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Nothing beats experience when you wish to engage in this very special activity. I’ve spent years, over 50, studying, observing, and practicing the techniques of our 4 footed friends. I worked in zoos for almost 30 of that and a big part of my job was making notes on breeding activity. As I saw what the animals were doing I felt that if it came to them naturally then it should be something I need to try. That’s how I came to enjoy fresh pee: the sight, smell, and taste. Here is what I found out from my trial and sometimes error.

The male must be intact. A neutered male will love to lick your cock while you jerk off and eat your cum but he won’t mount you (I use his saliva as lube and that’s yet another lesson). A good size is the lab/shepherd type. Any breed or mutt works. You’ll want one tall enough to reach you easily when you’re on all fours although I have used slightly smaller sizes and after knotting have raised up off the floor to help hold him inside me.

He will need to be mature and I’ve found that 3-4 years is good. If he’s had the experience to breed a female himself much the better.

Always find a special place that when you go there it is for the purpose of sex. Like meeting a lover in a motel room, you know that when you both enter that room there is instant excitement and anticipation. This begins your sexual encounter and is your fore play. You’ll be pleased with his reactions when you begin this way and he learns the purpose for your going there.

I lay out blankets, pads, cleaning supplies and put booties on his front paws to avoid scratches when he grips me. I begin all this ritual from the beginning. All this is your foreplay and his training that when this happens he is there for one purpose: to treat you as his bitch and breed you. I also slowly remove my clothing. He’ll be pushing his nose into your crotch and licking the pre-cum from your penis as you also get hard anticipating, the same as he, for the upcoming breeding session.

From the beginning, only jerk him enough to get him dry humping the air. The tendency will be to jerk him and feel his penis swell in your hand, see his semen squirting all over and you’ll want to suck him and taste his juice. You probably already know that they naturally lick their own, so if it’s natural, I guess I can lick/suck it too (this is how I learned to like sucking my own cum out of my partner and sharing it with her so we both enjoy the taste and experience). Once he’s been trained to mount you then there’ll be time to fully jerk him off if you want to but by then you might not want to waste a good load of cum shooting into the air.

Train him, again from the beginning, to accept a wrap of some kind that will go around his rump to hold him in you once he has fully knotted you. If you are fortunate to have a partner in all this, it might not be necessary but by yourself it’s, in my opinion, essential. I don’t want him to pull out too soon and he’s put in a lot of effort to mount and breed you; give him the pleasure of staying in you as long as possible; which can easily be 15 minutes or more. There may come a time when the wrap is no longer necessary as he learns that you want him to be inside you.

I learned a lot in the zoo about training and it’s almost always baby steps. You might not have success right away but then again you might have a fast learner who “jumps” right in (I’ve been able to get mature dogs to mount me right away even though this was our first time together). You’re learning right along with him if this is your first attempt. It will go a lot faster with new k9’s one you yourself have gained experience.

I know of no disease that can be transmitted from having sex with a dog either humping females in heat or getting humped by a horny stud.

If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them. I wish I still had all my videos but I lost them in transferring to a new computer.

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