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Chapter 1

This is a true story (yes it really is) but the names and places have been changed to protect the wicked men that ‘forced me to do all these nasty things. So nasty I am going back for an extended time in two months!!

It was my boyfriend who made the first meet over the Internet and left the rest to me. He told me there was a crazy Italian wanting to meet me together with his brother and so I got in contact and the rest is now history.

It’s a long story (over ten days) and so much happened so I hope you won’t get bored. I was bored silly by cocks that included a daily meet with boars!! My first.

For those who have not been on Beastforum (sadly demised) and read some other stories from me there and seen all those very naughty pics proving I am the real thing, I am now a mature female, married to my loving but ill hubby, who knows nothing about all the things I get up to. He would be devastated, as would my normal friends and I have to take great precautions to conceal this.

I am an artist, singer, writer and illustrator of children’s books, and a member of some very high profile clubs. One, I have just given up being president of. I live in the USA but have toured Europe including England.

I have been swinging for many, many years and been a dog lover for a long time, too. I have done LOTS of dogs, and up until this meeting done a horse but was not mounted. I was on a bench under the horse and his cock was dildoed into me.I did enjoy it but longed to be mounted.

I also enjoy gang bangs (I did a 14 man gang bang in London a few years ago – I do have the pics to prove it) and I love anal and have done a double anal whilst another cock in my puss.

In case you think I must look like a slut pig I am known as the posh slut as I like to dress up really smart especially for my doggie dates. I like the doggies to lick my bare pussy with my evening dress raised up.

Now you have the background. I told my hubby I had a singing engagement in Italy and whilst there I was going to write some articles on Italy’s cuisine for a media house. I would (and did call him) every day I was there.

So now I was on a plane on my last leg, I had to change at New York, wondering what the hell I was doing. Strange country, strange men and putting myself in their hands for ten days! I was really nervous at the horse mounting. I had heard many stories of ladies being seriously injured attempting it and my pussy was not that large. Yet it was something my body was yearning for me to do. Just the thought of a horse taking me that way made me so wet and that was the main reason I was going. And the boar. Something else that turned me on. And I was told I would be done by THREE boars every day! Plus the FIVE dogs, that actually turned into TEN. Each brother had five trained dogs! How would my pussy (and my ass) stand up to all that? And I am now no spring chicken.

Doubts and excitement and worry occupied my mind and I had difficulty in reading and watching the movies I had at my disposal. I started to watch one – fairly new “The Blank Panther” . O my Goodness all those handsome black guys. Then the black panther. I put my hand in my lap and gently touched my pussy through my skirt. I had no panties on. There was an elderly man sitting next to me and a woman on the aisle. I had the window seat. If I had been on the aisle I would have gone to the bathroom and properly relieved myself. Apart from the very first greeting and smiles they were both non-communicative. We were fed and I then fell asleep. It was midnight!

The flight was nine hours and I was awaken for breakfast. I thought: “The prisoner ate a hearty meal.”

It was only and hour later and I was landing in Rome. Just before that I went into the bathroom and did my toiletries making sure I was very clean and smelt nice!

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  1. miner101 1 week ago

    So exciting!
    Are you planning to release a 2nd part?
    Loved it!

  2. qiqi789 2 weeks ago

    Cant wait to see your pic

  3. qq2078635441 4 weeks ago

    期待你的 照片

  4. doggey69 2 months ago

    What an amazing woman. I hope to be like her . a vacation in Rome being submitted to dogs would be hot. And 2 Italian brothers 😉

  5. pussyconnoisseur 2 months ago

    Thank you for telling us about your experiences.

  6. seanhaldi 2 months ago

    Held the breath through out .. curiously waiting for the next one!

  7. wwzo 2 months ago


  8. bindi06 2 months ago

    Wow Glei ?

  9. Author
    wlaura75 2 months ago

    I was laura75c on BF.

  10. kerr247 2 months ago

    This sounds really fun and I’m excited to hear or read more about your experiences.

  11. iscariot88 2 months ago

    Such great build up, can’t wait to read the rest!

  12. m0rgan 2 months ago

    hi, i think we might have communicated a couple of times. regards.

  13. rob1994 2 months ago

    Nice beginning

  14. curiouscd 2 months ago

    I can’t wait to hear what came next!

    I was at BF too, but I am not sure if I read or saw your encounters over there. Did you use a different name there?

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