ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs

“If you relax, then I will show you how…”

Producer: ILZ
Models: Honey with Bullseye
Running Time: 17 Minutes
Price: 50 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

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ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs


With everyone stuck indoors, we wanted to put out a cheaper movie to keep you all suitably entertained. We often end up with unreleased material, maybe a session doesn’t pan out quite right. Maybe we have to move before the second session. Thing is, some of this unreleased material is quite nice. This is a session with Honey and Bullseye, just meeting and getting to know each other…


ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs


Relationships can be hard at the best of times. For example, that pesky relationship between a relatively new Pet Lady, and a relatively new stud. Honey learned her doggystyle with Animal, who was very experienced and always a true pro. He made it seem easy. Bullseye is VERY keen to play with this Lady, at one point he hurls himself at her in a flurry of humps. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Too keen is not very smooth, and he is having trouble doing his thing. His rookie approach is giving poor Honey a hard time with his claws, and you can tell the Lady does not like to be manhandled (doghandled?) if he ain’t delivering on the doggy dick…


ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs


Fortunately for Bullseye, there is something of the Matriarch about Honey. At which point it occurs to me the Lady reminds me a bit of Jennifer Aniston – could it be? Based on a true story. 😉 Well anyway, Honey takes a deep breath, and takes it all in stride. She whispers quietly to Bullseye, reassuring him. Yes she knows he is nervous – just be calm, and let her show him how. Honey gives him a little kiss to show she forgives him….


ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs


The pep talk and the peck on the nose were just what Bullseye needed to hear. When he mounts this time, he means to satisfy. And when the couple finally click, the mount is strong. Bullseye is clutching hungrily at those hips, and Honey’s Pet Pussy is everything he’d hoped she would be…


ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs


You folks apparently quite like this Lady, and it’s easy to see why. Pocket Venus Honey, with that sweet innocent face and cascade of long blonde hair, sitting atop that hot bod – yes I quite like Honey too 😉 We don’t need to ask how Bullseye feels about the Lady – after all “Love Is… pumping your dog sperm into a Lady’s vagina”. It’s the kind of love we can relate to…


ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs


Content at finally being successfully mated, Honey takes Bullseye’s erect cock and tends to it with her mouth. It’s not the dog cock the Lady is used to, but it’s growing on her. Honey gives him a good going over.

Honey got a bit scratched up during this movie, it was a bit hard going for her. But the Lady is a pro too – she is there to put those fab doggy buns to good use, and that is exactly what she does…


ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs


The Honey scene has a good strong mount, but is missing a few important shots, and sadly no knot. It leaves the movie a bit short, and short on action. Still, Pet Lady Honey is very easy on the eye and hard to resist. For those who may be left hankering for some hard slamming action – we’ve added a couple of minutes bonus scene at the end. This is a casting shoot with Animal and an Asian Lady we did not end up working further with. Shame, because for a casting shoot the Lady took a real hard mount from Animal. Hopefully that will sate your desire for hard undershot.

As I said Gang, a bit cheaper this week, but the Honey is still as sweet, and a little Asian twist at the end. Enjoy Kiss Me Honey, and remember to not let any tigers sneeze on you. 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Kiss Me Honey - sex with dogs



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  1. AoZLover 3 days ago

    Just ordered mine, can’t wait 🙂

  2. solid666 4 days ago

    Honey has an amazing body. I would like to see more movies from her. She is really special.

  3. Hesham00v3 6 days ago


  4. Pguo1986 2 weeks ago

    Honey is amazing

    Would you consider doing more videos with her, but with no shoes on?

    Would love to see her soles.

  5. Gallo0007 3 weeks ago

    Cuál es el blog de esta dama!?

  6. 9xzoned00 1 month ago

    Another great video from Honey,with Bullseye,great shot of him pumping his cum into her and great oral also,would be great to see her paired with two dogs.

  7. QQ1786154168 2 months ago

    人和狗狗爱爱 会不会怀孕啊

  8. Randolph08 2 months ago

    I sure i will enjoy that in my quarantine, Why not, probably i found more reasons to live with this lifestyle
    Best regards people, take care and StayHome

  9. art30 2 months ago

    Ok as we all know this is a short movie hence the price 😉 but deam this girl is beautiful and mesmerising as hel I’m so glad that artofzoo gave us the opportunity to buy this little treasure I absolutely love the way have honey is kissing the cock gently and then she blows it aggressively please artofzoo let us get more opportunities like this

  10. NDS1980 2 months ago

    Wow. I love u honey :-*

  11. velhoLobo 2 months ago

    What do you mean, Jennifer Aniston? Tell me more !

  12. audiopet 2 months ago

    Nooooooooooo! Don’t do this! She is so amazing and the only money I have left is for toilet paper….l where’s my stimulus to stimulate my Appreciation for this beautiful pet lady… Honey going to get me through this lock up.

  13. Vivaldi92 2 months ago

    ¡Qué mujer para más deliciosa!

  14. harryharry6969 2 months ago

    Beautiful sexy horny dog lady 😍
    Love this hot lady, and her dog cock 😜

  15. sXaBeast 2 months ago

    Wow, that looks good

  16. HornyToad420 2 months ago

    Honey is amazing! Love that side shot of her luscious ass!

    • art30 2 months ago

      Yes indeed it’s a beautiful picture she really got a beautiful but 😁

  17. juggygales 2 months ago

    Great Great to see Honey back again for more.. ! Body doesn’t quit on her. This hot blonde is sexy on all fours.

  18. OhDangWeDogging 2 months ago

    looks like its going to be another great video

  19. art30 2 months ago

    It’s so nice to see honey again l have been waiting along time 😉

  20. Ptharu 2 months ago

    Wow. Amazing. Knotted well with full of cum. Keep it up.

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