BLP-104 A Model

- by Allan Rogers

- Published by: Bristol Library Press

- Date added: 20th November 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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Dave stepped out of the room a moment and brought in a beautiful dog. Debbie just stared at it and wondered if the dog was going to stay in the room.

"What kind of dog is he?"

"German Shepherd," Jerry smiled proudly. "His name is Prince."

"Oh, Prince, you're beautiful," Debbie exclaimed. The big dog jumped on the bed and immediately began sniffing at her pussy. Both Jerry and Dave broke up laughing when they saw this.

"He's horny for you," Jerry nodded, watching everything closely. Glancing down at the dog's genitals, Debbie spotted the huge, thick penis.

"Do you think he'd be a good screw?" she giggled.

"There's only one way to find out," Dave smiled, "let him fuck you-"

Even though Debbie had never before thought of having intercourse with a dog, this beautiful animal did turn her on. His beautiful eyes looked at her eagerly. He was obviously very anxious to fuck her.

As Prince's pink tongue licked away at her breasts, she couldn't help but wonder if somebody had trained him to do all these things.

"Is this one of those sex-trained dogs?" she smiled, enjoying the enthusiasm the dog displayed for her body.

Suddenly the urge to feel the dog's penis excited her imagination. She reached down and gripped the dog's penis and stroked it. The dog went into action. Pulling back, he suddenly placed his paws on her shoulders. Reaching down to grip his huge, pulsating tool she guided him into her cunt. The dog thrust, and she squealed in delight.

"Ohhh, this is wild – I love it, I love it," she panted, as the dog rammed it to her.

"Give it to her Prince," Jerry said, grasping his penis as he watched.

Dave reached for his tool too. Now, the two of them were pulling on their peckers.

"Thata' boy – fuck-fuck, fuck me," she cried out in uninhibited enthusiasm.

Dave and Jerry closed in. Both of them were jerking their penises now with wild abandon. Their rods stiffened and the heads became larger as they continued pumping and watching.

"How about that?" Jerry grinned, "isn't that a wild fuck?"

"Yes, yes," she enthused, "but don't you cats let your guns go off – I want to gobble down that prick juice!"

"Okay, baby, we'll let you give us both head when you finish giving the dog his-"

Prince's paws pressed harder into her shoulders as he drove his thick, pulsating penis up her cunt. Never before had anything turned her on like this. The wild, hard thrusts and the distance the cock went inside her had her going out of her mind with excitement.

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  1. renxiaokui 1 year ago

    very good

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