IPB-171 The Doggie Doctor

- by Elizabeth Watson

- Published by: Illustrated Paperback Book

- Date added: 27th November 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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Mimi could see the dog's scarlet hardness splurging lewdly into the gal, who strained back beneath him, buffeting her loins up against the grinding assault on her wildly writhing cunt as groan after fitful groan escaped her lips. Her head was flaying from side to side, the sunlight spilling through her tangled blonde hair as again and again the dog tucked insanely into the girl, his fucking strokes becoming more and more rapid, causing the bedsprings to squeak obscenely with each thrust of his hotly tucking animal-cock which was bringing squeals of pleasure from the blonde girl.

Weakly Mimi pressed her body into an arch shape, bending her knees to give her access to her pussy mound, her full white breasts trembling sensuously, her entire body quivering with electrified ripples of erotic sensation that were sweeping over her, racing through the warmly throbbing lips of her pussy and up into the deeper recesses of her ecstatically heaving belly.

Her face was colored deeply with the wild pounding of her heart as she felt her own orgasm coming, building within her like a surging, storm-swelled wave, and for a moment she clung to the door, savoring the lewd pleasure tingling obscenely in her wetly clasping cuntal sheath.

In front of her the two wantonly writhing figures were contorting spasmodically on the sheet-tangled bed, a low bestial snarl escaping the animal's throat as the girl's whitely gleaming buttocks continued their wild staccato pounding back into his furry pummeling canine cock.

At the same time Mimi could feel her own body begin to spasm violently as her clenching cunt began to spew the hot juices of release in gushing spurts around her worming finger, immediately covering her hand, then streaming warmly down her tingling thighs. Simultaneously, a muffled scream – which would have been piercing and awakened the whole valley had not the girl buried her face in the bed coverings – echoed hollowly through the room, followed with a low animal groan that signaled the dual fury of savage orgasm between woman and beast.

For several moments, Mimi just stood there, her legs quivering wearily, her naked buttocks swaying gently from side to side. She could not bring herself to withdraw her fingers from her wetly nibbling cunt until the dying throb of her climax was stilled within her body. At last she heard the bed squeak in the room beyond, jarring her back to consciousness. Peering through the crack of the door, she saw her roommate lying alone on the bed. The girl's legs were parted, her buttocks raised as though she had been frozen in that fucking position. Her face was turned toward Mimi in a blank stare, her hands cupped over her young heaving breasts in a gesture of complete satiation. Slowly Mimi's fingers slipped moistly from her own requited cunt; slowly she turned from the door.

Oh Lord, what kind of people was she stuck with for the summer? What kind of woman would make love to a dog and like it?!

  1. beddog 12 months ago

    the introduction is indeed tempting

  2. pililocura 1 year ago

    lindo pero a momento de descargar el libro en PDF , lo baja en ingles , alguien sabe como traducirlo por favor?

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