It feels so erotic to read it again as a grown woman; it means so much more to me now!

    Thank you, Gretchen, for writing it!

    • Author
      adam 2 months ago

      And, thank you to Lucien for lovingly preparing and publishing it for us 😉

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