LLP-2013 Double Marriage

- by Roger Zapman

- Published by: Little Library Press

- Date added: 27th May 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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The crowd laughed as Jack turned to his lush mother-in-law. "Carol, honey, want you to help a little. You take Fido's prick and play with it a little to be sure it's in the best possible condition for Kit. Then I'm gonna let you help him get it in her cunt..."

Carol made no reply as she stared at the long organ. She was now so aroused that her new role was not unwelcome. She sank to her knees beside the dog and put a hand on his back as she watched him work on Kit's vagina, his dripping tongue was now going in and out of the puffed lips. The thought occurred to Carol that one of the dog's few weak points was that he was apparently unaware of a girl's clitoris... but, hell, so were a lot of men who fancied themselves expert lovers...

"Okay, Carol – quit daydreaming and take his prick. Remember, you're doing it for Kit as well as the dog." Jack's words snapped the beautiful blonde woman's attention back to her job and she bent slightly to look again at the swaying organ beneath the dog's shaggy body.

Carol moved one hand slowly toward the strange penis. Then she grasped it almost eagerly; the erotic nature of the situation had her own loins once more moist and aroused, and her touch on the animal produced mutual reactions.

For the dog did react; Carol's fingers made him abandon for a moment the succulent vagina in front of him and turn to look at the pretty female who seemed so interested in his penis. This interest was not a new one to the dog; many of his human sex partners had clasped his penis in eager hands...

"Okay, Carol – his prick feel like it's ready?"

The woman did not look up at Jack as she replied. "It's ready. I think he can fuck Kit now..."

"Good. Carol, I'm gonna let you help him get it in. You'll have to move him up and get his front legs over Kit. He'll know what to do – he's done it before..."

For the first time Carol looked up at her daughter's face. She saw there an expression that reflected a lust that seemed to equal her own. Carol had a momentary rational thought – at least Kit seemed to be aroused and ready in a purely sexual sense for the dog. But her reaction later might be something else again...

Her mind snapped back to the details of the coming union as the dog began to whimper and move up on Kit's prone body. He put one foot on her little belly as he worked up between her raised and spread thighs. Carol's hand stayed on his penis as she encouraged the move. The organ felt strange in her fingers, it seemed at the same time both harder and softer than a human penis. But it throbbed and jerked in her grasp, and Carol had no doubt that it would provide exquisite pleasure to the girl beneath the hairy beast. For a moment she envied her excited daughter...

Jack looked down at his wife. "You ready, Kit? You want the dog's prick up your cunt? Tell me if you want him to fuck you."

Kit's eyes were closed but her answer was not hesitant. "Oh, yes... yes. Let him fuck me, if that's what you want..."

Her husband shook his head. "I didn't ask you what I want. I want to know if you want the dog to fuck you. Tell me exactly what you want."

Again Kit's answer tumbled out without hesitation. "Yes – damn it, I want him. Let him fuck me – I want his prick up my cunt. Oh, hell – Mom, put it in for me. Hurry – I want him to fuck me..."


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