ArtOfZoo - Kate's Tale - animal sex with women


Chapter One
Kate stepped onto her back porch, letting the latch catch quietly in the rusted strike-plate, instead of slamming it as she often did after a fight with her mother. Although her mother’s accusations and insults had poured forth more viciously than any fight she could remember, today it did not bother her. Today, Kate only felt a tremendous sense of relief. She knew she had reached a decision: in four days’ time, on the day of her mother’s birthday, a day before her own nineteenth birthday, she would end her life.

Kate somberly regarded the waist-high grass that covered her backyard and ran down a long, steep hill into a dense wooded stretch of land. She could vaguely remember a time when the grass had been neat and trimmed, a time when the blue paint on her house was bright instead of chipped and faded. Kate didn’t believe her mother had ever tried to start their lawnmower, which now sat gathering dust in the back of an unused shed. Kate decided she would walk in the woods today and choose the manner in which to kill herself.

Kate descended the hill, feeling the tips of tasseled stalks with her fingertips, and entered the woods by means of a wobbly wooden bridge overrunning a small creek that sped down the hill to join the river near the center of the woods. Now, winter was fully conquered, and the new spring growth of April had turned into the mature green foliage of May. The air was warm and grew warmer as she ventured deeper into the woods. Her route was familiar, though the woods were a labyrinth of trails people had trekked into existence over the years: first, past the rusted hulk of an abandoned car, beneath the precarious treehouse kids had built in a sturdy oak, along the river, and then to a secluded den of trees Kate and her dad had named “The Cave.” At the center of The Cave stood an ancient and towering cottonwood which had been given the name “The Grandfather.”

Kate stopped beneath the shade of this venerable citizen of the woods and remembered the first time her father had taken her for a walk on these paths. She had sat on his shoulders, craning her neck up and up, gaping at the impossibly large leafy monument that seemed to touch the clouds. This was a hidden spot, a special spot. It was a secret place where she and her dad could play and explore nature without the sour glances and incensing remarks of Kate’s mother. She thought of him every time she returned here.

Kate studied the smooth surface of the river, which flowed below a muddy shelf of earth in which The Grandfather wound its massive roots. The water looked cool and inviting. Kate frowned. If she returned home with her hair or clothes wet, she would receive an endless interrogation. But what if she sunned herself until her hair dried? What if, Kate mused, she went swimming, but her clothes stayed on the shore? An uneasy, nauseous feeling rose in Kate’s stomach as soon as she had this thought, and her mother’s voice rang in her head: Katelyn, you must always keep yourself covered. It is indecent for a girl to show her skin. Even though she was alone and her mother was back in their house, probably obsessively cleaning the kitchen, Kate blushed at the thought of exposing herself.

But then she remembered that she only had four days to live, and somehow this concept drew forth a determination to act that her previous life had never possessed. Today was the day to go swimming. She did not have many days left.

Kate kicked off her shoes and socks. If her mother were to come upon her now, she would say that she had simply wanted to dip her toes in the water.

Kate looked about, checking to make sure she was, in fact, alone. There was no sign of her mother or anyone else. All she could see to her left and right were the thick walls of the surrounding trees that formed the sides of The Cave. Kate reminded herself that her mother barely ventured outside the house and never into the woods.
Kate grabbed the bottom of her faded grey cotton shirt and paused. She hated this shirt, though she was forced to wear it almost every other week on account of her pathetic wardrobe.

Kate’s mother bought all of her daughter’s clothes and everything else their family needed. Kate had given up asking her mom to let her get a job long ago; she refused to drive Kate anywhere except school. For the past eleven years, Kate’s mother stayed home every day, supporting the family with a monthly compensation she received from a former employer as a result of an accident. The lazy bitch could still work, Kate thought. Her back wasn’t that bad; she spends half the day bent over cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Kate couldn’t stand to have on the ugly, frayed, ridiculously unfashionable shirt her mother had bought for one second longer. She peeled the shirt off and dropped it on the bank of the river, and then took off her jeans.
Kate held her breath, her hearing keyed into every noise in the woods. Now, she was entering dangerous territory. Now, if someone were to come upon her, they would see a young girl in a state of undress. She might be forced to provide an explanation for how her clothes came to be separated from her body. Just the thought of someone seeing her like this made her feel sick.

But for some reason, Kate found her hand reaching behind her back to unfasten her bra. She tossed her bra onto what was now becoming a legitimate pile of garments. Kate stood covering her breasts, though no one was around to peek. The spring air felt nice on her arms and shoulders, and soon Kate dropped her arms, exposing two pert breasts with round, slightly raised areolas. She felt herself blushing with embarrassment. The only thing separating her from complete nudity was her ugly grey panties.

Kate hated her panties more than any other clothes her mother bought her. Her mother always bought large, plain undergarments that Kate believed belonged on a grandmother, not a teenage girl. At school, Kate sometimes caught glimpses of the underwear other girls wore, like thongs, and at least once, she even wondered what it would feel like to wear one.

With an angry snarl, Kate ripped her panties down to her ankles and kicked them onto her pile of clothes.
Fully naked, Kate stood frozen, waiting for something apocalyptic to happen. But nothing happened. Birds sang in the trees; crickets chirped; squirrels chattered at one another, seemingly unconcerned with Kate’s unbelievably indecent condition.

As her nerves calmed, Kate realized she felt good. Really good. The way the spring air blew against her exposed chest, the way the sunlight warmed a patch of skin on the side of a rounded breast—simply amazing. Kate closed her eyes and ran her hands down her chest, over her flat, firm stomach, and down to the solid roll of her hips. She brought her hands down over her legs, across the inside of her thighs, and her thumb brushed the side of a tight thatch of pubic hair. Kate stopped. It was bad enough to be naked, but if someone thought she was touching herself.

Kate stepped toward the water and was about to dip her toes in when she heard something moving quickly down the trail in her direction. She scrambled toward a bush, attempting to hide, and felt a sharp pain on the arch of her foot, making her stumble. She fell onto her side, and a small trail of red appeared on her arch and ran down her heel. Kate started to drag herself to her feet, and a long black furry head peeked around the massive trunk of The Grandfather.

After a few panting breaths, the canine stepped forward, revealing its entire body. He was a German Shepherd, large and powerfully built. His legs, a shade lighter than the rest of his coat, were long and slender. His tail was a spiky black brush bouncing behind his haunches. Kate had never seen a German Shepherd with such dark coloring, entirely black.

The dog blinked its clear, intelligent brown eyes and padded toward Kate. She froze as the furry face floated toward where she lay naked on the ground. Even fully clothed with an uninjured foot, Kate knew she could not outrun the beast.

The dog stepped closer until he was two feet away from Kate’s bleeding foot. He did not snarl or wag his tail. “Good dog,” Kate whispered.

The dog stared, unblinking, sniffing the air, seeming to test Kate’s scent. Another step closer.

Trembling with fear, Kate shut her eyes and prepared to feel a pair of toothed jaws close around her neck. Instead, she felt something warm and wet lick her between her legs. Kate’s lids popped open, and she felt another warm caress near her crotch. The dog had its head ducked down between her thighs, hovering over her fuzzy pubic mound.
There was a flash of pink near the dog’s snout, another warm sensation, like a splash of water, followed by a slight tingling, an almost imperceptible tingling, as if she needed to pee. The dog licked again, and Kate’s breath caught in her chest.

The dog raised its head, wagged its tail twice, then bent back down to Kate’s pelvis. Kate drew her knees to her body, pulled herself to her feet, and backed toward the giant oak.

The dog didn’t pursue but stood licking his lips several times as if contemplating an unfamiliar but satisfying taste. Kate felt a cool sensation on her crotch where the dog’s saliva was drying. Some of her lower pubic hair clung together, sticking out from her body in a tight, wet tangle.

Keeping one eye on the dog, Kate carefully picked up her pile of clothes. Instead of putting them on, she slowly backed away until the dog’s hairy face disappeared in the foliage. When she reached the border of the woods, Kate yanked on her panties, latched her bra, threw on her pants and shirt, and slammed her feet into her shoes. As she raced back to her house, her legs pumping up the hill, parting the tall grass, she felt a damp and painful sensation on her arch every time it struck the ground.

Kate tore open the back door, slipped inside, and stood gasping in the living room of her house.

“Katelyn, is that you?

Kate heard her mother’s feet crossing the kitchen tile, drawing closer, and tried to slow her breath. Her mother’s tiny bent frame came into view a moment later, the woman’s long hair trailing behind, making a ridiculous grey veil at her waist.

“Katelyn, where have you been?”

Kate took another deep breath and answered: “In the woods.”


“It’s nice out.”

Her mother’s eyes narrowed, and she squeezed the damp sponge in her hand. “You need to tell me where you’re going. I’ve told you—” Suddenly, her mother’s gaze latched onto a quarter-sized red stain spreading on the side of Kate’s shoe. “Katelyn, what’s on your shoes?”

The skeletal woman bent down, her eyes taking in the red stain as if regarding a murder scene. “Sweetness, you’re hurt. You’re bleeding! Where are your socks?”

Kate began to take off the stained shoe.

“Stop,” her mother cried. “You’ll ruin the carpet. Go to the bathroom now!” Her mother grabbed Kate’s shoulders and pushed her upstairs toward the bathroom, asking a flurry of questions along the way: “What were you doing out there. How did you hurt yourself? Why were you barefoot when I’ve told you it’s dangerous? What happened to your socks?”

Kate and her mother entered the bathroom and stopped in front of a shining, porcelain tub. The bathroom, like the rest of the house, smelled of bleach and lye. Kate’s mother twisted the faucets, and steaming water began pouring into the tub. “Take off your shoes. I’m going to wash your feet. I know you won’t do it right, and it will get infected, and you could die.”

Kate slipped off her shoe, revealing a red mess of toes and skin, though the cut wasn’t deep and no longer hurt.
Kate’s mother looked at her daughter’s foot in horror. “How could you do this to yourself? How could you be so careless? You could stain the carpet, walking around with your foot like that. I bought you those shoes, Katelyn, and now they’re ruined. You never appreciate the things I buy you.” The grey-haired woman picked up a clean washrag and beckoned. “Now take off your clothes and come here. I’ll clean you up.”

Kate took a step toward the tub, then stopped. “I’ll do it myself.”

Kate’s mother blew away the suggestion with a puff of breath and bent down to feel the rising water. “You most certainly will not. I know you won’t do a good job, and you’ll make a mess.”

“I’ll do it myself.”

The old woman patted the side of the tub.

“Mom, I’ll do it myself.”

Something in Kate’s voice must have startled her mother because the thin woman raised herself up so that her back was almost straight and said slowly, “Katelyn, get in the tub. Now.”

For the second time that day, Kate felt tears forming at the corners of her eyes. She was about to apologize and comply with her mother’s request, but the words that came out were startingly unexpected.

“Fuck off.”

Her mother’s heavy-lidded eyes widened, and her mouth opened and closed, the sour wrinkles around her lips deepening each time it opened.

Kate had never spoken to the old woman like this before, and to her surprise, she found herself doing it again. “I said fuck off, Mom. Leave me alone.”

Kate knew the shock of this outburst would not last long, and soon her mother would regain her icy composure. Kate spun around, left the bathroom, and jogged down the hall to an unlit room across from her mother’s. Once inside, she locked the door. This was the only room in their house that possessed a lock, though Kate had never used the lock until now.

Kate regarded the familiar room, noticing its dusty desk and shelves of books. It was exactly how her father had left it. Since her father died, Kate’s mother had not set foot in here. Spending time in this room was becoming the only way to recall the fading memories of him. Kate opened the bottom drawer in her father’s desk and pulled out a slim notebook she kept hidden. Diary in hand, Kate took a seat in her father’s recliner and began to rock, enjoying the sensation of back and forth movement as much as the familiar squeak of the rocking. Kate remembered the countless hours she had spent in this chair while her dad read to her. It felt good to know she would be with him again soon.

In her diary, Kate started a list titled: “Ways to do it.” Next to the number one, she wrote. “Mom’s pills,” then wrote a number two.

Kate’s pen ceased it looping course across the page, and she realized she had been thinking about her earlier encounter with the dog, the big black German Shepherd. The experience had been terrifying, the way the dog looked at her with its unfathomable animal eyes, but it had been something else too. Kate reached down to where the dog had touched her with his tongue. She could still recall the sensation the canine’s hot tongue had made scraping across her bare, sensitive flesh. It had felt…

Her mother’s ragged voice echoed in the hallway, shouting something hostile though unintelligible. Kate remembered her list.

Next to the number two, Kate scribbled, “Car in the garage,” and then drew the numbers three through ten.

Chapter Two
Kate stood on her back porch, staring into the noon sunlight, trying to make up her mind. She played with a clump of shoulder-length brown hair as she paced back and forth, deliberating. She should probably go and check on the dog, she decided. The poor thing was clearly lost and needed help. She could take it out of the woods and call an animal shelter. But this was silly. The dog wasn’t lost. It had a collar and was definitely not starving. Of course, that didn’t mean it wasn’t homeless. Maybe it had only just run away on the day it met her. She decided she should go find the dog—but then what if it attacked her? The canine had been friendly enough on their first encounter, but what if they met again and he wasn’t? The beast was probably over a hundred pounds, and if he attacked her, she would be helpless. But of course, if she didn’t find the dog now, she wouldn’t be around next week to help him. In two days, she wouldn’t be around to do anything.

“Whatever,” Kate muttered. “He won’t even be there.” She started walking downhill toward the woods. She would just go to The Cave, check for the dog, who wouldn’t be there, and that would be it. She would never think about the stupid animal again.

Kate hiked the familiar route to The Grandfather: past the abandoned car, under the treehouse, along the river. The spring weather was unseasonably hot, and the temperature almost made her sweat.

When Kate arrived at the Grandfather, she found herself alone. There were no signs of animals or people. Kate stood listening to the immense hiss of the breeze stirring thousands of leaves in The Grandfather’s branches. A single leaf dropped and landed on her shoe.

“Hello,” she called. “Dog? Hello?”

Another leaf fell and caught in her hair.

“Hello? Dog?”

Kate stood for a while, then pulled at the sticky leaf, freeing it from her hair. She turned to go when two things happened at once. A great gust of wind blew through the woods, making a green shower of leaves fall from the sky, and trotting down the path, wagging his tail, came the big black German Shepherd.

The dog padded right up to Kate, sniffed her hand, and gave it a friendly lick. The sensation was like one of the hot, wet rags Kate’s mother had used to give her a bath when she was young. Though not that young, Kate mused; far too old, really.

Kate bent down to the dog’s eye-level to get a better look at the impressive creature. Gingerly, she placed her palm on the dog’s furry head, and when he wagged his tail, she began stroking it. Next, she worked her hands down to his muscled shoulders. His coat seemed to have two layers. The outmost layer was almost bristly and dry, and the undercoat was thick and unbearably soft. Kate ran a finger along one of the dog’s tall pointed ears and discovered they held the softest hair of all.

“Good boy,” she whispered.

As she spoke, the dog’s tongue darted from behind his teeth, and for an instant, the length of it swept past and a bit inside Kate’s lips. The unexpected occurrence, the wet yet rough feel of it, froze Kate like a magic spell. She stood crouched beneath The Grandfather, feeling the remarkable sensation of dog-spit drying on her lips.

Kate wiped the corner of her mouth and stared into the dog’s sincere brown eyes. She had never been kissed before. But this wasn’t a kiss, she told herself immediately. Yes, the dog had licked her, but it wasn’t a kiss; it was more like a… a bit like a…

Before Kate could begin to unwind the tangle of thoughts regarding the issue of canine oral affection, she found herself burying her face in the dog’s warm, solid coat, hugging him, running her hands over his chest and shoulders. The tingle she felt the first time the dog licked her had returned; except, this time it wasn’t a tingle; it was more like a persistent, growing itch between her legs.

With barely a thought about the possibility of someone seeing her, Kate pulled off her shoes, then removed her pants and panties. She lay down on her back and leaned her head against one of the bulging roots at the base of The Grandfather.

Like their first meeting, the German Shepherd stood sniffing the air, seeming to pick up Kate’s scent. He stepped forward until the shock of hair on his neck tickled the inside of Kate’s thighs. Goosebumps rose on Kate’s arms. She could feel small puffs of breath from the dog’s nose stir the hair on her pubic mound. She felt vulnerable and excited. A voice in her head that was a mix of her mother’s and her own was screaming at her to get up off the dirt and put on her clothes; Kate was about to obey this voice when a breathtaking jolt of pleasure shot through the lower half of her body as the dog’s tongue found the sensitive, tingling spot between her legs.

Kate knew she should get up and put on her clothes.

She spread her legs wider.

The dog’s tongue darted out again, and its caress brought forth another wave of pleasure that was purple and gold and pink like her pussy; the sensation was unimaginably naughty, and it left her desperate to know if it could be even naughtier. Kate opened her legs wider, relaxing all the muscles in her lower body, opening herself to receive as much of the forbidden pleasure as possible.

The canine licked her with slow, lolling slaps of his tongue, making an obscene wet sound with each lick. His tongue ran a path from the center of her ass up to her clit. The delicate nub at the top of her pussy was fat and buzzing from the novel sensation of having itself stroked, of having dog-flesh rubbing so perfectly against its million little perverted nerve endings.

Kate moaned, then bit down on a knuckle to prevent another from escaping her lips.

The dog’s head bobbed up and down between her legs as he worked his tongue deeper and deeper into her folds. Kate opened herself to him; she had never felt so juicy and sensitive and womanly. The naughty tingle was now a perverted thrumming that seemed to grip her entire body. Each lick splashed buckets of the purple, sinful juice on her buzzing insides, and she opened herself, bathing in its debauched brilliance.

Kate dug her heels into the ground and lifted her butt from the dirt so she could roll her hips and buck against the magical surface of the dog’s probing tongue, letting her cunt gulp every drop of the purple, sinful delight the tongue created.

“Yes,” Kate grunted. “Uh, yes.”

Kate stared up at the soaring trunk of the Grandfather into the restless tapestry of leaves and swaying branches; beyond these, white clouds scudded by as the feeling of purple and pink pleasure inside her expanded and rose to a point where it could not ebb and fade but only overflow. The dog’s tongue touched her again and again, drawing forth unbelievable sensations, showing her whole worlds of pleasure she had never dreamt existed, and for a minute, she was floating in the highest branches among the leaves—no, higher, up in the clouds falling to the bottom of the great blue well of the sky.

And then she was just a girl lying in the dirt with her pants off and a dog wetly rummaging at her parts.
An overwhelming sense of guilt swept over her. Kate clamped her legs together, horrified at what had happened. She had come, climaxed. A dog had licked her and made her orgasm. The German Shepherd tried to squeeze his head past her legs to continue licking the still-tingling spot between her thighs, but Kate pushed his head away. “Bad dog,” she said.

The canine moved his snout toward her pelvis once again.

“Bad dog,” she shouted. “Go away!”

Kate sat up and was greeted by the panting face of the huge canine, who tried to lick her. Between his legs, something red, veiny, and alienlike was beginning to emerge from a narrow clump of fur. The strange member sported a red, barbed tip. It was the dog’s dick, she realized. The long, red animal cock bounced slightly, and a clear jet of fluid shot out of its barb and landed on Kate’s bare stomach.

“Ugh,” Kate squealed, and used her feet to push away the dog and the pulsing, spurting abomination between his legs.

Kate sprang to her feet, gathered her wrinkled clothes, and began dressing. As she pulled on her panties, the dog stuck a wet nose between her ass cheeks. She turned and swatted his face. This time, the dog flinched, seeming to comprehend her anger. His tail wilted. “Go away. Leave me alone,” Kate yelled, and ran down the trail.

The treehouse and abandoned car sped by in a blur of tears and self-recriminating thoughts. How could she let an animal do that to her? It was sick, depraved. What was wrong with her? Countless times, she had imagined her first sexual encounter, but she never imagined herself lying in the dirt, spreading her legs for a beast. What if someone had seen her? What if they told her mother?

Kate sprinted up the hill, the tall grass swishing on her pants. She could feel the dog’s saliva making her panties cling to her skin. She opened and shut the back door quietly, but her mother was standing in the living-room, dusting a lamp. “Katelyn, where have you—” Her mother seemed to notice her tear-streaked face— “Sweetness, what’s wrong?”

Kate took a slow breath, trying to compose herself, but the air exploded from her lungs, and she began sobbing. “Mom, I’m—I’m sorry.”

Kate’s mother set down her dusting cloth and went to Kate, wrapping her daughter in a familiar embrace while Kate cried into her mother’s shoulder. “It’s all right. Mother is here, sweetness. Mother is here.”

Chapter Three
“So, you’re going to do it tonight, right?”

Kate watched Becky sort various substances—some legal, most illegal—into various piles on her bedroom carpet. “Yes, tonight. Six o’clock.”

“With your mom’s car? In the garage?”


Becky took a sip from a cough medicine bottle at her side and began putting a number of small red capsules into a row. “I wish I had the balls to do it. You’re going to like… shove off your mortal coil and ascend to a higher plane and shit.” Becky wrapped a few pungent nugs of weed in a plastic bag, then took a long drag from her glass pipe. Her words came out alongside a thick cloud of smoke: “Damn you’re a bad bitch.”

Kate was grateful to be spending her final hours with Becky. Throughout high school, the chubby, eccentric girl had been her only friend. Becky had always been more than willing to share her seemingly limitless stash of drugs, though Kate almost never imbibed, instead serving as a sitter while her friend tripped. The only reason Kate’s mom allowed her to hang out with Becky was because their families both went to the same church.

Kate held her mom’s car keys in front of her face, letting them rattle ominously in the air.

“Won’t your mom know you took them?”

“No, it’s her birthday today. She’s probably celebrating and passed out on Valium or whatever it is she’s always taking.”

“Valium,” Becky grunted. “Good shit.”

“Becky, I need to go.” Kate rose from her spot on the drug-strewn carpet and shrugged.

“Give me a hug, bitch,” Becky said, wrapping Kate in a tight embrace. “I’m sure we’ll meet again in another dimension.”

Kate left her friend and went outside. The day was hot, and the walk home would be pleasant. And although Kate had made this journey countless times, she felt as if she were walking on an alien planet. The everyday sights and familiar houses held momentous significance now that she realized she was seeing them for the last time.

Kate walked by a tall red house she and Becky had named the “The Barn” because it looked like a farmhouse. Next came into view a huge modern structure they had named “The Castle.” Behind the castle lay the woods and beyond this Kate’s house resting like a blue-feathered mother hen atop the hill.

Kate decided she would take the shortcut through the woods today because it was faster. A more sincere part of herself knew she wanted to take the shortcut so that she could say goodbye to Max. She had given the dog a name after their second encounter. Last night, when she sat down with her diary in her father’s recliner to pen a suicide note, she found herself distracted and instead writing about her oral lovemaking session in the woods with the German Shepherd.

Kate stepped into the trees and began following the twisting path that led to The Grandfather. She heard something rummaging in a bush, but it was only a squirrel, not Max. What if he’s not here? she thought. Now that she was committed to the idea of saying farewell to her friend, she could not bear the thought of not seeing him one last time.

She arrived at the Cave and stood beneath The Grandfather but still found no sign of Max. She cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted, “Max, here boy. Max, come!”

Kate listened, hearing the sound of a far-off car rev its engine. “Max,” she called.

For a long time, Kate peered up into The Grandfather’s vast leafy tapestry. The leaves and branches began to blur as tears formed in her eyes. It wasn’t fair. She had never been able to say goodbye to her father, and now she wouldn’t get to say goodbye to Max. Kate wiped her eyes, gripped her mother’s car keys tightly in a fist, and began to walk home.

She made it as far as the treehouse when she heard a deep bark split the silence of the woods. Kate turned around and saw a familiar furry face.

“Max,” she cried. They ran toward each other, and Kate knelt, rubbing her cheeks in the soft canine fur while the German Shepherd licked her shoulders and neck. She held Max’s chin in her hands, and the beast stared back, his eyes happy and calm. “I wish I could tell you what I’m about to do,” she whispered. “I wish you could understand. We won’t see each other again. Ever.”

The words were awful. She hated them. They meant nothing mattered and everything mattered. They meant each moment was exactly the moment to grasp whatever it was one wanted from life. Kate rose to her feet, took Max by his red collar, and shuffled back to The Cave and The Grandfather.

Kate stopped beneath the great leafy tower and began stripping, tossing her clothes on the swollen, bent roots that spread out like fingers in the soil. In less than a minute, she was naked.

Although she knew it was wrong, Kate wanted to feel the amazing pleasure of Max’s tongue on her pussy one last time. She crouched down and peered around both sides of The Grandfather’s trunk, checking to make sure no one could see her.

As she looked about on all fours, Max snuck behind her and, without warning, threw his hairy bulk onto Kate’s back. At first, Kate thought he was attacking her, but then she looked down, past her hanging breasts, past her hairy pubic mound, and spotted Max’s alien member emerging from its sheath. Max’s hips began to move forward and back, rubbing the expanding canine shaft against Kate’s backside. Kate tried to throw the dog off, but he was too heavy, and his front legs were hooked securely around her hips.

Max poked at her with his stiff rod, and Kate saw a clear jet of fluid shoot out of the tip, wetting her pubic hair. The dog hunched his hips forward, putting his full weight onto Kate’s back, pushing her face into the ground. With this new angle, Max’s dick began to find purchase into the entrance of Kate’s pussy. The dog seemed to realize he had found his mark and rocked his hips with renewed fury. The tip of Max’s cock slid back and forth at the entrance of Kate’s pussy, making a slippery mess of the sensitive flesh.

“Max, wait,” Kate whimpered, though she dared not shout in case someone should hear.

The rubbing sensation against her outermost folds became wetter and wetter, and Kate felt Max’s dick slowly sliding into the depths of her cunt. She was helpless, crushed beneath the powerful canine.

And then he was inside.

Kate gasped as Max’s cock filled the length of her cunt. In the past, Kate had explored herself, placing a finger or two inside her vagina, but for the first time, Kate felt something invade the entirety of her sexual organ. The experience was revelatory; she had hardly guessed that her womanhood comprised such expansive, hidden depths.

Kate moaned as she felt Max’s cock bottom out at the entrance to her womb. Max growled victoriously, and the tempo of his hips increased. Her cheek pressed against a layer of fallen leaves, Kate clawed the soil and felt herself being fucked. Max humped with inhuman speed, making Kate’s cunt a wet furnace of unbelievable sensation. Her pussy was a burning, painful mess. Max’s velvet rod hammered into her feminine depths, and to Kate’s horror, her body responded. Her clit and lips were swelling with blood, adding their own perverted wetness to the layer of doggie pre-cum.

Kate felt Max shift his weight on top of her, his cock change angle slightly, and her pussy clenched in response. Her whole lower body seemed absorbed in single-minded concentration on the invading presence, the strange source of painful pleasure, that was forcing her open bit by bit.

Max’s humping slowed as his cock inflated, and the wet squishing sounds of their coupling grew louder. Bigger and bigger, the canine’s penis parted Kate’s sensitive channel. Kate could hardly believe the sensations gripping her abused girl parts. She had no idea how big a canine’s penis could grow, but Max’s rod grew larger and larger until Kate felt she would lose her mind from the relentless pressure of cock-flesh forcing her open. It felt like someone had placed a softball inside her pubic bone. Once, Becky had shown Kate pictures of male genitalia on the internet, but Kate was beginning to realize that canine anatomy was fiendishly different.

Just as Kate thought her pussy could take no more, Max’s thrusts ceased, and he lay panting on her sweaty back. Kate dared not move; the feeling of pressure and fullness inside her was so great that she knew a sudden shift of position would be immensely painful. Kate lay whimpering into the ground and felt the sensation of dog cock filling her pussy.

Max’s cock had begun to expand and contract, drawing forth an appalling reaction from Kate’s pussy. Before, her insides had been unwillingly forced to adapt to their fleshy invader; now, they welcomed it. Although her mind was a storm of disgust and panic, some deep and feminine part of Kate’s being rejoiced at the feeling of being taken and forced to submit.

The canine’s member felt molten hot against her delicate insides as it expanded and contracted, spreading its warmth. Kate realized she was being filled with doggie cum. She mewled pitifully and tried to get a glance at the place where the unendurable sensations were occurring. Between her spread legs, Kate could see a splash of red round dog-flesh wedged between her stretched labia. She felt a trail of her own wetness slide past the hood of her clit; inside, she felt utterly drenched by Max’s ejaculation. Max’s cock pulsed over and over, creating a feeling of wet fullness. The pressure and wetness and heat were stoking an alarming new sensation that bubbled forth shamelessly from somewhere deep inside Kate’s body. She felt like she might come. For some reason, the thought of responding sexually to her humiliating assault was an unbearable level of depravity. She had to escape.

Kate tried to move out from under Max’s crushing weight. Immediately, a jolt of pain shot through her pelvis. She was firmly attached to Max. Kate’s change of position caused Max to shift his torso, and the dog swung a leg over Kate’s ass. There was a second of pain, and the slab of dog cock inside her changed angle. Kate looked down and observed four sets of limbs: her own and—beyond her legs—Max’s back and front legs. Somehow, the dog had flipped around so that his body was no longer on top of her but facing the other direction. Kate saw that she and her canine partner were now connected at the hips, their genitals creating a tight lock holding their bodies together.
Firmly bound to a dog’s cock, Kate sobbed.

Max’s dick pulsed in Kate’s channel, and she felt her pussy squeeze slightly, squeeze gratefully, in response. She was appalled that her body could betray her like this. The shameful, horny feeling was building, rising quickly, inevitably. Kate reached down to see if she could somehow dislodge herself from the beast. As she felt the smooth, veiny dog-flesh securely planted inside her, Kate’s fingers brushed her clit, and the little feminine bud responded with a grateful wave of pleasure, causing her pussy to contract.

Kate watched a long drip of cunt-juice and dog cum fall and strike a leaf below her waist and realized that if she couldn’t free herself from Max she was going to come.

Behind her, Max whined and panted, seemingly determined to complete their copulation. “Max,” Kate pleaded, and then bit her lip. The shameful, horny feeling inside her had unfolded, expanded, and now stood teetering on the edge of a cliff.

Kate tried to push the feeling back, tried to will it back down to the hidden, wicked place it had escaped from, but then something deep inside her desperate girl body opened, and Kate knew she was going to come.
There was a moment of stillness within her entire being, and then her lower body bore down hard on the invading presence within it, and Kate had her first doggie orgasm.

Kate squealed as a wave of contractions enveloped her body. Her cunt squeezed Max’s cock, massaging it, kneading it, worshipping the source of its perverted bliss. Kate rocked back against Max’s throbbing cock and the canine’s hairy backside, opening herself to the flood of mind-bending pleasure. She grabbed the animal’s back legs and thrust herself back against his pulsing dick. Kate fucked like a beast, rutted like an animal, as her cunt convulsed on her lover’s cock.

Kate could not say how long her orgasm lasted or how long she lay on the ground joined to Max’s cock, but at some point, the animal’s member shrank, and the fleshy plug came out of her body with a wet pop and a shower of juices.
Kate pulled herself to her feet, and a second gush of dog cum poured out of her tingling cunt, wetting her legs. Kate stood unsteadily, glancing about the woods. Everything was how it had always been, and yet nothing would ever be the same. Kate dressed in a daze, pulling her panties and pants over her dripping legs.

Kate turned to Max, who sat on his haunches, staring at her, his red veiny member retreating back into his sheath. She wanted to shout at the dog, wanted to strike him. Instead, she bent down and embraced the canine. Max planted a kiss on Kate’s cheek, and then she left.

Kate walked home, and Max didn’t follow. The lights were off in Kate’s house, and she knew she would find her mother asleep. She resolved to shower and wash her clothes, in order to hide any evidence of her sexual deeds. First, Kate went to her father’s room, pulled her notebook from its hiding place, then plopped down in her father’s chair.

“Today, I met Max in the woods,” she wrote.

Kate paused, set down her notebook, and went to the kitchen. Her mother’s purse hung in its usual spot, next to a cabinet, the same place it had been when she had raided it hours before. Kate held her mother’s keys above the purse’s open mouth. She let out a deep breath and let them fall inside.

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    Geil Geschriebene hoffe die Geschichte geht noch weiter.

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    Beautiful description.

    simply awesome

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    More storieeez pleeeease.

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    That was good AND well written!

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    A dog’s love is a good reason to live. I’m glad Kate found it in time.

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