LB-1095 Mom

- by Paul Gable

- Published by: Liverpool Books

- Date added: 28th October 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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The shock was nearly overwhelming. Diane nearly tossed the phone onto the floor. It was only with the greatest effort the young girl stayed on the bed, listening to her boyfriend while the dog did strange things, things that were making her strangely high.

"Oh baby, baby, I wanna be back with you again. I can still taste your cunt!"

Diane couldn't answer. Her vocal cords were frozen with horror. Shep was bumping her knees with his cold snout. The girl experienced a mixture of lust and shame and indecision. Instinctively she knew all she had to do was urge him on a little, show him she was a little interested in having him do more and...

"Your cunt's so nice and hot and real tight. Yeah, real nice and tight," Billy sighed, his breathing catching every now and then. "'Course I know that since I was the first one to fuck you."

Diane felt her pulse racing. Shep was sniffing at her cunt, sticking out his tongue and slicking it along her right inner thigh. Every square inch of her body tensed at that touch and the way Billy was telling her all sorts of delicious things. Diane closed her eyes, letting out a low groan while her fingers gripped the receiver more tightly than before. A feverish tingle swept through her belly. It was all some kind of dream, something she'd awaken from in a cold sweat.

But the rub of the sheets against her undulating legs was too real to be a dream. And the touch of the dog's tongue against her hot pussy was too real. No, this was reality. Her pet German shepherd was touching her cunt, licking her off while Billy talked dirty to her on the phone! It was something she could never tell anyone about – not Billy, not her mother, not Janie!

"Billy... I..."

It was the first thing she'd been able to say in several minutes. Her mind was so confused, so overloaded with all kinds of signals. The girl eased back, resting her spine against the headboard. She could see Shep better this way, watch his tongue slop up and down her thighs while his big bushy tail swept over her toes.

"I want to do real nice things to your body." Diane could hear his breathing get stronger. He sounded as excited as Shep was making her. "I wanna take off your clothes and... and take my cock... you know. I've got my cock in my hands now, making it nice and hard. Hear it?"

He fumbled with the phone. There was silence for a second, followed by a regular slick clicking and thumping sound. He was jacking off! He was jacking off and letting her listen to it! Another thrill washed over the young girl while Shep did all sorts of things to her pussy.

"Oh Billy..."

What kind of girl was she turning into? The thought of having a dog wedged between her legs doing this to her didn't seem to bother her, at least not while Billy was talking to her.

"I'm gonna suck your cunt real good this time... suck it and clean it out while I stick my fingers up your ass."

Diane flushed hotter. She felt the dog forcing her thighs apart, pressing the sloppy flooding folds of her cunt back so he could have more room to lick her clit. She wanted to push him away, kick him off the bed. It was wrong to have a dog doing something like this to her. She had heard stories about certain girls and their pets. But they were only dirty jokes – or so she thought.

Diane sucked in a ragged breath and wriggled her body against the sheets. She spread her thighs helplessly for the licking dog. She couldn't stop him as easily as she could stop the phone call.


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