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I came to stay at my friends’ house for a few days while we organized an upcoming conference. When she offered to let me stay at her home with her I never thought to ask if she had a pets. As it turned out she had a very sweet, very inquisitive cat. Kitty was very affectionate from the get go. Rubbing against my legs, jumping into my lap, licking at my fingers.

That night as I bed down to sleep I found the kitty wanted to sleep next to me. The more he rubbed up against me the more excited I became. I started to touch myself, and my body became quite excited with pre-cum starting to drip from my hole. I presented my fluid soaked fingers to the kitty who gladly licked it all up.

I did that a few times until I bit my tongue trying to be quiet as I came. Two days later I was left alone in the apartment as my friend headed off to work until I left for the airport to fly home. Well with a few hours alone I did what I always do. I got naked and started to masturbate. After a few minutes kitty came up and found my dripping fluids.

I then laid back and enjoyed the feel of kitty licking me. The more kitty licked, the more excited I became, the more fluids started to drip, the more kitty licked. As I laid back enjoying the level of excitement grew, and eventually I came very hard squirting my fluids onto the kitty’s face. After kitty was done licking me clean I took a shower, and prepared for my ride to the airport.

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  1. knhc1214 2 weeks ago

    온 몸에 전율이 넘치네요.

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