LB-1096 Daughter

- by Bob Wallace

- Published by: Liverpool Books

- Date added: 28th October 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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She crawled out of the hay pile, taking some of the hay with her and shoving it under the pony's belly. She kept piling the hay until she had a thick bed where she wanted it – right underneath the pony's cock. Panting, she eased herself into the cradle of hay, squirming, his cock at her face. The head of his monstrous-looking prick was sticking out, a menacing piece of prickmeat level with her face. Her tiny hands gripped the loose flesh of his sheath and began massaging.

"Gonna get you to come, Brownie. I wanna see if you have as much cum in your balls as Laddie."

Brownie took a step forward, then back again. His cock had stabbed at Christine's lips.

"Easy, boy," she soothed, her hands still gripping his large cock.

Her grip on his cock was exciting to the pony. He pawed the ground and dug his hoofs into the solid earth. A loud piercing whinny came out of his mouth, his lips rumbling noisily, his nose flaring.

"Easy, Brownie. I'll have you feeling better then you have in your entire life!" She had his cock hard and throbbing in her small hands. Delirious, half out of her head, she humped her ass off the makeshift bed, squirming around, trying to get his huge cock into her pussy. It was an impossible task. She was too crazed, and Brownie was too jerky.

She moaned, frantically trying to shove the thick pony cockmeat into her pussy. His hard cock in both hands, her feet wide apart, she humped, twisting in the hay. "Ohhhh, Brownie, help me!"

Dazed with consuming passion, she jerked on the pony's throbbing prick, and her pussy banged into his cock tip. She went into convulsions, banging her clit into the steely end of his extended cock. Tender mushy pussy collided with stiff cockmeat.

Relentlessly, Christine humped. Spasms soared through her pussy with each smacking contact of the pony cock. She creamed on it. Pussy juice gushed from her fuck hole and bathed Brownie's cockhead in it warm ooze. She writhered in the midst of her blinding passion, grasping his cock, slamming her wet pussy and hard, blood-engorged clit into it.

Brownie, his cock thumping in agony, exploded. A river of gooey cum ruptured from his pony cock. Her jerked; his frenzied whinnies and stamping hoofs shook the barn.

Christine squealed her joy, taking the gushing load of pony cum on her pussy. What didn't adhere to her cunt was splattered over the rest of her body. "Brownie, Christ! You're creaming!" She stopped trying to shove the slippery cock into her narrow pussyslit and concentrated on jerking the horny beast to a great orgasm. She scooted down close, where her hands were better able to maneuver and jerk the spurting thick slab of cockmeat back and forth. A deluge of white cum splashed her body; tits, belly;
cunt hair; legs and arms.


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