I haven’t been keeping up with the world of zoo for several years. I had a group on Fetlife that towed the line and eventually they changed the rules and it went away. Then I went away. I have not ever had sex of any kind with an animal. I feel the need to speak out, speak up, and speak about those who do. No, I’m not outing anyone. I just mean everyone in general.  For their rights.

Laws continue to be passed restricting those with an interest in Zoo. These laws are based on ignorance and close mindedness. They are not based on science but someone’s opinion.

The personal opinion of a few shouldn’t be the basis for passing laws.

Anyone who has ever saw a dog fucking a woman, or a man knows there’s no animal abuse. Human abuse? Maybe. But that’s why you keep it legal-for resources, training and help. By banning these activities it just makes there be animal abuse where there wasn’t before. If people know how to have sex with animals properly, it makes it safer for everyone. Ban it (government likes banning things) and no one will know what the hell they are doing.

Just my opinion.

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  1. dogslave 9 months ago

    Bellissimo racconto. Mi piacerebbe sapere di più di te.
    A presto.

  2. Mediciman51 9 months ago

    Well stated.

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