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Hey and thanks for reading my story. My name is Jess I am 19 years old now from Sheffield in the UK. I’m a very normal girl… I think. I have a nice personality, good humor and like the normal things in life like hanging out with friends going to the cinema and keeping fit. I like to dress nice and like posh clothes and shoes and to go out looking good like most girls I do love to dance.

I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs but I do like vodka and coke now and then. I’m 5ft 2 size 6-8 UK and JJ cup breasts I have brown eyes and dark brown hair sometimes with red in. Music I like pop and dance anything with a good beat to dance to really. I’m a very picky eater but do like steak and chips or chicken and chips and the odd pizza now and then.

This story is all true and I will try to tell it precisely as it happened. It’s not meant to be porn or a dirty story, just my truth about a part of my life and what happened to me to try to help explain so people understand more about me.

As I said earlier, I’m a pretty normal girl, really the only different or weird thing about me is I have a boyfriend who happens to be a K9 and that’s how I see him; as my boyfriend and lover. Now that the shock is out of the way let me explain what I mean and how it all came about.

It started when I was 17 my parents had bought me an Alsatian puppy as a pet which was sooooo cute and I called him Strider. As I grew up, we played hide and seek and fetch and all the games as you do with a puppy. When I turned 18, he had become a full-grown dog and for an Alsatian was very big, and I was also becoming a young woman and started thinking about boys and sex, etc.

I would come home from school and wait for my parents to get home but in the meantime, I had the chance to go online and play games and chat with friends. I found a few links to porn sites and videos my friends shared around, though it was mostly the boys, to be honest. The videos were mostly of girls with boys and some with girls with dogs. At first, I thought this was yak and I didn’t like to look and stuck to looking at boys. I knew a few boys in school who were older and decided to go on a date with 1 of them (I didn’t tell my parents), but this didn’t go well as he tried to force me to have sex. but I managed to get away from him and of course didn’t see him again.

I didn’t really tell anyone about what had happened at the time. I blamed myself for going and dressing sexy but anyway this put me off boys for a while. After a while, I went on a date with another boy, and pretty much the same thing happened. I ended up with a black eye and some scratches on my face, but a passer-by helped me. After this experience, I decided I didn’t like boys and swore off dating them all together and gave me a lot of trust issues.

During all this, my only trusted companion was my dog Strider, who would always be there for me and give me love & cuddles and make me feel safe. I started to look at him in a different light and remembered the vids I had seen online and started to realize that it was not so yak. He was very loyal and caring and I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. My curiosity grew and I started to look online for vids about dog sex and found a few with how-to vids which were quite interesting and which taught me how a dog’s penis worked and really sparked my imagination. Some I found a bit weird and off-putting, but I found a few blogs about girls who dated dogs, and this helped me quite a bit to explore my thoughts and feelings.

My interest grew and I would watch the vids online before my parents got home or when I was in bed at night alone which lead me to start playing with myself thinking about Strider. This went on for a while until one Saturday evening I was on my bed and Strider came into my room and put his head on my lap and started to nuzzle between my legs and push his nose onto my vagina. I had a weird feeling go through my body and found myself spreading my legs just a little to let him nuzzle me more. It felt really nice and my heart started to beat quite hard and I felt myself get wet and turned on. I moved to the edge of the bed and I spread my legs and let him nuzzle me even more and started to rub myself as he nuzzled around me. After a while, I put my hand on my knickers and gently pulled them to one side to show Strider my vagina for the first time. He instantly started to lick me which felt AMAZING and my legs just spread apart without even thinking about it. I laid back on my bed and let him lick me until I came which didn’t take long. I let out a loud whimper as I came and remember thinking wow I just came for Strider and smiled to myself and giggled.

We did this for a number of weeks, maybe months, after school in my room and my confidence grew. Sometimes his penis would come out and I would touch it and gently play with him normally just stroking him until it was fully erect in my hand, then rub myself thinking about it and how it would feel inside me. His penis was big, about 8 inches I would say, his knot was about the size of a golf ball maybe a little bigger.

I remember being in my room after school one evening and seeing a video online and getting quite turned on and wet. I went to my room and let Strider lick me as normal, which I very much enjoyed, and remember seeing his penis coming out and playing with him as usual, but this time I really wanted to suck him and put him in my mouth like in the videos I had just seen. I remember that I was really unsure, as it felt strange to do and kind of wrong, but I was very excited as well and my heart was beating quite fast with nervousness and the thought of it.

I played with his penis for a while as I got closer and closer until it was on my lips and I could feel the heat from it. I closed my eyes and slowly put the tip in my mouth and after a second or two pushed more in and then began to suck on him with my eyes closed, as I had seen in the video.

It felt very warm after and started to feel nice to me, almost a natural thing to do and I tried to push more in. I put my hand around the base of his penis to help control it more and I felt his penis getting bigger and bigger and get really hard then begin to spurt in my mouth, and he started to rock back and forth and try to push more into my mouth. I tried to oblige him and opened my mouth more and put my head back to let more slide in but he was getting over-excited and pushed too much in. It hit the back of my throat and I started to gag and as this happened I felt a really large hot quirt go into my mouth and a metallic salty taste, and I knew he was coming. I tried to keep my lips tight around his penis the best I could. After a few more seconds, my mouth was very full and I pulled away from him, and not wanting to spit it on the floor or my bed, I opened my eyes and ran to the bathroom. This where the story gets a little bit funny. As I ran to the bathroom sink along the hall my parents came home and shouted up the stairs “Hello Jess! We’re home. Are you ok?” I was on the hall landing and they could not quite see me but knew I was there from the creaking floor and the shadow on the wall. I didn’t have much choice but to swallow the sperm and shout back a greeting to them which I did, out of breath, and then continued to the bathroom to wash my face and chin. And this is how I ended up sucking my dog and swallowing for the first time.

That night I thought about what I had done. I had mixed emotions and felt strange. I was turned on about sucking him and very turned on about swallowing it, which I had not intended to do, but felt kind of bad that it was a dog, and generally confused, and wished he could speak and tell me what he was thinking. So much went through my mind that night.

For the next few months, I kept myself to myself just seeing my girlfriends, but never boys, as I was really off them. The whole time I was with the girls, they would talk about boys and how they had boyfriends and would talk about sex and what it might be like. I was a bit jealous but happy that I had my dog and knew a bit more than they did about sucking, but never let on what I was doing. All the feelings of guilt started to slowly melt away. I did think about talking about it with my best friend but was worried she would not understand or think I was weird.

I continued to let Strider lick me after school and I would suck him on most occasions, now letting him cum in my mouth and swallowing the sperm while I played with myself or played after imagining him inside me, but always thinking that letting him go in my vagina was a step too far and licking and sucking was just fun. I got pretty good at sucking him and making him cum as well. I copied the girls in the videos I saw, and he seemed to really enjoy it and I started to get used to the taste and sensation.

After this had gone on for several months, I found myself thinking about the dog while at school and rushing home to be with him. I remember how wet I would get thinking about him on the way home. I just wanted to play with him or be around him, and he was so happy to see me when I got home, jumping up and giving me kisses and nuzzling me which I loved, and I would kiss him back and I started to have feelings for him.

We just understood each other so well like how he was around me and how he knew how I was feeling. I even found myself making myself as pretty as possible before I got home, like sorting my hair and school uniform and spraying myself with perfume just to be at my best for when I got home. We didn’t always go straight to my room. A lot of the times we would play in the garden or go for a walk together, and only sometimes would we end up in my room with him licking me or me sucking him, so it felt like there was a lot more to it than just pleasure there was a real bond between us.

One day on the way home from school I realized that I had real feelings towards him, and I remember smiling and feeling butterflies in my tummy and that I hoped he felt the same way about me. I was sure he did because of how he protected me and cuddled me and how he loved to be around me. I remember thinking “Wow, Jess, do you have a dog for a boyfriend??” and I smiled.

The question of is the dog my boyfriend started to ponder on my mind. I was thinking about him a lot in school and doodling in my books with pictures of him in love hearts and I came to the conclusion that as I have feelings and as I had been sucking him off and I had had his sperm in my mouth, then yeah, he’s pretty much is my boyfriend. From that day on I decided he was my boyfriend and lover, but I was sad I could not tell anyone.

Strider had always slept in the kitchen, but I let him start to sleep on my bed. I had a double bed, so he slept on the right-hand side on top of the covers so he didn’t get too hot. I loved waking up next to him and having a cuddle before school.

I had never let him see me fully naked, just my vagina when he licked me and only by pulling my knickers to one side. Even when we slept in my bed I had my pj’s on, I was actually shy about letting him see me naked which I guess seems a bit daft, but I wanted the first person I slept (made love) with to be the one to see me fully naked for the first time, plus I was pretty shy.

It was a Friday night and my parents had gone to a party for the night leaving me alone. I decided to look online for a naughty video while eating my pizza and found a very interesting one by a young pretty girl. I was really turned on by it, as she looked so much in love with her dog she seemed to have the same feelings of passion and not just about the sex. The video really got my attention, and that night I went to my room thinking about having sex with Strider, wondering if I was ready for that step.

I went to my bathroom and had a shower and shaved my legs and vagina, not that there was much to shave yet, but I wanted to be perfect, then I did my hair and put on my make-up and perfume and even my sexy black lace knickers and bra. I was very excited and nervous and didn’t really think much would happen, but I thought of it as a fun date with my Strider.

Once I was ready, I walked downstairs, and he was sat at the bottom of the stairs and gave me a soft woof as he saw me which must have meant – “you’re gorgeous.” I took him for a walk to the local park and could not stop smiling as I watched him run around and was smiling to myself because of why I was dressed up the way I was. I loved to see his tail swish in the air. To me, he was a very handsome dog. He ran over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips, and I kissed back without thinking about it and then smiled to myself as I realized I just kissed him in public.

We walked home and I felt myself getting really wet thinking about the video and could feel that my knickers were pretty wet as I walked. We had to walk down a dark alley which was not lit about 100 meters long. About halfway I was so excited I pulled my skirt up and my knickers to one side and let him lick me. His tongue felt so warm and amazing. I let out a whimper and a moan and then I heard a voice in the distance so dropped my skirt and we carried on home. My heart was beating so loud.

We got home and walked into my room and Strider followed me in. I was very nervous and excited at the same time and started to undress and kept looking at him as he sat looking at me. I took off my top and my skirt and just stood in my bra and knickers with my back against the wall and remember feeling my heart pounding and thinking it’s because I know what I want to do and what might happen.

I took my bra off and covered my breasts with one arm and then slowly slid my knickers down and kicked them off and covered my vagina with my other hand. This was the first time I had taken them off for him, not just pulled them to one side and realized how wet I was which was a lot more than normal. I shyly moved my left arm and let him see my breasts for the first time and then moved my right hand to reveal my vagina. I felt shy as I stood there letting him see me naked and I know I blushed and went red.

I then stood with my legs apart against the wall and he walked over and started to lick my vagina. I closed my eyes and felt his tongue lick my inner thighs then go between my legs onto my vagina then in me and I started to moan and I began to gently rub myself very softly on my clit. After only a minute or so my legs started to turn to jelly and I got down on the floor and saw his penis was starting to poke out. I knew I wanted sex this time and nervously went on all flours and turned my bum to face Strider who licked my vagina for a few more moments. I began to feel comfy in this position. As he licked me I began to spread my legs so he could get better access to me and I could feel his tongue licking up and down occasionally going inside, which made me let out a soft moan and I wiggled my bum side to side with a little giggle.

Strider then suddenly jumped up on my back and I felt his full weight on me, and his paws go around my waist and under me. He was sort of dancing behind me trying to find my vagina with the tip of his penis. His back paws occasionally standing on my legs which hurt a bit but once he had his legs at either side of mine he seemed to be right and I felt him let out a spurt of precum against me, which made me giggle, but I was too high for him to enter me, so I spread my legs a little making myself lower and arched my back down. As I did this, I remember thinking “Oh wow I’m actually trying to have sex with him this time” and smiled a nervous smile to myself.

But as I thought this, I felt the tip of his penis find my vagina and push my lips apart and start to enter me with a rather big thrust which shocked me as I was not quite ready for how it would feel, which was like a hot long poker going in me. I let out a very loud GASP and had to steady myself against the bed with my arms. Strider was in me and pushed more in and then started moving in and out very fast and I knew from the vids I had seen I had to stay in place. If it had not been for the bed I would have fallen forwards. I managed to stay in position and felt the penis going in and out of me very fast, causing me to let out loud moans and yelps, and after only a few seconds I felt the knot starting to swell up inside me as he thrust in and out which I had also seen on the online videos and was prepared for but very, very nervous of.

With my arms and legs shaking I put my head back and tried to cope with what I was feeling, I could feel his penis growing inside me and the knot was getting big and starting to hurt a bit. I tried spreading my legs a little more which helped, and I felt a bit comfier. I remember moaning good boy to him and smiling and giggling as I felt his testicles bouncing against me, and after a few more minutes Strider stopped thrusting and stood still. I could feel it throbbing inside me and the knot was very tight and comfy and would not move now but in a nice way.

I started to enjoy the throbbing feeling and could feel the tip of the penis inside me and as I got close to coming I started to feel my muscles squeeze his penis. It felt like his penis was in my tummy and I remember thinking good god it’s big. I was just getting used to it when I felt a huge long hot squirt of sperm and I instantly gasped out loud and shook all over. I closed my eyes and thought OMG he’s ejaculating inside me and I moaned loudly and came myself at the thought of his sperm inside me. I grabbed the bedclothes with my hands and held on feeling spurt after spurt inside me. I think I came 3 times myself and got very loud not caring how loud I got. I could feel what I can only describe as a pressure inside me, which I knew was the sperm filling me and I could not stop myself from coming. Thinking about it but got very scared at the same time, but did my best to hold onto the bed and the covers to keep me in position.

After what seemed like hours but was probably about 10 minutes I started to calm down a little and used my right hand to rub his head which was on my right shoulder and kissed him I moved my legs a little as my knees were hurting and I put my hand between my legs and on my tummy and could feel him inside me. I stayed in position for another minute or so thinking about what I was doing and rubbing my tummy which was tingling and felt hot, I then felt a trickle down my tummy and looked between my legs to see myself dripping a bit of our cum, which made me gasp in delight and nervousness knowing what was inside me. I put my head back on the bed as I was now really tired and felt the knot start to go down and Strider started to pull away from me, which at first hurt quite a bit and I had to tell him to stay but after another minute or so I felt the knot start to slip out of me until it popped out and I let out a gasp of relief and I felt a large trickle of sperm run down my tummy and legs onto the floor making a milky white puddle.

I started to move and I felt him pull the rest of his penis out of me which made me let out a little moan and I stayed in position for a moment to gather myself but closed my legs and he licked my bum and then went to sit in a corner of the room. After a few minutes, I picked myself up and got into bed, and fell asleep right away I was exhausted.

I awoke the next day thinking it was all a dream. I rolled over in bed and sat up in a daze thinking I had dreamt the whole thing I got out of bed and stood up and spread my legs to look at myself and saw I still had a lot of sperm in me and all over my vagina which made me instantly shake at the thought. I stayed in bed for hours not knowing what to do and again feeling sexy and very grownup but with feelings of confusion and guilt but not as much as the first time when I sucked and played with him. I showered and got dressed but noted I was still quite full even after the shower so wore a pad in my knickers which for anyone reading this if you’re new to this I would highly recommend doing after dog sex – trust me, girls!! You also want to be careful of scratches as I found I would have light scratch marks on my back and round my side from where he held onto me which can be embarrassing and a bit of a give-away, so I found that keeping his claws clipped was a good idea or put his paws in socks (learned that from an online video).

I spent the rest of the day with my mum when she got home doing some shopping but all the time thinking about the dog and how I felt about him and how I wanted to be with him. I also liked how my mom had no idea I had dog sperm in me. It made me smile. I also noticed my boobs were tingling and felt bigger I don’t really know why but I liked how they felt.

So, this was how I lost my virginity to my dog and fell in love with him when I was 18. We spent many years together and I loved him very, very much and we made love many times after school.

We got quite good at making love xxx

Unfortunately, my first dog is no longer with me. He passed away when I was 20, which broke my heart. I didn’t think I would ever want another dog and I didn’t even like being around them my parents knew how upset I was and without my knowing bought me a lab pup which I called Archie.

At first, I really didn’t want him and found having a puppy hard work and thought he would never be like my first dog, but in time I have grown to love him and found his personality different but equally loving and affectionate. He reminded me so much of my first dog, I found my love for him started to grow and after 3 years of being with Archie as friends I decided to go on a date with him as he had proven himself loyal and protective of me, soft and gentle and one night on a walk in the woods we had kissed a soft doggy kiss.

He was 3 now and I just turned 21. I had not been with anyone for 3 years and only masturbated thinking of my last dog, but the thought of being with Archie had started to creep into my head. My parents were away on holiday for a week, so I asked Archie on a date I got a woof, so woof means yes, right?

It was a hot summer evening in July and like before I got dressed up and we went for a walk to my local park which I really enjoyed it and it made me smile watching him run around I felt that tingle and the butterflies in my tummy once again. We found a quiet corner in the park under some trees where no one could see us and I sat on the floor and he ran over to me and gave me a kiss and I kissed back so we decided to go back home and once back went to my room and we jumped on my bed and started to fool around. We ended up with him licking me and me sucking him which I had not done for many years and this was the first time I had seen his penis. I have to say Archie was a very, very big dog and I had to giggle and blush at the size, which I would say was about 9 inches with the knot. I remember looking at him and saying, “well who’s a big boy?” I held his penis and he looked at me with a look of happiness.

We didn’t go any further that night as I didn’t want to sleep with him on the first date and wanted to take my time as before. The rest of that week we went on dates either to the park or spending time watching a movie at home, and on almost every occasion it ended with us fooling around and him licking me and me sucking him.

I was now falling for Archie and had a feeling of love towards him and he seemed to feel the same way, wanting to spend all his time with me and would now sleep on my bed and I found when I was away from him I was thinking about him often. My parents were due to come back from holiday the next day and I decided that night that I wanted to sleep with Archie and make love with him but to be honest I was nervous about his size as he was a much bigger dog in penis size and I had not been with a dog for 3 years so was not sure I could manage him shall we say.

That night I got all dressed up, had my shower, and shaved the important areas, and put on my black lace undies and special skirt which I had not worn for over 3 years. I put on my perfume and did my makeup. I went downstairs and Archie and I had a very special dinner of steak and chips. I sat at the table, but Archie decided to eat his almost in one big gulp.

After dinner, I decided to take Archie up to my room as I was quite in the mood and so I undressed in a seductive way and sat on the edge of my bed. I took my bra off and let Archie see my breasts for the first time which at 18 were quite big now around a JJ cups. I had not let anyone see them since my last dog and I felt that nervous rush of letting a male see them. He let out a soft whimper and wagged his tail. I took my knickers off and he began to lick my vagina. His tongue was very warm and felt very nice and quickly got me very wet and ready. I slid off the edge of the bed and went on all fours and used the edge of the bed to support myself. I was quite nervous and excited and spread my legs and let Archie start to lick my vagina from behind.

I got excited quite quickly but nervous thinking about the size and hoped it would not hurt me, but I wanted him to mount me as I was very ready, but he was just licking. I started to wiggle my bum and pat my back and it took him a good 5 minutes to get the idea and jumped up on my back a good 8-10 times before he was in the right position, which was a bit frustrating for me, but then I felt his penis start to poke at me. I was too low this time so lifted myself up and poked my bum up in the air more. I felt him poke around a bit more and felt the tip hit the spot a few times and then he got it right and entered me with a pretty big thrust. I let out a very loud moan and an OH MY GOD and remember him taking my breath away, like before. I tried to hold myself in position for him and used the bed to steady myself. I could feel his penis going in and out of me and getting quite big to the point it felt like it was touching the top inside me. After about a minute of him thrusting in and out he started to stand still and I could feel we were tied and the knot was growing but as it grew it pushed the tip further in which I could now very much feel touching the top. It was a bit uncomfortable, so I pushed him backward so I had more room for me to lower my body and give myself more room so I was not pushed up against the bed so much. This did help to a point. but he was very large, and I could feel every throb and movement from it, and it got quite uncomfortable.

I felt myself start to squeeze his penis with my vagina and he suddenly started to cum. I could really, really feel it which brought me instantly to orgasm and I came the moment I felt him squirt, throwing my head back pushing my breast out and closing my eyes in pleasure, and moaning his name quite loudly. I remember it made me push back on his penis taking my breath away the feeling of pleasure was unbelievably good. and I was gasping for breath.

I tried to move my body around to help accommodate the size as it was getting more un-comfy the more he ejaculated in me and noticed that cum was starting to run down my leg as we were tied there was not much I could do but hold onto the bed and enjoy it. My legs were shaking with pleasure and his head was over my shoulder I kissed him and whispered I loved him.

After about 5 minutes his knot started to go down and it started to feel comfier for me and I felt the knot pop out of me which was a bit of a relief and I let out a moan of relief. He stood there for another 20 – 30 seconds with just his penis in me and I could still feel him squirting into me and I told him he was a good boy and then he turned and pulled it out. Quite a bit of his cum ran out of me which made me smile and say “WOW! You really needed to cum, didn’t you? That was a big load, boy.” I stayed against the bed for about 5 minutes to catch my breath then I closed my legs and got up carefully getting into bed and fell asleep again with Archie at my side. I was so tired. All my energy had gone, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

And this is the story of how I started my second relationship with a dog called Archie.


I am now 22 and have been with Archie for 1 year as my lover and boyfriend and have made love a number of times, and yes, I am now used to the size of his penis and can cope with him much better. And no, my parents and friends do not know about us and I try very hard to keep it secret. This can make me a bit lonely so would love some friends.

I still live with my parents so this is tricky for me and Archie as lovers.

So now you know me and why I am here I hope this helps shed some light on my passions and experiences and helps you understand me a bit better.

Jess xxx

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  1. stardog 1 week ago

    Nice story, thank you for sharing. Sorry you had to go through that with the boys, but happy you found love in Strider and Archie.

  2. flashdog 2 weeks ago

    An excellent story, but one critique. The years passed and your age are significantly off kilter. I suspect you are 29, you developed your wonderful relationship with Strider at 18 and then he sadly passed 7 years later when you were 25, your parents shortly after gave you a dog the loving Archie and then 3 years later your mutual love blossomed and you’ve been in a committed relationship since then. This would more closely correspond to your age and the years of your unique loves.

  3. hung9 2 weeks ago

    Luv the detail..

  4. Chiquitin13 2 weeks ago

    This is lovely Jess!!!!

  5. kamadevan 2 weeks ago

    Seeing is believing, make a cum & Piss swallowing video for artofzoo. 😉

  6. Zippyp95 2 weeks ago

    Great story Jess, but the years don’t add up!

  7. alfredq 2 weeks ago

    i really loved to read your story

  8. katejim 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful how you told your story, Thank you, it was wonderful.

  9. TheMentor 2 weeks ago

    Your story is how it’s meant to be!
    Thank you for sharing this intimate part of your live.
    After reading it I had a really wholesome feeling 😄

  10. TheWatcher1999 2 weeks ago

    Nice story 👍

  11. Darkwolf25 2 weeks ago

    Jess is a lovely person, had the luck to speak to her a few times! Privileged to be a fellow UK member alongside her

  12. feble 2 weeks ago

    Fantastic dog. The best.

  13. plombiers 2 weeks ago

    Good story, but adjust the years of your age to be more credible 😉

  14. likestowatchinnc 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing Jess. The love you shared with Strider and now Archie is beautiful.

  15. Knotaway 2 weeks ago

    I love your beautiful love you give muah

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