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I am posting this secret Valentine on behalf of an anonymous Pet Lady on our network. Romantic stuff Lady 🙂



I felt giddy all day but this cute, human tradition of valentines day comes to an end. Regardless if we are human or animal, the most important thing is our love for each other and I am glad to have celebrated this holiday with you. The shops have sold out of chocolates and roses but that was never a concern of mine. My gifts to you were not found in the holiday section but in the pet section. Earlier this morning, I felt so proud when you eagerly accepted my gifts of gourmet dog cookies, a large beef bone, and several toys.

Our long walk on the beach this afternoon has left us both tired and ready for slumber. You always amaze me with your sense of adventure, my dear companion. You may be clumsy at times jumping about in the water and sand but you will grow into your muscular tan body as you age. You are still a pup and it has been a wonder watching you grow over the past year. We will share many more valentines holidays together.

The soft lighting in our bedroom makes the romance dance in the night air and I cant help but feel extra arousal for you. You may not understand this holiday but you do understand my deep affection for you as we lay in each others arms cuddling and kissing sweetly. The bed we share smells of your canine scent and the ocean breeze; it envelopes our naked bodies in our cozy, safe space. My fingers expertly stroke your thick neck and floppy ears when I hear a very content sigh escape from you. I tell you I love you many times between our tongues dancing together in wet kisses.

My whole being buzzes and aches to submit to you, my love. Blood rushes between my legs as you strain your neck to demand deeper kisses from me. My nails slowly scratch down to your chest as your leg twitches from my finding an itchy spot there. After you calm, our lower legs intertwine and it feels like the most comfortable we have been together while cuddling. I slowly massage your back, front legs, and paws to soothe away any pains from the day. Your tongue strokes stop and you rest your snout against my bare breast as we start to doze off together. Our chests rise in unison as our breaths match to a calming speed.

Suddenly, I feel you stir as you stretch your four long legs into the air. You arch your back and your fluffy tail fans out. You lay belly up with legs open and I can see soft lighting outline your balls and slowly growing sheath. Its as if cupid has shot you with his arrow to wake you before you fall into a deep sleep. Oh how I adore you, my handsome dog.


Petlove Valentine

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  3. hornyfuck 4 months ago

    Hot and heavy just how I like it

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  5. 6 months ago

    ich hatte das mal mit meinem Hund jeden tag wurde ich von ihm gefickt und ich liebte es
    und ich will es wieder haben

  6. banxiaoshi 6 months ago

    how to pay?

  7. thewolfbrother 7 months ago

    A love for the ages. Masterfully written

  8. curiouscd 7 months ago

    Very beautifully written. Such a stirring tale of a budding romance. A foreshadowing of intimacies soon to come. And of the ones so dreamily already attained.

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