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My Life as a Gay High School Doggy Fuck-Bitch: part 3

I could feel the warm dog slobber running down all over my shoulders and neck as King held me tightly against his hips. He had stopped humping me but he kept on panting, snorting and snuffling loudly while licking his slimy chops, dripping wet gobs of foamy saliva all over me from behind as his nut juice was pumping hot into me, huge squirts jetting into me hard and fast. I could barely breathe, drowning in my own slobber and snot and tears that mixed with Genes copious pre-cum that continued to pour out of my eyes, nose, and my prick-stuffed mouth. Our mixed juices flowing down over my neck and chest, drip’n down my stomach into my soaking pubes. Even my legs were coated, sticky wet with strings and blobs of the juices that were involuntarily streaming from my spasming, battered and beaten prostate out my cock; I was a mess!

But I knew the ecstatic ordeal was far from over as I felt the steady throb of the trembling Canines knot slowly growing bigger just inside my grasping sphincter, pulsating rhythmically in time with our rapid heartbeats. King and I became tied to each other ever more tightly by the thick stem protruding from his sheath into my asshole, his now baseball sized gland pushing my ring backwards. “You’re his Fucktoy now, aren’t you?” my kid brother panted. ”Damn it’s hot watching King fuck you!” “Mmmm!” I hummed in reply around my sibling’s hard erection, not wanting to lose a stroke now that my tongue had found a slow smooth rhythm just behind the glans, licking the sensitive skin where I knew it would excite him into dripping more and coming close to orgasm. I knew the spot that brought him off every time was just to the side of where I was licking, I swept my tongue close to or over it every third or four swirl. I wanted to bring him to the edge but not to nut in my mouth until I was ready…

The muscular Dog held me so tightly I couldn’t move if I had wanted to, but with my arms around Genes thighs, my hands grasping his butt cheeks and my legs spread there really wasn’t anyplace I could go. Not that I wanted to! I loved how King had wrapped his powerful forelegs around my hips and stomach, squeezing me around his pulsating organ deep inside me. My boy-womb was skewered onto his massive meat-kabob; his clutches imprisoned his fuckmeat and encased it tighter inside my belly. Gene let go of Kings collar but held onto his leash then laid back on his elbows,” He’s really fucking the snot out of you! How’s it feel?” I panted, ”Great…. I can really feel his cock in me…he’s pumping his nut so hard inside me….oh, it’s getting big…ohhhh”.

I slowly started to suck and pull on Genes arching erection again, continuing to moan with my lips stuffed full, licking around the crown and tasting his salty juice as it trickled out of his cumhole. Our eyes locked for a few minutes as I started to swirl my tongue just behind his glans again, watching his face to see if my rasping mouth-muscle working on the sensitive underside was giving him pleasure. He nodded his head, through slitted eyes he looked into my eyes and smiled a dirty grin. ” That’s good…take your time…”. I grabbed his dick with one hand and stroked his skin around the shaft near the top, pushing the extra flesh between my moving lips and sucking it in, making it slippery from head to nuts I began to beat his entire length off slowly.

I would have gotten lost in the heat of THAT moment but the now orange sized mass inside of me was getting engorged bigger with each beat of Kings Heart. Even though he wasn’t humping my hole with himself each throb of his pulsing knob was pushing outward on my muscle-donut forcefully, swelling, prying apart the inner rim of my bunghole while strongly pressing down against my prostate, using the resisting gland to lever my clenching entrance open. King shifted his position and I could feel his enormous club all steely and hot near my belly, and with each pulse of his knot I felt warm fluid spurting in a gigantic jet out of the spear point at the tip, filling my colon like a bitch’s womb. In surrender I knew I was his Bitch, my now hurting erection going unattended as I serviced both Gene and my Canine Master, unable to touch myself, being a Fuck Slave to use for their horny pleasure. Yet I was glad I couldn’t reach between my legs to jerk myself off, my dick and ass and prostate were tingling with ecstasy that filled my body with electricity, if had touched myself now I would explode, and I did not want this to ever end!

Kings panting and heartbeat slowed as did the throbbing of his mating bulb, but each pulse seemed to expand his knot noticeably bigger than before. The now constantly orgasming Dog vibrated and shook with every violent ejaculation he sprayed from his spasming organ, both his dong and the bulb that trapped it in my boy-womb bucked and writhed as if it were a separate creature imprisoned in my guts! My heart kept racing; I could feel each increasing blast of hot sperm pushing his foaming flood of Canine DNA deeper into my colon by the moment. Already drenched in mixed Human and Canine secretions I broke out in a fresh sweat as the fear took hold of me that Kings titanic fuck-plug would not stop growing and might split me apart if it continued. My fear seemed justified knowing my pussy-mouth was parting even wider from the now unstoppable inflating softball sized stone, crushing my prostate and swelling big my rounded ‘taint. My heart thundered in my ears as I knew the Monster contained in me was threatening to erupt my asshole open and burst my flooded belly in two.

King’s panting grew swift again and he began to whine and whimper as his entire organ grew by the second, as if he were in agony because his entire unit was so big and getting bigger. I felt the hard thick end of his dong bobbing up and down deep inside my guts near my belly button, with each massive flood of Kings Semen that was breeding me. I whimpered too, and cried like a Bitch in heat over and over as the continuous flaring spasms of his giant bulb against my churning gland pushed glob after glob of clear fluids from within me, my boy-juices running out my peckerhead in a constant stream as the trembling Doberman continued to cum. His heart palpitations were pounding loudly in my head and ears, my whole body felt like it was throbbing in time to the imprisoned Demon-Dick shooting off its steaming venom in my growing bloated belly. A Dog wielding Satan’s Wand now possessed me, making me one with Him in our un-Holy gratification, impregnating me as His Bride.

I took my mouth off my Brother and cried “Ohhh…” long and low in delirious pleasure as King shifted his pelvis around to one side of my butt and then the other, pulling back slightly against my now widely gaping ring. I was dizzy, almost unconscious in near orgasm from feeling of his knot pulsing fast again, making my fuckhole part open and never completely shut in a struggle to contain his mass. King began hopping from one back leg to the other as he started humping me again in earnest, the fat membrane covered iron shotput twisted around in my tortured ass-socket by his cock-stem, his high pitched whimpering growing faster and louder. “Yike! Yike!” King barked frequently between whining loudly as his constant orgasm reached its peak inside me, humping me furiously, his entire organ thrashing about wildly yet being held so tightly in my passage, his enormous knot wedged by its sheer size between my pinned prostate and my spasming sphincter. I held tight to my Brothers thighs, my face lying and rubbing all over his wet crotch-meat so the Stud wouldn’t knock me off my knees as he wildly pounded and pulled my torso uncontrollably by his lock on my pelvis, driving me in every direction as he came.

It seemed like forever that the muscular Dog kept jerking my entire torso, pelvis, and swinging cock every which way with his doggy-root and his chest and forepaws imprisoning me against him. My face lolled drunkenly against Genes rod as I gave up any attempt to hold myself up or remain conscious, slobbering all over my brothers dick while King brought himself off again and again. His organ filled me gargantuan and throbbed so much I felt like a mindless meat-puppet, I started to explode from my endlessly stimulated prostate outwards toward my ass and dick in an entire body orgasm. The stud-dogs inseminator kept injecting me with his baby-batter, the globe of steel completely filling my pelvis, pulsing huge, crushing my cum-gland, cramming the cum from me, forcing me to squirt so hard it felt as if I were being turned inside-out with each violent blast of my semen. I was cumming so hard all I could do was moan and flop every way my Dog-Master and his shaft pushed or pulled me, with each wave of ecstasy I added another load of milky-white goo to the puddle forming beneath my open legs. Streams of jizz painted the insides of my inner thighs and Kings nuts as my screaming prick danced and swirled in the air then beat hard against my assailants furry balls as he savagely worked his hips to bring us both off together. Checkpoint

The raggedly huffing and puffing Doggie-Daddy soon tired from his extreme fucking and stopped beating himself off with me, pulling me tighter backwards onto him with his forepaws to hold me immobile on his impossibly gargantuan Billy-Club that was gushing geysers of splooge into me in time with each of my screaming ejaculations. In between each shot of my goo that splattered into the pool below me a trail of clear jizz connected my cumhole to the growing mess on the floor. I was delirious as his flesh-cannonball squeezed my juices out with every one of its quaking pulsations and so relieved it wasn’t growing any bigger. My insides were draining from me as I was compelled by force to unrelentingly keep squirting, the blips and blobs of my protein connecting King and I by the spider webs of boy-syrup clinging to our legs and balls and stomachs. I was powerless to stop my reactions. I gave in to my urges and I fell to one side as I reached back with my right hand to grab my own slime coated cock and started beating myself off, making my climax return even higher, my seminal gland spasming anew against Kings thrumming boulder living in my ass.

As I started to fall sideways Gene grabbed my right armpit and quickly pulled me up steady onto his thigh; he’d been raptly watching my demonic possession by the horny Beast and holding him onto me by the leash so Kings frantic efforts wouldn’t dislodge his humongous bone and rip me to death. I looked up at him through watery eyes and groaned loudly, my open oral cavity the perfect target for my Kid Brothers torpedo. He squeezed it between my lips and fed its stiffening girth into my face with his free hand then bunching the loose skin up with his palm and pushing the flesh around the head of his cock already deep inside my mouth just like he always liked. “Suck, suck, suck!” his voice hammered in my ear and I greedily complied, working my lips and tongue on his young pecker again. I was suspended on a rotisserie of pulsing living tissue once more, and loving it….(part 4; Inseminate me more…)

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