LB-1092 Doing It With Donkeys

- by Frank Brown

- Published by: Liverpool Books

- Date added: 28th October 2017

- Prepared by LucienOM

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Tibby lifted the end of Joey's enormous heavy cock to her little mouth and fastened her pink lips over the gray tip of the donkey cock and started sucking. The prickhead was so big that Tibby couldn't possibly get his cock into her little mouth, but she didn't seem to mind that. She sucked away, cooing like a baby that had just got its bottle. Nelson could see Tibby's pointed tongue fucking the open piss-slit of the donkey's cockhead. Fuck lube continued to ooze out of Joey's prick and the spittle-like juice dripped from Tibby's pink lips – what of it she didn't swallow, that is.

Nelson thought he was going to faint. Here was his kid sister, the one the whole world called an angel, sucking on the throbbing purple-gray knob of a donkey's cock and swallowing the donkey's fuck-lube as if it were maple syrup. Goddamn, if the world only knew! Even he wouldn't fuck around with an animal, and he was the one they all thought of as a devil just because he had a prick between his legs instead of the fuzzy little mound Tibby had. He might have done some wild things in his years, but he'd never fucked an animal. Jesus Christ! He beat his cock harder.

Tibby slid up and down Joey's prick like a fireman sliding on a greased firehouse pole. She rubbed her belly against its long underside. She hugged his cock, sliding her flushed cheeks up and down its gray skin. And she licked and licked and licked and wouldn't stop licking, like the donkey's cock was a giant candy cane or something.

"Mmmmmm, Joey, Joey, I love it! I love your big sweet prick" Then she sighed, as if she were mooning over the picture of some teenage movie star.

Nelson could see her pink pussy open like a mouth each time she spread her legs. Her cunt was wet inside. Sometimes a drop of cuntjuice would leak out of her pussy and fall onto the straw bed ding in the stall. She hardly had any hair between her legs, because it was just sprouting. What she had was a kind of reddish fuzz on her fat little cunt. The fuzz matched her long red hair and the color of her excited young nipples. Nelson caught himself salivating. He sure wouldn't mind getting a lick of that hot little pussy.

He'd never licked a pussy before – Shit, he'd never even smelled one. He'd seen them in pictures, though. Robby and Rodney had pictures of cunts hidden in their bedroom. They also bad an artificial pussy made of fleshlike rubber. Nelson had licked that, but it had tasted like rubber. He and the twins fucked it a bell of a lot and shot it full.

The donkey started braying. The hay fell out of Joey's mouth and he was been hawing with his snout in the air and his ass. Cum started shooting out of his cock, cum with such a strong smell that Nelson could smell it from where he was standing. The cum was all over Tibby, who giggled and squealed like she had ants crawling up her ass. The young girl's mouth gaped and she caught squirt after squirt of the jetting white cum, gagging and choking and swallowing. Cum bubbled out of her mouth. Cum rolled down her quivering tits and her panting belly. Cum leaked down between her legs, leaked between her pink pussy lips. Tibby shimmied her legs together, squished her cum lubricated cuntlips together.


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