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Many years ago I returned to my family home.

Only my mother  lived there as my father had passed years before.

I returned with my own Dog, the only one I have owned long since gone though now.

I had a failed marriage and had no place to go, Mother was away on holiday so Mister (my Dog), and I was alone.

One evening after watching a little hot movie naked of course, and I got really randy my cock was so hard.

I watched the film in the dark so once it finished I couldn’t see very much, then Mister came to me for a pet, and whilst stroking the back of his neck he licked my cock.

An immediate rush of sexy thoughts exploded in my head, I stood up and he continued licking my cock,

Wow this was so good but then Mister started to get excited, he started bouncing up and down on his fore legs, and I started to realise what he wanted.

OMG I was trembling with the thought of getting fucked by my own dog.

Mister was young only about 3 years but from large parents so even at 3 he was a fair size.

So tentatively I crouched  then knelt all the time Mister was pawing me knowing what he wanted.

So there I was on my knees and then came the weight as he got on my back, he started with his assault on my doggy virginity, he kept poking at my tiny ass hole but kept missing time and again but with no luck.

I felt all the time the squirts on my ass from his hard cock but we failed, both total novices at something we had not planed to do.

That was that and it’s been many years since then, a memory that lingers always, hopefully one day I can be mated that day I will dedicate to Mister my first Doggy Love xxx

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  1. bestofbeast 2 weeks ago

    Love it!

  2. penischocolat2020 1 month ago

    the sex k9 world is great and fantastic ..

  3. Author
    beckytush 6 months ago

    Thanks to the team for the beautiful photo xxx

  4. jianguoqiang 11 months ago


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