ML-302 Prince The Widow

- by William Spain

- Published by: Mercury Library

- Date added: 27th May 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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"Good," Mrs. Coggins said. "Now run and fetch in Jules. I want him to meet my guests."

"Yes, Mrs. Coggins. I'll do that immediately."

"Good. Be off with you, girl," Mrs. Coggins cried.

I glanced at Sue and she glanced back at me. Mrs. Coggins, I thought, had a well-trained staff, if the one person we had seen working for her was an indication. Mrs. Coggins cleared her throat. 'Tell me, Mr. Williams, what did you think of her? Would you like to take her to bed?"

I grinned. "Yes. Yes, I would. I thought she was very cute and sexy-looking."

Mrs. Coggins turned to Sue, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. "And what about you, Sue. Would you like to take Catherine to bed?"

Sue got to her feet and brushed her long hair away from her face before answering (it didn't do any good – the hair fell back across her eyes immediately, where upon she brushed it away again). "I'm not a Lesbian, Mrs. Coggins," she said slowly. "I think you know that by now. I simply enjoy most everything that has to do with sex. As to going to bed with Catherine, I can't say the idea turns me on very much. I wouldn't mind doing it, if I were in the mood, but at the moment, well, no, I don't believe I'd miss not going to bed with her. Now may I ask you something?"

"Yes yes, of course, Sue. Ask me anything you like." Mrs. Coggins' black eyes lighted up with lust, though why this should be happening now I couldn't have said. "Go ahead," Mrs. Coggins added when Sue was slow in speaking. "Ask your question."

Sue bit her lips and I could sense that she was steeling herself to put it as bluntly as she could. That is, I could sense this after I had heard her question and thought about it in retrospect. "Mrs. Coggins," Sue asked, "do you, take your police dog often? Would you let us watch you, with him?"

"Say it, girl," Mrs. Coggins told Sue. "Say exactly what you mean. Please don't leave out words. You won't offend me by speaking bluntly. I'd much prefer that you did."

Sue took a deep breath. "I want to see you fuck your big dog, Mrs. Coggins. I don't know why, but ever since he tried to, jump me, I've wanted to see him operate."

Mrs. Coggins smiled. "Other women who have been here have said the same thing, Sue. Women, that is, that Prince has jumped up on and pumped his prick at them. All of these women seemed to be fascinated by my dog's actions insofar as I'm concerned. I mean, they always put it that way. They say they'd like to watch Prince and me go at it. Usually, what they want is enough courage to be alone with him." Here Mrs. Coggins peered hard at Sue. "Be alone with him and be naked. That's what they want."

Sue's face was red now and her eyes seemed glazed. "I don't want to be alone with your dog, Mrs. Coggins. He frightens the life out of me. All I want is to see him on you doing it to you. I don't know why I'm so fascinated at the prospects of viewing such a scene. I-" She was interrupted by the return of Catherine. There was a big guy with her. I took him to be Jules. "Mrs. Coggins," Catherine said, "here is Jules."

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  1. olddogdick1 7 months ago

    i loved the first part of the story thanks

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