ODS-109 Animal Lover

- by Lenny Morgan

- Published by: Open Door Series

- Date added: 29th May 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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The canine brute leapt onto Lenny with a force that almost knocked her over backwards in the overstuffed chair. He began to lap her exuberantly about the face and breasts.

"Hey!" she protested. "Bad doggie!"

His lappings were so energetic, in fact that in a matter of mere seconds he had loosened the blouse front sufficiently that three buttons popped off in a minor artillery burst.

This accident permitted an unleashed breast to slip freely into the open air.

It might have been ego... but Lenny thought that the dog paused in his clumsy advances for a second as though awed by the sight of such a flawless and well-endowed bosom.

However, he took little if any respite from his exercise, he began instantly to slurp loudly at her nipple.

"Uh... hey..." she was finding it harder to protest now.

The dog managed to work his muzzle in under what was left of her blouse and lap at the other lovely, white boob until it too, sprang free of all encumbrances.

"... listen... hey, fella... bad... uh... dog-" Lenny's protests were becoming weak gasps. Something in the roughness of the canine tongue excited her. Her nipples froze into passionate rigidity. She could feel her breasts stiffening and becoming tense objects of sensual delight "Listen, doggy..." she tried once more to fend off his attack. This time she succeeded in pushing him off from her chest and down to the floor. But the great dane answered by lunging up under her suit-skirt this time. He tongue worked lustily at the naked orifice that he found there "So... no... yes... GOOD DOGGIE! GOOD BOY! GOOD BOY! MORE!" Lenny was quite out of control by this time.

Harold Cubbings, who had at first reached into his desk drawer for the revolver he always kept there, now stared in disbelief at the scene unfolding before his very eyes. His favorite pet, kindly old Horatio, was raping Miss Morgan! Worse still, Cubbings thought desperately, Horatio had chosen to rape the unfortunate Miss Morgan right here in the offices of Xylotropic Industries Incorporated!

"This," Cubbings admonished his dog from behind the safety of the desk, "this is truly outrageous!"

Horatio, dreaming nothing of other philosophies, proceeded with his attack quite cheerfully; punctuating his probings and sniffing with exemplary wags of his huge tail.

"GODDAMN!!!" Lenny cried.

"Oh! Oh! Miss Morgan," the befuddled Cubbings stood behind his desk, struggling and twitching in a helpless fit of cowardice. "Miss Morgan... I... I am simply MORTIFIED!!!"

"Screw! SCREW! SCREW!" Lenny cried.

With a deep breath and a set to his jaw, the terrified Harold Cubbings made a step forward, intending to break up the disgusting activities and rescue the attractive Miss Morgan.

He stopped suddenly in his tracks. His mouth dropped open, permitting a drop of saliva to drool down the corner of his lips.

Harold Cubbings could not believe his eyes!

Lenny had reached down and grabbed the animal by the haunches, with a terrific wrenching motion, she managed to pull the animal up between her legs. This enabled him to hump his long, red, steaming prick up into her open cunt.

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  1. Phyllis 1 month ago

    Mother had this one in her secret collection lol; I remember reading it when I was a very little girl; even then, I was curious…


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