BLP-120 The Boyfriend

- by Gail Ray

- Published by: Bristol Library Press

- Date added: 21st November 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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"Coming up," the bartender smiled, trying to humor him as he knew he was a new customer and he didn't want him to take his trade elsewhere if he was moving into the area.

He got to talking a short time later, with a young man about his own age. He was complaining, "You know it burns me up how you can knock yourself out to make something move and then this happens!"

"What happens?" Charlie inquired.

"Well, you see," the man explained, "I'm a movie producer, and I had this movie ready to roll, and the girl cut out on us."

"It shouldn't be hard to find another girl," Charlie shrugged, "Actresses are a dime a dozen, I've always heard."

"Well, not for movies like I make," he said flatly.

"What kind of movies do you make?"

The young man turned and looked both directions, and then he smiled, "Sex movies."

"Oh, I see," Charlie nodded, and then he took another drink.

"Do you know where you could find me a chick who'd go along with-"

"With what?"

"A starring role as a dog-fucker," the young man said bluntly, "The pay is good, and Dandy is a nice dog."


"Yeah, that's the name of the Great Dane who stars opposite the girl in the movie."

"Does the dog get billing?" Charlie asked, certain the answer would be no.

"Sure, he does. He's playing the male lead, so why shouldn't he get co-star billing."

"Well, that's nice. Nobody can say you're not fair to dogs, can they?"

"No," the producer said, ordering another drink a moment later.

"I've got an idea," Charlie said, "I know a girl who I think would be perfect for the part. She's built, and she has a real sexy face."

"How much does she want?"

"Five hundred," Charlie suggested, knowing that amount of money could see them through for a little while anyway.

"I'll make a deal with you. If you'll give me Dandy, and let me give her the dog as a gift on week later, I'll have her ready and willing to star in your dog-fucking movie."


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