HP-6366 Abused Teenager

- by Paul Gable

- Published by: Heatherpool Press

- Date added: 28th April 2018

- Prepared by LucienOM

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Shadow dropped his head, creeping toward the quivering young woman. Julie let out a throaty series of groans, inching her head back, keeping her widened eyes fastened on the approaching animal. Her heart beat wildly while more sweat oozed from her pores.

Yes, she wanted the animal! Oh, Jesus Christ in Heaven, how she wanted that dog now! It was a horrible thing to admit to herself, but it was true! What would her saintly mother say now about her daughter? A faint smile crossed Julie's lips as she felt Shadow's breath against her toes. She was a true daughter of Sodom now. Fucking with men was nothing compared to what was going to happen! "OHHHHH!"

Julie felt the last shred of pride fall from away as his tongue started lapping up and down her inner thighs. Dog drool dripped onto her belly as he licked up toward her tits, then back down to her opened snatch. Oh, God, his pink tongue was so hot! It was soft, and yet excitingly ticklish as well. The young woman wallowed on the cement basement floor. The dog's coat prickled her naked flesh. Julie actually hooked one leg up and stroked his back with her toes, feeling his wagging bushy tail tickling the sensitive spots of her soles.

"Oh, God!"

Julie parted her legs for his sharp black muzzle. The German shepherd growled low, his dark brown eyes rolling up, studying the groaning blonde. Julie felt herself spinning out of control. She gulped in breaths of air when she heard the dog growling a soft, smothered growl of lust. When she opened her eyes and looked down under Shadow's belly, she saw the dark red spear of his dick. It had slipped an inch or two from its dark gray furry sheath and glistened with pre-cum. Julie shuddered, her eyes riveted to the strange, knobby dog-cock. A strange series of images of dogs fucking in packs ran through her confused mind. "No, NO!"

No, she couldn't let this sort of thing happen and still call herself a woman! But then Shadow would touch her clit with his tongue and worm that oral organ into her pussy, and Julie would forget all about morality – and drink in the delicious sensation.

Now she was babbling with lust, her hands holding Shadow's head down so he could lap her cuntal-slit. Julie propped herself up on her elbows, watching the dog lick her pussy. His tongue rubbed her pussy-meat. The young woman shivered as she watched her clit forced down. Shadow wagged his powerful doggie hips and even more of his cock slithered out. The girl's cunt-hairs clung together in wet little curls along the edges of her cunt-lips. At times, the young woman swayed, feeling her tits roll together. Oh, it was wonderful!

"Oh, God, GODDDD!"

Julie moaned loudly, writhing against the floor. She was petting the big animal with one foot while he lapped and wet her cunt with his spit. Ohhh, it was dog spit, the worst thing that could be happening to her. And yet as she sat there, watching her thighs shiver under the constant oral attention of the animal, Julie couldn't care. It didn't matter that she was being mouth-fucked by a German shepherd. Ohhh, it was so soothing, so wonderful!


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