TSS-803 The Animal Swappers

- by Carlotta Graham

- Published by: The Sandman Series

- Date added: 09th December 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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The young raven-haired neighbor stepped cheerfully up to the front door of Karen Edwards' house and knocked. Oddly enough, she found that the door had not been properly latched and slid open when her hand banged against it. Slowly, cautiously, fearing that something might be wrong, Sally walked on tiptoe into the immaculately clean living room and cocked her ear to listen for strange sounds while her eyes searched for anything out-of-place or out of the ordinary.

Nothing. Silence and everything in its proper place.

Now, that's odd! Why was the front door open like that? Sally looked around again, this time with greater concentration. No, nothing unusual. The gold brocade sofa sat before the lowslung glass-topped coffee table, Bill's large, comfortable soft chair rested in its proper place with its pillows neatly fluffed out, no lamps overturned, no pictures askance on the walls, even all of the ashtrays were sparkling clean with not one grey ash in them! Sally prowled carefully forward towards the kitchen... no, nothing amiss there, either. The floor was swept clean and polished so that it gleamed, the counter tops and sink were immaculate and shining, even the trash can had been emptied! All that Sally could determine from her brief but searching inspection was that Karen seemed to be an extraordinary housekeeper!

Suddenly, Sally froze, her hand gripping tightly around the small glass jar she had carried over so that the knuckles turned white. She had heard a sound, an animalistic moaning sound, an unmistakable and erotic sound... "Ooooooaaaaauuuuuwwwoooooo!"

Yes, that's Karen alright, muffled though the sounds! But it can't be Bill she's with... he's out of town, she said so herself...

Sally's first thought was that someone had broken into the house – that's why the front door had been open! – and was now forcing Karen into some unnatural or depraved act in her own home! Cautiously, Sally walked along the carpeted floor towards the direction of the incredible moan... step by step, her hand still wrapped tightly around the glass jar she had carried with her... towards the bedrooms... down the narrow hallway... and then she saw!

The young brunette's eyes flew open and her hand suddenly lost its grip on the glass jar so that it fell to the floor. Luckily, there was soft, plush carpeting beneath her feet so the falling jar made no noise. Sally stood there, frozen, mesmerized, her eyes bulging wide, her breath caught in her throat and suddenly she shivered, although it was a warm summer day.

There at the end of the hallway, the bathroom door stood wide open. And inside the well-lit room Sally saw the most extraordinary thing she had ever seen in her life! Can it be? Can that be... inexperienced young Karen Edwards... being licked and sucking back in return her new pet dog?


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