IL-318 The Animal Cult

- by Otto Guntzinger

- Published by: Impact Library

- Date added: 28th April 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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He thrust his penis between my tender buttocks and I screamed as I felt that sturdy flesh pierce my quivering buttocks.

In and out that cruel flesh went, until I thought I should do. He cursed me and tormented me with the foulest names as he continued the assault.

Then, to my horror, I heard him call the beast. Don Carlos slipped his hands from my breasts and spread my legs. The beast moved toward my vagina. I screamed and moaned and shouted, but it was all in vain. The beast was upon me.

Don Carlos' organ kept thrusting, but my pain was now of second importance. The dog nipped the lips of my vagina with his drooling fangs. I could smell his beastly odor. It was the worst smell I had ever experienced. It was as if all the evil in the world had been rolled up into one animal, and kept moldering in a foul swamp. Then the animal's tongue entered me. It was sharp and rough.

The penis between my buttocks and the dog's tongue in my vagina almost drove me insane. But there was nothing I could do. Soon, I felt Don Carlos organ grow at great length. His hot passionate seed poured into me. and the dog thrust his tongue so deep inside me that I thought I would be impaled on it. Don Carlos rose, and with his powerful hands forced me into an animal position on my hands and knees.

"Have mercy! Not that, I beg of you."

But Don Carlos did not even hear me. His thoughts were on how to satisfy the beast. Holding me down, he allowed the animal to thrust his furry penis into my vagina. I could feel the foul breath of the beast behind me.

No one will ever know the shame I felt at that time. As the beast began to hump me, as if I was a stray dog near the village fountain, Don Carlos performed other strange and horrible things on my body.

Don Carlos slipped under me and put his leering face next to mine as the beast was about to inject his brutal liquid into my innocent body.

"Do you like it, my pet? Do you like the feel of his brutal penis penetrating the most sacred of your mysteries? I promise you much more of such divine sport. When you leave here you will be able to say that you are a learned woman."

Then he turned to the dog and encouraged him to pump harder. Soon his liquid burst into me, and the dog moved to one side, exhausted, his tail dragging between his legs and his eyes glazed.

They both left the room. They left my body as one would leave a rag doll that had been used. For a long time I remained on the floor, trying to understand what had happened to me and weeping bitter tears. Finally, I realized that tears or feeling sorry for myself would not help me. I must find a way to escape this brute.

  1. Phyllis 10 months ago

    These were the books my mom and dad read by the ton! I think I’d read them all by the time I was like 8 lol…

  2. selli90 11 months ago

    es klingt Traurig aber auch brutal , sie wurde vergewaltigt was nicht so schön ist

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