OP-3860 Taboo Acts – Vol 1 – Loving The Dog

- by Valerie Gray

- Published by: Olympia Press

- Date added: 29th May 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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I could feel my legs shaking as I started climbing the stairs to my room. The dog was behind me, but then quickly passed me and was waiting for me at the top. His tail was wagging, and his cock was still hanging down, fully erect. As I reached the top of the stairs I reached out and gently grasped his cock in my hand. His cock was very warm, and felt heavy. I then walked to the bedroom and the dog followed behind. When I closed the door behind us, the realization that I was about to initiate a sexual encounter with him fully set in and I began shaking with sexual excitement. He immediately came towards me and began nervously sniffing for my crotch. It was only around 8:30am, and I was only wearing panties under my robe. However, robe was closed tightly so he couldn't get at me.

He continued to sniff around my crotch, so I decided to see what he would do. So I undid my robe simply letting it fall open. He immediately pressed his nose directly against my crotch, and licked my crotch through my panties. I removed my robe and panties. I then dangled my panties in front of him and he continued sniffing at them. I dropped them on the floor and watched as he kept sniffing them on the floor. Now completely naked, the dog lifted up his head and began sniffing between my legs. I backed away form him slightly, but the dog quickly moved in closer and continued sniffing me. I then sat down on an edge of the bed with my legs crossed. The dog kept sniffing my crotch, but I kept my legs crossed. The dog then aggressively put both front paws up onto the bed clearly trying to mount me.

After giving a few licks to my face and forehead, he began licking my breasts. His tongue actually lifted my breasts up and down as he licks them. This went on for about 5 seconds before the dog once again began sniffing my crotch. This time, I reclined back on my elbows and spread my knees apart, letting him get at me.

He then got off the bed and placed his nose right against my vaginal lips. After a few sniffs, he began flicking his tongue against my pussy. However, at first he didn't seem all that interested in my pussy. Instead, using long, slow strokes, he spent about 2 min licking my lower stomach and small bush. Although he wasn't licking my pussy, I did enjoy the sensations his tongue produced, and my nipples were clearly erect. He then seemed to lose interest and simply lay down at my feet. Thinking he was finished, I started to get up from the bed to wash up. However he quickly got up before I could, and suddenly just stuck his head right between my legs. This time he began licking my pussy much more aggressively. I then reclined slightly back on my hands and again spread my legs apart for him. Initially, he licked my pussy in a vertical (up and down) direction, and then he turned his head sideways and began licking my pussy in a vertical (side to side) direction. I responded by lifting one foot up onto the bed. I then placed both feet back on the floor and spread myself even farther apart for him. I rested my hands on my knees and thighs as he licked me. He was really going now. Not only could I see, but also I could clearly hear his tongue moving around my pussy. This felt very good, and I moaned softly a few times. Then something happened that almost made me stop. When I used my fingers to expose more of my clit, the dog began licking my wedding ring. The sight of him licking my ring immediately made me think of my husband. I started feeling guilty, and thought about stopping. However the dogs tongue felt so good, I just couldn't bring myself to stop. At first I kept my hand still as he licked it. I then opened my hand and let the dog lick between my fingers. I then placed my hand back on my thigh, and the dog once again focused on my vaginal area.

  1. tamandjay24 6 months ago

    My Wife will LOVE this book! 🙂

  2. memo1992 8 months ago

    I want this book ?

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