LB-1102 Nun In Bondage

- by Frank Brown

- Published by: Liverpool Books

- Date added: 30th October 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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The young girl shivered, whimpering quietly as Sharon lifted Baron's front legs and forced his wide front paws onto Cissy's upper back. The big dog started to pant, his tongue hanging out and dripping. He danced his hind feet closer to the girl and started to thrust his suddenly erect prick at Cissy's little face.

"Open your mouth and suck that slippery prick before he fucks it up your snotty little nose," Sharon said.

Still whimpering, Cissy let the dog-prick slide between her young lips. She gagged as the big dog fucked his long thin cock in her mouth.

The other dog started to whine, shoving his snout up close to the girl's mouth and sniffing the other dog's randy, mouth-fucking prick.

"Get Rex up on her ass," Sharon told Jennifer. Sharon was squatting on the wall behind Baron, toying with his wiggling balls as he humped at Cissy's mouth.

Jennifer tugged at Rex's collar until she got him up on the wall behind Cissy. Then she had to yank him growling up into the air when he started to lick at Cissy's exposed ass and cunt.

"Come on, you dumb mutt," Jennifer said, panting. The dog nearly fell off the wall before she got him mounted properly on Cissy's ass with his heavy paws gripping her tiny waist. But she had no need to teach him what to do next.

The big dog gave a sharp yelp and fucked his hard dog-prick straight up Cissy's waiting cunt. Cissy jerked, letting out a girlish yelp of her own.

"Fuck that little bitch," Jennifer said, stroking the dog's long back as he fucked his slippery cock in Cissy's cunt.

Sister Brigitte heard the blood rushing through the capillaries in her ears. The air around her seemed to have become so stifling that she could hardly breathe. She didn't know whether to scream or to run or to dive out the window. This was the most disgusting, most perverted thing she'd ever seen – worse than anything she'd ever have been able to imagine. Was this the king of nightmares? Or had she died and been cast down into the lowest pit in hell? Her fingernails clawed at the windowsill. She was aware of a fire between her swollen, throbbing cuntslabs.

Worst of all, she realized – even worse than the scene she was witnessing – was that she was becoming unbearably excited watching it. Just as she'd become excited while watching those four bestial boys assault that naked girl this afternoon, now she was panting at the sight of a young girl shivering under the rutting onslaught of two enormous black dogs, their naked dog-pricks fucking her mouth and her cunt while they slobbered dog-drool on her naked back. Sister Brigitte wished she could turn off the sinful and perverted excitement she was feeling, but she couldn't – she was helpless, as helpless as was the young girl being fucked by the two grunting, growling Dobermans.

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    Looks great so far…..

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