LB-1099 Daughter

- by Bob Wallace

- Published by: Liverpool Books

- Date added: 30th October 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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"Heel!" Sherry commanded. "Heel!"

The monstrous dog looked up questioningly and whined urgently to be allowed to feast on the delectable morsel squirming about on the floor. He whined again at Sherry, then seeing there was no way out, he stepped over Wendy and sat obediently by Sherry's side.

"Good, boy," Sherry soothed, stroking the giant dog's head. "She doesn't deserve you."

Frustrated, Wendy went into hysterics. She rolled over, crawled back to Angel. Her breathing was ragged, coarse. Her eyes were dilated. She was an animal, a human animal. She petted the sleek beast, her eyes glued on Sherry's smiling face.

"You bitch... you bitch! You know I want him. Why won't you let him lick my pussy?"

"Listen to little Miss Innocent!" Sherry mocked. She enjoyed the child's agony. She looked at Wendy groveling on her hands and knees, stroking her dog with desire. "You promise to be a good girl and keep us happy until we let you go?" Sherry asked, knowing she had the upper hand.

Her head reeling, Wendy nodded in agreement. The fire in her pussy was unbearable. "Yes, anything... I'll do anything... just let him lick my pussy."

Sherry slapped her own thighs. "Rest your head on my lap, Wendy. Darlene will help the dog get behind you."

Wendy scrambled over to a gloating Sherry. The scent of Sherry's cunt drifted up to her as she placed her head on Sherry's lap. Wendy was on her knees, her ass sticking out for Angel. Her small plump tits were crushed into Sherry's legs. Her arms and hands clutched Sherry in readiness – a lamb ready for the slaughter.

"Hurry," Wendy sobbed. "I'm going crazy!"

Sherry closed her fingers around Wendy's arms, gently holding her in place. Wendy would soon be bucking and struggling to try and throw Angel from her body, and Sherry anticipated it. She pinned the child to her lap unobtrusively and stroked her hair, curling her fingers in the thick blonde strands.

"She's ready, Darlene. Get Angel into place," Sherry said, while soothing Wendy with her stroking hand.

Darlene dropped to the floor and brought the anxious Doberman around. She allowed the mighty beast to sniff the dripping gash of Wendy's virgin cunt. "Lick it, boy. Get her pussy real juicy for your cock."

In a passionate daze, Wendy couldn't hear anything but her own breathing. She was trembling. The cold nose against her hot flesh and the tongue licking the back of her thighs promised relief.

"Ooooo, I like it! I like it!"

Wendy's hips wriggled; she shivered in ecstasy, wanting the dog to concentrate on her cunt as Satan had done earlier.

"My pussy, Darlene," Wendy wailed. "Make him lick my pussy."

"Oh, I will," Darlene giggled, enjoying Wendy's predicament. Darlene remembered her own initiation into doggie fucking as she looked down at the squirming Wendy. She knew the girl would like it, just as she had when she was a teenager.

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  1. bulldog33 1 year ago

    Leaves enough to the imagination……

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