ST-09 Sensuous Tales - Vol 9

- by Various Authors

- Published by: Sensuous Tales

- Date added: 23rd June 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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The tiny blonde teenager tried to open her thighs wider, hoping it would give the panting dog easier access to her savagely impaled vagina. Even so, Sally could feel that huge flesh staff ramming again and again like a rubbery pile-driver deep up into the never before used depths of her pussy until it felt as if her narrow cunt were going to be split wide open.

Low shuddering moans escaped in a continuous stream from lips pulled back over her glistening white teeth as Roscoe's hairy animal loins thudded resoundingly into her widespread buttocks again and again, each fierce advance shoving that scarlet spear another fraction of an inch deeper up into her plundered genitals.

Then to her surprise the whimpering teenager found that it wasn't hurting so much any more. In fact, it felt good! Little by little the pain-filled expression on the girl's lovely young face was transformed into a stare of blind passion as she crouched in helpless lust before the humping animal. Almost without warning, Sally felt her hips begin an automatic motion back against the invading dog-penis, and in another moment the suddenly desirous teenager was twisting her buttocks in lewd circles of abandoned passion, mewling and moaning in lascivious pleasure.

She tried to look back under her body to watch the dog's thrusting cock disappearing up into her grasping cunt, but could only see his hairy canine balls as they swung repeatedly against her tender swollen clitoris, causing additional sharp jolts of pure licentious delight to course madly through her naked body. With one hand the straining girl reached back toward her own pussy and let her fingers encircle Roscoe's slippery wet cock as it raced in and out between her sensitively swollen cunt lips, at the same time greedily digging her knuckles into her own sex wet flesh.

Sally felt a rush of depraved gratification rush across her body as the full realization of what she was doing dawned upon her clouded mind.

Somehow the very thought of crouching shamelessly on the ground, offering her young body to a panting beast added another dimension of lust-filled depravity to the sensations that were already ravaging her wildly aroused body.

Parker, too, was stimulated by the perversity of the unnatural scene before him as he lecherously watched Roscoe's thick dog-cock disappear with ferocious pressure up into the young blonde's squirming pink pussy-hole, one of his hands holding the brush apart while the other was wrapped tightly around his own massively erect penis.

"Aaaaaahhh... nnnnngggg... ooohhhhhh!" he heard Sally chant in abandoned ecstasy as she screwed her buttocks back down against Roscoe's driving loins. Parker continued to pump his own cock with increased vigor as he watched the wildly changing expressions flicker over Sally's passion-distorted face. The moaning girl was obviously completely enraptured by the animal-fucking she was receiving from behind.

While Parker watched, he found that the stroking of his own blood-filled staff had taken up the same tempo as Roscoe's cock fucking rhythmically into the teenager's tight pink cunt before it. The grey-haired man could see the German shepherd's glistening shaft sawing relentlessly in and out, drawing forth the blonde's clinging vaginal flesh on the outstroke and ramming it back up inside each time the big animal lunged forward. But the most exciting thing to Parker was the animalistic way that Sally bucked her ass-cheeks back to seek the hard red staff that was plunging deep up into her hotly seething little belly.

  1. hansleid 4 months ago

    the first two stories have been fireworks of ‘dirty’ thoughts wonderfull the rest you can skip

  2. hansleid 4 months ago

    thank you i come back later with my comment

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